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My First Reunions!, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

The P-rade is 3.5 hours long (you read that right!), so we took a snack break in the middle.  While Mom and her friends ate ice cream, I nommed away on chicory and radicchio!  Mom also found me a delicious dandelion to nom!  Then, after the P-rade, I chilled on Mom’s lap while everyone ate dinner and played guessing games.


A Soul Mate to Remember chap 6

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

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TW: none 

Word count: 2,368

Chapter 6

That morning, you were relieved that it was Saturday, meaning no classes. Jason had snuggled up to you during the night, putting his arm around you and holding you close. You looked up to find him starring down a you. You smiled,“When did you wake up?”


You raised an eyebrow,“Three whole hours, wow. What time is it now?”


  You leaned back a little,“Have you just been lying here looking at me?”

“You’re really… Peaceful… When you’re asleep.

You snorted, but snuggled closer to him,"Uh-huh. Sure, that’s not creepy at all.”

 Jason lit out a little chuckle,“You sure got a mouth on you don’t you?”

  You pulled away and stood, Jason letting out a little whine,“Yes, now come on, I haven’t stayed in bed past ten since I was seventeen, and I don’t intend to start again.”

 Jason stood,“Breakfast? Alfred made French toast.”

Your mouth watered with the thought,“Why didn’t you say that first? Let’s go!”

  You dragged him out of the room and held his hand as we walked into the kitchen. Alfred was there, as long as Mrs. Wayne, and Damian. Mrs. Wayne smiled at the two of you and stood up,“Y/N! Jason, I’m glad you could join us. Sit, sit.”

You sat across from Mrs. Wayne and Jason took the place next to you and across from Damian. Alfred set a plate with plenty of French toast in from of you, and then did the same for Jason. You cleared your throat and asked,“So, is everyone else up,” before taking a bite.

  Mrs. Wayne nodded while sipping her coffee,“Yes, Bruce, and Dick had to run to the office due to a few emergency meetings and Tim had plans with friends.”

   You nodded, taking a few more bites,“Do we know how my mother is?”

 Mrs. Wayne nodded,“Yes, she’s still in the hospital but will be discharged soon.”

Jason placed his hand on your arm,“I can take you to see her if you’d like.”

“I would very much.”

 "We can go after breakfast.“

 Mrs. Wayne look at the two of you,"If you do, you are not taking her on that death trap. Alfred can drive you.”

  After breakfast Jason took you back upstairs to gather your things, and Mrs. Wayne gave you another change of clothes. Some jeans and another shirt. Jason waited for you outside the room and lead you down to the front door. You looked around at the beautiful outside of the house, trying to take it all in. Alfred was pulling around the town car and Jason was standing next to you. A series of barks turned your attention away from the house. A large, dark brown dog that seemed to be a mixture of a Great Dane and a German Shepard bounded around the corner. Jason pulled you behind him,“Easy there Titus!” The dog, obviously named Titius, raced forward until he noticed who was standing before him. Finding that it was Jason, he growled.

  You peeked out from behind him, and the dogs ears pricked to you and he stopped growling. You took a step to Jason’s side but he threw his arm out to stop you,“I wouldn’t do that, you’re new and you’ll smell like me and he’s not a big fan of me,” Jason turned to the house, and yelled, “Hey, Squirt, come get your damn dog!”

   You rolled your eyes and snuck around him,“You’re just mad cause he doesn’t like you.”

  You cautiously approached Titus, and Jason turned back when he sensed you moving. Titus let out a warning growl and you dropped to your knees and turned to the side. You had dealt with multiple dogs that friends and family had owned and gotten a few tricks along the way. Titus cocked his head and you turned your head towards him but then turned away. Titus took a step forward, and Jason tensed. You held a hand out and glanced towards the dog, then away. Titus touched your hand with his nose and you turned to him fully,“Awe, you’re a big handsome puppy aren’t you?”

 Titus barked happily and licked your hand, and let you scratch and pet him to your hearts content. “Yes you’re a good boy! I hear you’re not a big fan of Jason,” the big let out a small growl, you smirked,“Yeah, yeah, he seems to get off on the your foot with a lot of people, but we’ll work on it.”

   You stood up as Alfred pulled the car up and smirked over at Jason,“So much for me being new.”

