Colored reference versions of my 3A designs. BIG THANKS to @blackbarbooks for doing the amazing colors to my outlines! It was so much fun to see the characters REALLY come to life with the colors. Hope you guys enjoy them just as much because tbh I got SO excited just seeing the main 4 in colors, now there’s Sero, Kaminari and Mina too!

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Gonna copypasta here what I wrote last time for the main four and add to it!

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Messy doodles about today’s chapter~

This is one of those things you dont need until you see it === Original Post: [http://eldritchhorrorterror.tumblr.com/post/168596191399/gently-grasps-the-titty] Daki Available at: [https://www.etsy.com/listing/564680967/3d-daki-bnha-all-might-toshinori-yagi]

here’s my full piece for the @domesticbnhazine! since the kids never seem to catch a break, i sent them all on a relaxing lazy river trip

things in MHA we still don’t know:

  • All Might’s full backstory
  • why Gran Torino needed to use his powers freely in his youth
  • who the previous OFA users were
  • All Might and Gran Torino’s ages
  • Bakugou’s hero name
  • what Tsuyu and Bakugou’s room looks like
  • what Kaminari, Shouji, Kirishima, Mina, Tokoyami, Tooru, Satou, Ojirou, Kouda, Sero, and Momo’s parents/family look like and their general backstories
  • what Izuku’s father looks like
  • if Izuku’s father has contacted his family at all
  • who the Nomus used to be (aside from the one that used to be Izuku’s childhood friend)
  • Dabi’s real name/backstory
  • Dabi, Shigaraki, and Toga’s ages
  • what AFO and Stain’s roles in the story are now that they’re locked up
  • who the UA “Traitor” is (assuming there actually is one)

(more to be added later)


So I was tired recently and this happened…