My professor isn’t taking anyone’s shit:

“Questions for Heterosexuals in the Class
1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality?
2. When did you decide you were a heterosexual?
3. Is it possible that your heterosexuality is just a phase that you may grow out of?
4. Why do you insist on flaunting your heterosexuality? Why can’t you just be what you are and keep quiet about it?
5. Why do you heterosexuals feel compelled to seduce others into your lifestyle?
6. Have you considered therapy to change your heterosexual tendencies?”

~ @sincerelyelise

Something There

During the fall of their second year at U.A. a trip is taken to a well-known hero training facility called Alderaan. During her time there Momo is paired with the person she least expects and unearths parts of him and herself that she never thought was there before.

Series: Boku No Hero Academia

Pairing: Bakumomo, Bakugou x Yaoyorozu.

Rating: T (canon-divergent)

Word Count: 5,473

A/N: Hello, yes hi. This is my first fic for an anime series so I’m so sorry if the honorifics are off! I tried my best to do the best research I could. Feel free to kindly correct me if you notice anything off about them for next time. I would also like to say that I have another side blog called @bakumomoandco where I will answer any questions, do headcanons, take fic requests and more. The Bakumomo discord should be up this week as well! Thank you if you take the time to read this. It can be taken as shippy or non-shippy, but I hope you like it! :D p.s. sorry for any mistakes I tried to catch them all.p.s.s. If you catch a certain Disney reference, it is intentional. Lol.

Momo had always been a slow walker. It was something her mother constantly criticized saying that she needed to pick up her pace and keep focused. She couldn’t help it though, her mind would wander and before she knew it she was trailing behind everyone else. It was never intentional, but it had become sort of a favorite pastime to trail behind her class. She liked to hear everyone chatter, study how they moved, or maybe even how they acted when they thought no one was looking. She used the excuse of Iida leading the class in front and so as his second she would trail behind to make sure everyone kept in line. So, maybe it wasn’t something her mother particularly liked, but it did help her focus. It gave her the sharpened eyes she used today to analyze a situation.  

Aizawa-sensei said that they were going to a legendary gym called Alderaan. It was a fancy gym that even still some of the best pros trained at. It was in a secluded location and it had been rumored that U.A. students sometimes got to visit– but no one had ever known for sure. It was quite the workout since you had to hike to get there, but they weren’t surprised at this rate. This was still much easier than when they had to find their way to camp last summer. However, they weren’t allowed to use their quirks, they just had to walk. Momo didn’t mind, she liked the quiet and she was sure their training would be quite challenging– so it was probably best not to waste their energy now.

Her thoughts came to a crashing halt when a shoulder collided with hers. “Move, Ponytail” the blond huffed, nudging her sideways with his shoulder again. Momo felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she realized she was about to hit an electrical pole and he had stopped her.

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17 Things High School Taught Me That I Didn’t Learn in Class

1) Don’t change yourself for anyone. Not even the cute boy that shows just enough interest to make you want to. If you’re not enough for someone as you are then you will never be enough for them

2) You’re mom is almost always right. Trust her judgement, even if you don’t agree with it

3) Forgive people, but only once. If they hurt you twice they don’t really care about you

4) If you miss someone tell them. They probably miss you too

5) Sometimes it’s good to put on sad music and lay in bed and cry. It’s going to feel like you’re world is ending, but it isn’t and you’ll be okay eventually.

6) If you see someone do something embarrassing look away. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable about it.

7) You don’t have to justify not wanting to do something. “No” is an answer all on its own.

8) Don’t for one second think that you’re going to be the one to change a guy.

9) Dear God get out of your room and go outside. Go for a walk. Watch the clouds. Stargaze. It doesn’t matter what you do just get some fresh air into your lungs.

10) If you’re not comfortable doing something then don’t do it

11) When there’s something you really want, fight for it, and don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems.

12) Keep your room, locker, bathroom, and car clean and uncluttered, an uncluttered life leads to an uncluttered mind.

13) Take tons of pictures but don’t forget to actually live in the moment too

14) There is no amount of guilt that can change the past. Move on and learn from your mistakes

15) If someone compliments you say “Thank you”. Don’t deflect.

16) You can wear leggings as pants. You can wear crop tops. You can wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and stop caring what others think.

17) If someone hurts you don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing it. Paint your nails, wing your eyeliner and put on your favorite pair of jeans. You own this.

Burning Vengence

(It should be noted the campaign this character is for takes place in a time of industrial revolution where certain races have reached the age of guns and have waged a war to force more primitive peoples to civilize. He will not fit into all campaigns, I just wanted to share him because I’m very excited to play him.)

“Vincent Palekeep was fine soldier, damned good at what he did. I served with ‘im, and let me tell you lot that there’s not a soul I’d rather have protectin’ my flank that ol’ Vince.” Spoke Garn Hammerfist, the stout dwarf who led the party of soldiers.