You looked over your shoulder to see Damien standing at the top of the steps and he whistled for Titus, who barked and happily trotted to his master’s side.

 Jason pouted- NO, sorry frowned- and muttered,“shut up and get in the damn car.”

   You laughed and climbed in after him, but once you buckled you ran your hand down his arm and took his hand. Jason was still pouting, but it wasn’t as bad. The drive to the hospital was very uneventful. But when you got there it was intimidating. Apparently, someone from the press new that we were coming. The press had surrounded the front entrance and you gulped, Jason tightened his grip on your hand and turned to look at you,“ If you want, we can take the back way.”

  You held your head up high,“No way. If in your soulmate I need to get used to this. So let’s go all in, commence the flooding.”

 Jason smirked as he neared the door to exit the car,“This isn’t some phobia- is it?”

“Nope. Not at all.”

  Jason held your hand tightly as you entered the mob. It was clear, no one could touch the two of you, as someone had learned their lesson long ago by harassing Mrs. Wayne. However, camera and mics getting shoved in your faces was pretty normal, it seemed. You never said a word as the two of you entered, but the hospital staff greeted you with smiles and a nurse was more then happy to lead you to your mother’s room.

 Jason hung back in the hallway as the two of you stood outside of the hospital room. You didn’t waste any time, pushing open the door and rushing in,“Mom?!”

  Your mother sat in the bed, bandages around her arm and her leg in a boot, and in a horrible hospital gown that you knew she hated. But despite this when she saw you, she brightened,“Y/N!”

  You ran to her side and crushed her into a hug. Your mom moaned,“Oh! It seems I’m getting the famous Y/N hug,” You held her tighter and your mom moaned again, but for a few precious minutes she didn’t care about how tight you were holding her as the both of you were fighting off tears. Finally, your mother couldn’t take it anymore and said,“Y/N dear, it’s hard to breath…”

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huntersmoon1  asked:

Parent Headcanons for aizen please. Married and single please😊

-he and his wife try their best not to fight/argue in front of the kids (he’ll just raise a brow and say “we’ll talk about this later”)
-kids always watch him kiss their mother the second he comes home
-he’s the silent, head of household type. kids know when they’re in trouble
-not overly mushy, but not too tough either. Aizen finds subtle ways to show his love

-he’s the hot, single dad every mom swoons over
-imagine him carrying his daughter’s pink, sparkly backpack over one shoulder, guiding his kid to class
-he snuggles up with them each night before tucking them into bed
-very protective. they’re the last living memory of his former lover

Fic: A Sudden Interruption

The last little fic of the month, based on this prompt! Thanks everyone for your kind words and I hope you enjoyed these! There’s more to come soon :)

Title: A Sudden Interruption

Fandom: Attack on Titan (Modern AU)

Pairing: Reibert

Word count: 360

Warnings: None

Summary: It’s hard to cuddle when someone needs a snack.

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Signs as things I've heard as a Freshman 2016
  • Aries: "Dude, where's Alex? Wait dude, I'm Alex,,,"
  • Taurus: "okay look I'm getting real sick and tired of these shenanigans, I need an energy drink buddy" *pounds on vending machine and begins sobbing* please man I got a wife and three kid-" (this goes on for a solid minute)
  • Gemini: "hey mama can I get your credit card number"
  • Cancer: *playing hardcore music full blast through a Bluetooth speaker through the halls as the principle walks by* "it's Christian Rock"
  • Leo: "ye I won... but at what cost"
  • Virgo: *during an intruder drill all in a corner of the class* "it's snuggle time"
  • Libra: *someone shakes the locked doorknob violently and the teacher opens the door* "oh so if it was a murder we'd all be dead"
  • Scorpio: (translated from my Chinese teacher so not 100% accurate) "are you awake? Are you even alive?!?"
  • Sagittarius: "art?! More like... Uh... Darts,,, get it cause,,, both bring people together and are fun activities"
  • Capricorn: "IM WALKIN HERE, EH?"
  • Aquarius: (in Chinese) "SHE'S A JEW?!?" (Teacher replies 'no 戏剧 [xiju], drama') "so,,, she's not a Jew?"
  • Pisces: "I woke up at 5:30 this morning Mrs. *****, I deserve more than this, this,,, 'Biology Textbook' nonsense"
Art and Anatomy 3 (fem!Trixie x trans!Katya) - Pink Shrooms

It’s a new year, but old drama from first semester isn’t as dead as Katya would have hoped. Trixie decides to become a Youtuber. Katya decides to become a full time art hoe. Neither of them are prepared for what comes next.

