Briss explains how the DOFUS team revamps a class and designs new spells.

Gendrick Groundcleaver. My current D&D character. He was once a dwarvern miner, but after having a few unlucky circumstances thrown his way, he hit rockbottom and discovered his love of explosives. To this day he feels that there isn’t a single problem in life that cannot be solved with copious amounts of black powder.
Create your classroom layout. Post it on Tumblr!

I challenge every teacher to create their most commonly used classroom layout using Classroom Architect and post it on Tumblr (maybe even in response to this post).  Maybe make a second post of what your dream classroom would look like!  Please reblog and we’ll get a ton of ideas out there!

August 18th | About what I’m studying and what classes I’m taking

So, I’m an Argentinian 22 year-old studying visual communication design. What is that? It’s pretty similar to graphic design but more centered in the communication side of things, which means I still do graphic design stuff but I also create messages and can solve a lot of problems related with them. Weird as that sounds. 

I’m currently taking three classes - I finished my marketing class before our winter break - so I’m currently taking my last design class (where I work on my graduation project), a law class (where I’ve already learnt the basics and now I’m studying copyright and patents, and so on) and a pedagogy class (which I’m taking in order to be able to be a visual arts teacher as well). And that’s it! Just three classes as those are the ones I have left before graduating. I also have to sit for a final exam - the one I was working on here - but I’m still trying to figure that one out. 

What are you studying? How many classes are you taking? Which year are you on? Tell me :) 

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