“We’ve heard it before old man, but he is merely a deserting soldier.” Interrupted Byron Caveld, a younger member of their troop. “I don’t see how that’s such a fuss that we must hunt him down.”

“You ain’t heard the stories?” Asked Garn “He’s not alone. He’s picked himself up a whole lots of allies. Savages that took him in, sayin’ he’s some kinda hero. They’re causin’ a fair bit o’ trouble, killin’ our men out scouting.”

“And that justifies a party of fifteen soldiers? All brandishing our firearms?”

“That ain’t the worst of it boy, rumor has it he’s not just a warrior anymore. They say he’s done made a deal with a demon. He’s turned himself into a bloody warlock and harnesses the power of the lower hells against us.”


Vincent Palekeep realized the sins of he and his fellow men during his time serving in the King’s army. While caught up in the glory and honor-bound duty, he committed terrible atrocities against people that surely could not deserve it. He felt it necessary to resign his post as General, and reported his reasons why to the King himself. The King was not pleased with this, and while Vincent was away from home, he had his family slaughtered. Vincent returned to find his wife and daughter dead. He recognized signs of the soldiers being there, and fled into the wilds immediately. He took every advantageous opportunity he could find to gun down soldiers of his former king, becoming somewhat of a legend among the both sides of the conflict. Though, after he gained more infamy with the gunslingers, they sent scouting parties looking for him. He realized his wits and dexterity would no longer keep him alive, so he traveled to market of ill-repute and used his last funds to buy a book on demon summoning. He conjured the image of a mighty Balor and struck a deal with it. Vincent would give his soul to the demon upon his death, but only if the demon would grant him great power to kill the king. So now he travels, a gun-slinging warlock out for bloody revenge.

Race: Human (variant to gain feat)

Class1: Fighter (Gunslinger Archetype by Matt Mercer, Archer Fighting-Style)

Class2: Warlock (Fiend Patron, Pact of the Blade [Uses handcrafted Scattergun as his Pact Weapon in accordance with the rule for turning magical items into Pact Weapons.])

Background: Folk Hero (among the people of the wilds)

Feat: Sharpshooter

Timeline of my laptops death

Roughly 1:00 PM: water is splashed onto my laptop due to hooligans messing around in class

1:10 PM: capslock key turns on and off autonomously, unintentionally creating neo crytyping

1:30 PM: capslock settles down, can now type coherent sentences. Mouse pad behaves oddly

2:30 PM: capslock noted to be more aggressively now, mouse pad no longer behaves oddly

9:30 PM: upon returning from work, keyboard has lost all functionality. Mouse pad functions completely properly.

9:45 PM laptop performance notably lower, as streaming shows takes nearly 15 minutes for one minute of show to load, spotify no longer has any playable songs available, several files are missing. Only capable of accessing lock screen through tablet mode. Mouse pad continues to work.

10:00 PM: Mouse pad suddenly stops working. Laptop pronounced dead.

Rest in peace laptop

June 25, 2014 - October 4, 2017

anonymous asked:

I am teaching myself Japanese and I am am confused with the positive and negative words can you explain that please. Thank you

Hmm… to explain a positive & negative forms would be to explain all the type of Japanese tenses :D It would take too long, but here’s a quick formula for the Ichidan (class-1) verb , i-Adjective, and noun.
*The Godan (class-5) verb is not listed here since the vowel change is quite complex…

Positive ~> Negative

1. 食べる        〜> 食べない
2. 食べます ~> 食べません
3. 食べました ~> 食べませんでした
4. 食べて        ~> 食べなくて・食べないで
5. 食べた        ~> 食べなかった
6. 食べれば     ~> 食べなければ
7. 食べたら     ~> 食べなかったら

8.   高い            ~> 高くない
9.   高かった ~> 高くなかった
10. 高くて        ~> 高くなくて
11. 高ければ ~> 高くなければ 

12. 学生です   ~> 学生じゃないです
13. 学生だ       ~> 学生じゃない
14. 学生でした~> 学生じゃなかったです
15. 学生だった~> 学生じゃなかった

*Romaji explanation, Positive -> Negative

Verb (ichidan/class1) :
1. Plain form: taberu -> tabenai
2. Masu form:  tabemasu -> tabemasen
3. Masu past form: tabemashita -> tabemasendeshita
4. Te form: tabete -> tabenakute /tabenai de
5. Ta form: tabeta -> tabenakatta
6. Ba Form: tabereba -> tabenakereba
7. Tara Form: tabetara -> tabenakattara

i - Adjective:
8. Plain form: takai -> takakunai
9. Plain past form: takakatta -> takakunakatta
10. Te form: takakute -> takakunakute
11. Ba form: takakereba -> takunakereba

*(na - adjective is basically a noun, so it use the same formula) 
12. Affirmative: gakusei desu -> gakusei ja nai desu
13. Affirmative informal: gakusei da -> gakusei ja nai
14. Affirmative past: gakusei deshita -> gakusei ja nakatta desu
15. Affirmative past informal: gakusei datta -> gakusei ja nakatta

Hope it helps, happy learning! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

How To Do Everything

So you have 29 things on your to do list, and somehow only 24 hours in a day. Everything should really be done by tomorrow morning, and some of it was actually due yesterday. Plus, you’re so presumptuous you even expect to spend some time asleep today. How on EARTH are you supposed to get everything done?? Well, I’ll tell you: lists. Lots of lists. Here’s how I format my lists!

