South High School’s Harlem Shake


so throwback thursday?! goodtimes goodtimes… (: which one’s meee? (;

winged-wasabi  asked:

heyy dude who are your mains in every category in overwatch?

uhhh good question!

  • attack: reaper….. i guess??
  • defense: junkrat
  • tank: zarya!!!!!!!!!
  • support: lucio

Hey everyone!! It’s definitely been months since I posted on here so I thought it would be nice to update you on what’s been going on in my life! I just started my Junior year of high school and I’ve been in school for about two and a half weeks now. So far, things are going great, I was assigned really great teachers, I (for once) don’t have a class filled with classmates that make me uncomfortable, and I just have an overall great feeling about this year!! These are some notes from my AP Lang. & Comp. class that I took today, along with some notecards of essential vocab! :)

redwhitebreeze: what did you buy it, please tell me how it is it looks hype

Yeah, it’s pretty fun. I got some cash so I decided, hell, why the hell not. Runs pretty good and the characters are pretty fun, there’s not same-ish characters (that I’ve found so far) so everyone has something to offer to the team (that, and teams are 6 people always, which means selection of heroes matter).

I’ve found that two things are really good for team comps: A balanced array of heroes, or everyone playing the same hero. It sounds funny but I think it’s cool you can do a one-class comp and still be viable (depends on the hero, of course). All in all, fun, buy the normal version, not the origins one.

A girl in my Comp class really did her final project in defense of “enhanced interrogation” it was a ten minute video w sad music where she called it a moral duty cuz it saves lives and compared it to stealing a loaf of bread to feed ur family and I just had to sit and fucking W A T C H I T

I need to start the book I was assigned to read over the summer for my AP Lit and Comp class but I’m sitting here on tumblr someone encourage me to start it! I need to be responsible

anonymous asked:

do you go to school for art?

nah i study history

and i actually made that animation for a program i made that cycled frames in an intro to comp sci class. shrugs