OR: Shame is temporary, but the internet is forever.

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If I Kissed You...

Could you do a Ron Weasley imagine where you’ve been dating for a while but he still gets shy when it come to kissing/getting intimate (not sex but like snogging) thanks love xx

Warnings: None

A/N: Any characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Visuals denoted by (x)

Visuals: (x) (x) (x

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It was finally the end of your last class for the day and you couldn’t be more excited. Ron had been overwhelmed with the amount of quidditch practices and had been unable to see you all week. Now, you could finally spend time with your boyfriend, well for a couple hours at least.

You found him in his usual spot, sitting in the common room looking over quidditch plays. You almost laughed when you saw how furrowed his brows were at the plays; he was very committed to quidditch. When he looked up from his papers and saw that it was you, his face relaxed,

“Hey baby, you’re done with classes?” You snuggled up next to him.

“Yeah I am,” you leaned in to kiss him but he turned and you kissed his cheek instead. How odd, you thought.

“Well I have the whole night off to spend with you before the big game. Harry’s convinced we’ll all go crazy if we don’t have a break between now and tomorrow,” Ron smiled. “Did you have anything in mind you wanted to do?”

“I could think of a few things, but right now I’d really want to go outside after being cooped up all day,” you suggested.

“You should watch our practices every day Y/N, then you’d never be stuck inside,” Ron teased as he helped you up and led you out toward the lake (x).

You loved having this time alone with Ron outside, relatively far from your worries of Hogwarts. The further you got from the castle, the less students were nearby. You walked around the lake until the two of you were completely alone.

“Why don’t we sit here,” you suggested as you sat down. “We have a lovely view of everything.” Ron followed suit, resting his head in your lap (x).

“I don’t know how this match is going to go Y/N,” Ron sighed. “I’m so paranoid about it. I can barely sleep.”

“You just need to relax. I can help you out with that,” you leaned down to kiss him but Ron rolled away. You noticed that Ron was not very physical with you lately, or ever for that matter. He always tensed up when you leaned into him. It wasn’t your breath, you were quite certain of that. “Ron is there something wrong with me?”

“What? No baby why would you ask a question like that?” Ron inquired.

“It’s just,” you bit your lip. “Every time I try to kiss you, you move away from me. I just am starting to think something is wrong.” Ron stared at the ground, trying to think of what to say to you.

“It’s not you Y/N. It’s me,” Ron began. “I am just nervous is all.”

“Nervous? Why are you nervous?” you questioned.

“ You make me nervous. I mean when I’m near you I can’t think straight and touching you is just so electrifying,” Ron paused. “I think that if I kissed you I wouldn’t be able to handle it. My heart would burst from excitement.” You blushed. It was cute that you still caused Ron to be nervous despite dating for several months.

“Hey, I still get nervous too Ron,” you murmured. “Yet I always go for it because I know that you like me enough to date me. Sure I’ll make some mistakes, but you’ll always come back to me.”  

“I guess me being afraid to mess things up messed things up,” Ron shrugged.

“Of course not Ron. I was just confused that’s all. You haven’t messed anything up,” you reassured him.

“Well regardless, I want to try something,” Ron helped you up and pulled you close  (x) and met his lips with yours. He kissed you gently, slowly as if he was trying to savor every second of it. His hand started getting tangled up in your hair as he started to kiss you quickly and more roughly. Your heart was racing, and you were sure his heart was too. All too soon, he pulled away gasping for air. “How’d I do?”

“Ron, you’re incredible,” you smiled and leaned into his shoulder happy to have helped your boyfriend become more confident when he was with you.

#65: Returning from work


He walks into the house and slams the door, unbuttoning his white shirt with a red face. You watch him silently from the kitchen, feeling small and wanting to run up and ask all about his day, but he was furious. He rips off his tie and leaves his shirt open to show his glorious abs. You wait for it. “You would NOT believe the day I just fucking had,” he slams the keys on the floor and you exit the kitchen to approach him.

“Did a customer at the restaurant make you upset?” You get closer and interlock your fingers with him.

