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Forgot to post this earlier, but for my first homework assignment for my painting class, we had to do a color wheel. And since I can’t do anything in a “normal” way and I’m a total nerd, I did an Undertale color wheel. Also, my teacher liked it and gave me a really good homework grade for putting extra work into it!

a comic about me learning how to drive


After I took that color theory class at the Minnesota Center for Books Arts (MCBA) last month, I went through my colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastels, and markers and made a lot of color wheels. :) I regret nothing!

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I've heard so much about canceling meal programs and free highschool lunches and can I get more info on it?? I'm a highschooler and I rely on those meals and we just lost our foodstamps and I'm havng a panic attack thinking I might starve or my parents might have to starve to feed me??

an anon answered me with this information that I didn’t know hope it helps: “Hey, I thought you should know, it’s not entirely accurate to say Trump is canceling Meals on Wheels. He’s cutting block grants that some states use to partially fund it. Meals on Wheels still receives government funding. (Snopes and Mother Jones confirm this). I’m not saying the program will be unaffected by Trump’s budget (and it’s a fucked up budget), but it’s not really true to call it cancelled.”


Tem. XVII; the situation out west.

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I run adult education workshops on rationality, and I have frequently taught an hour-long class on the color wheel to our instructors so as to make them better teachers and mentors, and to give them tools to understand and reach more students. It's always been extremely well-received and from my position as curriculum director, it's been a highly positive framework to have in the mix.

That is great! Thanks for sharing.