  1. BRAINDUMP. The most important part!! If you have a to do list, you’ve probably already done this, but still. Everything you have that you need to do today, write it down. EVERYTHING. This post is on my to do list. Flossing is on my to do list. All of my homework, all of my recital stuff, everything. It’s so, so, soooo helpful just to know you’re not forgetting anything! (If you are, just write it in when you remember it! It’s not the end of the world!)
  2. Sort and rate. I have two sets of labels I like to use: a-b-c-d and 1-2-3. Letters divide my to do list into categories of stuff to do - aka cleaning/chores, homework, emails, and long term projects, or maybe things that need to get done at the library versus at my dorm. This gives me a good idea of when and where those things can get done. Then the next labels, 1-2-3, are applied to show how screwed, exactly, I am if that thing doesn’t get done today, from least to most screwed. This very post, on my to do list, is a B-2, which for today means that it needs to get done while I’m at work, and I’d be kinda upset with myself if it didn’t get done but it wouldn’t affect my grades or anything. Flossing is an A-1, which means it’s done at the dorms, and I won’t lose sleep if I forget to do it. Voting was a C-3, because it has to be done when I am Out and About and can literally only be done today. Get the picture? Cool.
  3. Schedule. Now, we’re gonna do another list, in temporal order. Put EVERYTHING in the list, again. This time, however, sort it based on where you’ll be and when you have free time. Calls can be made in the walk between classes! All your assignments can get printed at once! Write down WHEN you’re going to do these things, INCLUDE YOUR CLASSES AND LUNCH AND SUCH, and then boom. You’re done. Example:
    1. 9:40am - Class
    2. 11:10am - Turn in check
    3. 11:15am - FOOD
    4. 11:30am - Class
    5. 1:00pm - VOTE
    6. 1:30pm - Print posters
    7. 2:00pm - Practice
    8. 3:00pm - Choir
    9. 4:00pm - Work
    10. 4:30pm - Do translations
    11. etc
    12. etc
    13. etc

Does that help? It’s how I’ve been getting through the past couple weeks at least. Good luck with all of your stuff!

anonymous asked:

I think that what stops me from writing is that I don't know how to manage my time. I'm always busy with my studies and writing is like a hobby. And I love thinking of new ideas, but I never get to really write them because of the time and then I get hit by another idea, so I don't finish the one I was developing.

Jumping between ideas is a whole other issue entirely, which I’ll post about later on, but let’s focus on making time to write when you’re busy. 

Fit Writing Into Your Schedule

When it comes to time management, I cannot help but bring up Chris Baty and No Plot? No Problem. In it, he outlines how to fit NaNoWriMo into your schedule, and I think it’s a method that you can apply throughout the rest of the year as well.

Step One: Grab a small notebook and start recording every single thing you do throughout the day.

  • 8:00: Woke up
  • 8:30: Had breakfast
  • 9:00: Went to work/class
  • 1:00: Had lunch

I won’t do the entire day here, but you get the idea. Include things like check email, browse Tumblr, YouTube. Anything that takes up more than 5 minutes of your time should go on this list (going to the bathroom - no; take a shower - yes).

Step Two: Once you’ve kept this schedule going for a week, get out three highlighters and assign a color to each of the following:

  • Necessity
  • Priority
  • Dispensable 

Go through your schedule and highlight each item on your list with one of your colors. Necessities would be things like eating, sleeping, showering - think personal health and hygiene. Priority would be work, school/studying, volunteering, school activities, chauffeuring your kids or attending their events - think things that you don’t have to do to survive, but that you need to make you happy. Dispensable is all the extra stuff - the internet surfing, TV watching, other hobbies.

These have gray areas, depending on how you live your life. Some people might consider cleaning a necessity; others may think of it as a priority, or even dispensable. You make these judgments based on how you feel. 

Step Three: Begin replacing some of those dispensable blocks with writing. If you have very few dispensable things in your schedule, you’ll have to cut into your priorities. If you’re still having trouble, consider cutting down the time you spend on priorities/necessities rather than replacing them altogther. Cut 5 minutes from your shower + 15 from breakfast (prepare something simpler) and you’ve given yourself a 20 minute block to do some quick writing. Also look at combining activities. Are you able to write during your lunch break? Or on the bus/train? These are last resorts, but options nonetheless. 

