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“‘Not like that,’ she said with a smile that wasn’t at all forced and only there because she had to be polite to me or risk losing her job.”


Tupolev Tu-144, the world’s first supersonic commercial airliner, but unlike the Concorde, a complete failure that among other things, had a noisy and hot cabin, vibration problems, and higher-than-expected fuel consumption.

Introduced to passenger service in 1978 (two years after the Concorde), and quietly retired from commercial service in 1983 as a mail freighter, one of the most notorious but often overlooked failures in civilian aviation.

16 units were build, and out of those two crashed during non-commercial flights.

General characteristics

Crew: 3
Capacity: 140 passengers (11 1-st class & 129 tourist class)
Length: 65.70 m (215.54 ft)
Wingspan: 28.80 m (with wingtips) (94.48 ft)
Height: 12.55 m (41.00 ft)
Wing area: 506.35 m² (5,450 ft²)
Empty weight: 99,200 kg (218,500 lb)
Loaded weight: 125,000 kg (275,330 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 207,000 kg (455,950 lb)
Powerplant: 4 × Kolesov RD-36-51 turbojet, 240 kN (44,122 lbf)[N 6] each


Cruise speed: Mach 2.15 (2,120 km/h (1,320 mph))
Range: 4000 mi (6,500 km)
Service ceiling: 20,000 m (65,600 ft)
Rate of climb: 3,000 m/min (9,840 ft/min)
Wing loading: 410.96 kg/m² (84.20 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight: 0.44

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Un roman ? Paquebot, jumbo jet, interminable rame de métro…
Certaines places y sont réservées par priorité aux phrases enceintes ou mutilées de verbe. Fauteuils de première classe où les phrases les plus opulentes étirent à loisir leurs membres voisinent avec clapiers de classe touriste où trois personnages se disputent une étroite couchette, et tant de passagers à voyager sous de multiples passeports…
—  La Décomposition, Anne F. Garréta, éd. Grasset (Le Livre de Poche), 1999, p. 185
💜 Lots MORE sisterhood social ideas! 💜

Q: What are some sober sisterhood events that a chapter could do? I really want to run for sisterhood chair. I’ve noticed a lot of organizations have their moms come up for a day and I like that idea!  

A: I have several posts that will give you lots of inspiration for SISTERHOOD SOCIALS ~ all alcohol free events: 

Fun “girls night in” chapter party ideas!

Creative “2-hour” sisterhood events!

Top 10 indoor sober socials!

Retreat ideas, also good for sisterhood socials!

💜   MORE Sisterhood Social Ideas: 💜 

  • Mom’s weekend: or Mom’s Day with a craft (like painting matching canvases), luncheon, tea, or special meal. 
  • Dad’s weekend: or Dad’s day with dad/daughter sporty event and special meal. 
  • Holiday themed events: visiting the pumpkin patch, apple picking, ornament decorating, making valentines, Easter egg hunt, etc… 
  • Food pair parties: Milk & Cookies, Burgers & Fries, Eggs & Bacon, Chicken & Waffles, Tea & Cookies, Soup & Salad, Chip & Dip, Cake & Ice Cream, Fish & Chips, Hot Dogs & Apple Pie, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cheese & Crackers, Fruits & Nuts, Peaches & Cream.
  • Exercise experience: indoor cycling, hip-hop/funk dancing, boot camp workout, booty barre class, zen or power yoga, indoor paddle board class, latin dancing, kickboxing, Zumba workout, indoor rock climbing, outdoor hiking, ultimate Frisbee. 
  • Game show adaptations: “Minute to Win It” is perfect for fun & team building. “Family Feud” for big/little families, “Jeopardy” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” can also be used for a sisterhood social. Theme the questions to your greek community. 
  • Messy fun: paint slip & slide, water balloon slip & slide, powder/dry paint party, foam party, jello tug-o-war, giant bubbles, no-hands pie eating contest, splatter paint, water pistol wars, paint ball, laser tag.
  • Artsy socials: make jewelry, sculpt pottery, paint canvases, decorate cakes, build-a-bear, paint tee shirts, shoot photographs, make magazine picture colleges. 
  • Binge on: Disney movie marathon, craziest YouTube videos, childhood board games, TV show binge viewing, karaoke, poker tournament, 80’s movie marathon. 
  • Random fun sisterhoods: fly kites together on the beach, host a puzzle marathon, short story/poetry writing night, rent canoes or paddle boats for a day at the lake, make a chapter time capsule, go horseback riding, go to a water park, play mini golf, ride go-carts, go ice skating or sledding, make a music video, go camping and roast marshmallows, go fishing, take a group cooking class, visit local tourist attractions, attend an annual festival/carnival/convention, slumber party, take creative outdoor chapter portraits. 
[Allies Vacation Q&A - Translation]


Where would you rather go, the sea? or the mountains?

The sea and the mountains! Summer is the season of adventure! An adventurer can’t be picky ★

It’s summer vacation, where in your country would you escort us to?

A scorching exploration of the Grand Canyon along with wild and meditative surfing in the West Coast!!

Who would you want to vacation with, or wouldn’t want to vacation with?

I always invite meek Canada to an full on wild American styled summer camp to

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anonymous asked:

Oh oh but I was wondering. When you tag something like the sleeve puff thing "Musichetta relevant" - how relevant to women-who-don't-have-a-rich-father is this stuff actually? Because often we seem to only look at paintings of very fancy things that not even rich people wore everyday, or caricatures that make the extremes even more extreme, and I get very frustrated by how difficult it is to find out about Normal People Clothes.

Aaa I’m SO glad you asked! This is a super good question and also something that bothers me about History of Fashion stuff SO MUCH oh gosh! Thank you for the chance to talk about it! (Though, warning: much necessary simplification and generalization below!) 

Okay, so Les Mis stuff first:  High Fashion stuff is definitely applicable to Musichetta!  Joly specifies that she dresses WELL.*  In the 1830s, as now, there were various ways for poorer women to make themselves look damn good– home sewing, second-hand shopping, etc, could all fill out a working-class woman’s closet somewhat. She might never be a fashion plate, but a woman who put effort into it could still look impressive.   And if she’s working-class then it’s possible, even probable, that she has less-fancy “work clothes” and finer Party clothes.  Fantine and her grisette friends had nice outfits in 1817, too– it wasn’t impossible! 

But yes, most poorer women mostly wore work clothes!  You’re very right to think that sleeve pads, hip pads, etc wouldn’t have been common for working clothes. Working women still had underclothes, of course!  Any woman who could possibly afford it would have had several chemises and a set of stays, at the least, and probably underskirts– chemises and underskirts kept sweat and other bodily fluids from staining and stinking up outerwear as fast, and put a layer between a body and the stays. And stays–or bends, creaks, or corsets– were (and are!) supportive garments, when not made for fashion. Think back supports and bracers rather than waist-whittlers– if you’re gonna be on your feet all day doing manual labor, you definitely want some support! 

Hugo gives us a solid description of working-class women’s Practical Clothing when he describes Fantine’s  post-Tholomyes outfit: 

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