1) because she’s been asking me since February
2) I’m weak
3) I’m a masochist


@deargooftroop I did also want to see her interact with the instructor tbh

It was fine except that she literally picked me up and we got there at 4:05….and the class started at 5????? Because you have to wait in line to sign up and the sign up starts at 4:30 and people were already in line before us when we got there????

It was wild

Some Akaashi Appreciation

Not that Fukurodani’s amazing setter DOESN’T get enough appreciation, I just thought I’d appreciate him even more.

Akaashi Keiji:

-is the only known second-year vice captain (as opposed to third-year) in the entire series so far

-is in a class 6 college prep class, which is the second-highest level of any character in the series (Yachi is in class 5 and she’s smart!)

-has a jump stat of 4/5, which is higher than Oikawa “Killer Jump Serve” Toru’s, and on par with Bokuto’s and Ushijima’s, who are both nationally ranked top-five aces. And Akaashi is a SETTER.

-has his current concern down as self-improvement


Okay but Yousef sending her something about a small conversation they had on Saturday. Like he knew how her brother’s comment probably upset her and he messages her something so encouraging and nice and then uses that to also become friends w her on fb. SUCH GOOD CONTENT. 10/10. YES YOUSEF KEEP GOING. Sana deserves this kind of attention

Goro Akechi:

  • Is an orphan
  • Dad is a dick
  • Had no real friends until he met the Protagonist
  • Is lonely
  • Loves Pancakes
  • Visits Leblanc because he genuinely likes the coffee
  • Cannot handle spicy food
  • Tries hard to be accepted by the Phantom Thieves
  • Has the most hammiest finishing all-out attack pose
  • Uses light sabers and rayguns as his weapons

turn off the lights // panic! at the disco


SLYTHERIN friendship (requested by:​ @emsers@uh–voltron​ ) have each others’ backs so hard. tight knit. if you tell one of them a secret, the other will know. slytherins usually make you compensate for their help or info, but they would do fucking anything for their hufflepuff buddy, and their puff would do the same. lots of playful humor and fake insults. slytherins can not hold a grudge against their puff, and will grovel so hard if they mess up. (words.) (got any requests?

Stop staring at me with them big ol’ eyes


Ladybug and Cat Noir(e) x 1st Year NozoEli

Cat Noire → ♡ → Ladybug
Eli → ♡ → Nozomi

Bonus: Nico runs the LadyBlog and ships LadyNoire