The bottom line is: If you want to have time for writing, something has to go. 

If you can’t replace anything in your life with writing, then you’ve decided writing isn’t a priority. That’s okay. Writing may not be a priority for you right now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t become one later. Your life may become simpler, you may drop hobbies, your kids will get more independent…your life will evolve and maybe eventually you will have time to fit it in. But don’t decide that until you’ve gone through this process and really evaluated how you spend your time. 

Thank you to Chris Baty for introducing me to this process. 

Tell me what’s stopping you from writing and let’s talk about it!

anonymous asked:

Can you do a soulmate!au with Calum, where it's kinda like Michaels. But maybe like you have a tattoo(s) on your body of your soulmates interest or maybe you can feel the emotion the other feels.





I was in class copying the notes from the board, when I felt a sharp pain just above my wrist. I took a sharp breath in and rolled up my sleeve. A patch of my skin started to grow red and when I ran my hand over it, it felt just like when a new bruise starts forming. I sat there staring at the red patch before raised my hand in panic. Was it what I thought it was? “Sir, may I go to the toilet?”. My teacher clearly heard the panic in my voice and saw it in my face. “ everything okay?” I got up from my seat and bolted for the door. “Yes, yes I just need to um” I left the door before I could explain so it didn’t matter anyway. I ran to the toilet and checked if it was empty before stopping by the mirror. I was about to roll up my sleeve when I heard someone enter. I quickly walked into a stall before shutting the toilet and sitting down on it. I winced at the pain rolling the sleeve up caused and stared at my arm. Suddenly I felt like someone was cutting into my skin, but the marks weren’t red, they were black. I gasped in pain as the lines started to form some kind of a shape. It felt as if I was getting a… Hold up. It felt just as if I was getting a tattoo done. My soulmate. The shape slowly started shaping into a guitar, no, a bass. A plain black bass. It almost went all the way from my wrist to the top of my forearm. I laughed breathlessly in awe. My heart was pumping so hard I barely felt the pain anymore and almost didn’t realise the tiny bit of blood on the tattoo. It was weird to see it bleed, since the first one didn’t, a couple years back I got my first one, a plain soccer ball on the inside of my ankle. I assumed the other person left since I was too busy focusing on the tattoo. I cleaned up my arm and when I went back to class

1 year later

I walked up to the bar with Sophie, still laughing at her sarcastic comment about Joe. “What? But he is though!” She paused to laugh as I ordered us two drinks. “Look at me I’m so manly.” She made her voice all deep and I couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe it seemed funnier because I was tipsy, but who knows. Suddenly I felt my tattoo begin to pulse and downed my drink as I stopped laughing. “Are you okay?” Sophie looked at me before scanning the club for any hot girls of her type. “Yeah man, I just, uhuh” I knew she wasn’t listening as she was now staring at a brunette that was making her way towards the bar. “Okay good.” Sophie stated absently. “Do you mind if I uh?” She nodded her head towards the girl. “No, go on, girl.” I slapped her shoulder as she smiled at me widely. One thing I started noticing after I got the bass tattoo, was that it subtly started changing colours. It was doing that then too. I stared at it as the strings of the bass started to turn into stems, stretching out to the turning keys, where pink flowers were blossoming. Well, that was new. A loud thump behind me knocked me out of my day dream. I turned around and saw some black haired boy sitting on top of my friend Joe throwing a punch. I flinched in surprise and stood up from my seat angrily. “Joe?! Really?!”. My tattoo started pulsing to a point where it was hard to ignore. “y/n, I didn’t-“ The boy straddling Joe suddenly froze in place and started standing up slowly. Everyone around them froze to look at the actions of the boy. I frowned, angry at Joe for starting a fight, but the fact that the boy suddenly stopped at the mention of my name made me more confused. “What the fuck is-“. And then he turned around. His beautiful face almost made me weak. The sudden realisation hit me like a train. My tattoo now pulsed faster and I realised it must have been mimicking his heart. He looked down at my arm and put his hand over his eyes. I didn’t know what to do, so I only looked at him in disbelief, that fate gave me this beauty. Then he dropped his hand, smiling widely and walked over to me. “Wanna get out of here?” He let out a breathless laugh. I looked from him to Joe who was now standing up, eyebrows raised and mouth open looking back at me just like all the other people that were watching the fight. “Calum”. The boy in front of me clarified. I smiled at Joe and looked back at Calum. “Gladly”. He moved over so we could make our way out of the pub, before finding my hand as if they were magnets. We laced our fingers and my tattoo stopped pulsing. I had a feeling his did too.

(I know it’s kinda shite and there isn’t much Calum in it, hopefully next fic I write will be better tho. Thanks for the request (: -Joanna)