There’s a G-Class hidden in this picture.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 EDITION 463 perfectly captured by Patrick Paparella for #MBsocialcar.

[Combined fuel consumption: 13.8 l/100 km | CO2 emission: 322 g/km |]
Create your classroom layout. Post it on Tumblr!

I challenge every teacher to create their most commonly used classroom layout using Classroom Architect and post it on Tumblr (maybe even in response to this post).  Maybe make a second post of what your dream classroom would look like!  Please reblog and we’ll get a ton of ideas out there!


Luxurious living in Melbourne, Australia  |  Homeadverts

Commanding spectacular views across the Fitzroy Gardens to the city as well as distant views of Port Phillip Bay, this stunning World-class apartment presents the ultimate luxurious Melbourne lifestyle.


I revisited my previous posts and realized that some of the wallpapers needed some touch ups. After three hours of splashing color on them, this is how they turned out!

You can get these wallpaper revamps through the following links:

Click to download The Calligraphy Series: Make Today Count Wallpaper
Click to download The Brush Type Series: Progress > Perfection Wallpaper
Click to download The Brush Type Series: Face Everything & Rise Wallpaper
Click to download The Brush Type Series: Drop Every Fear Wallpaper

Enjoy! 😎✌️

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