“They bumped into me even when I tried to swerve around and I dropped both of the fucking plates. So the other customers were bitching and shit just go so backed up. They didn’t want me in kitchen duty today, I don’t know why but Y/N! I’m so stressed,” he clenches his teeth and widens his eyes and you giggle, leaning up and pulling off his glasses to give him a kiss on the lips.

“Well you’re home with me now.”


You wait in the airport, your two year old daughter by your leg as you shake. You know they’re getting closer, because you can see the men in suits walking in. They all have hats on and you know you’re going to see him soon.

“Da-da?” Your daughter asks and you frown.

“Not yet,” you look down at her and soon enough, he arrives, taking his hat off and running up to you two. He has a new scar by his neck, but you don’t mention it as you daughter squeals to be picked up by him. He sweeps her off her feet and smiles hugely at you.

“Y/N,” he bends over a little to kiss you softly. “Let’s go home,” he smiles. (He’s army btw)


“It’s an absofuckinglute value equation, how can you not solve it?” He asks to himself as he walks in and sits on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” You ask, rubbing your belly and looking over at him. He moves his bag and lays over so his head is on your stomach, with his baby boy inside.

“Y/son/N, save me from slapping these kids 2k14,” he groans and you giggle, playing with his hair as he pulls his glasses off.

“Trig was hard for me Luke. You gotta help these kids.”

“But the young girls act like they don’t know and I have to keep telling them I have a pregnant wife.”

“You need a nap,” you pat his head.

“I do, Y/N. I do,” he closes his eyes.


You sleep on the king sized bed and hug a pillow that by no means replaces the feel of Michael’s body heat and smooth skin. The front door opens downstairs but you stay unconscious. A few noises scramble you awake and you quickly sit up to turn on a light.

Your room door opens and you see Michael dangling the keys with a sly smirk. “I got home early and came to see you first. Why are you sleeping Y/N?” He chuckles and kicks off his shoes, crawling in beside you and touching your face.

“Because I was tired! And I didn’t have any classes today,” you snuggle into him. “Don’t leave me rockstar.” You muffle to your famous boyfriend and he chuckles, pulling some blanket onto his long legs.

“Alright, I’ll stay,” he chuckles lowly and kisses your head. “I missed you,” he says.

“I missed you too ugly.”

Lucky I’m In Love With…Joshifer Drabble...

I always end up doing this… meant to be studying, then think hey maybe I’ll work on that fic I’m halfway through… buuuut my brain decides to write a full new drabble instead! So I’ve literally written this in a night (I’d guess 2 hours all in?) and I apologize if it’s meh. But otherwise - I really hope you enjoy, and like/reblog and send me a wee message to let me know what you thought, or just to tell me that you read it! Thank you!

PS WARNING: I HAVE WRITTEN (well attempted to write) SMUT. (I’d say I’m getting better at it, but I don’t even know, no matter what I do I still think it’s bad when i try to put it into words)… but well, you have been warned! :)

“I just want someone who I can eat cereal with at 2am…”

Lucky I’m In Love With…

I stumble through the door, a wide grin stretched on my face and a laugh fading from my lips, kicking off my shoes as I go and not stopping as I swoop down to pick them up. I don’t even look behind to see if he is following - I know he will be as soon as I hear the door click and lock.

I’ve already shimmied out of my jeans when Josh stumbles in to our bedroom after me, smiling still. “Thanks for the hand back there,” he jokes and I nearly burst into another fit of the giggles thinking back to him animatedly stumbling over the plant pot and tree roots that have been in the garden longer than we have had this house.

“Don’t… you’ll set me off again, Flappy!” I snort and mimic his dramatic arm flail. “Ha!” My shoulders bounce as I try to keep my laugh silent, clutching my stomach as it contracts again. “Noooo,” I moan. “Why did you remind meeee? My stomach can’t take another work out!” I squeal.

I see him smirk and try to hide his own grin, but eventually he shakes his head in defeat and joins in. I sigh and calm, shrugging off my blazer and pulling my shirt over my head. Josh falls silent too, subconsciously wetting his lips as I un-clip my bra. I reach for my sleep shorts and he tosses me his shirt as he pulls on his own sweats. He leaves his shirt off as I tug his on; his scent lingering on the soft cotton.



I knot my hair and we make a beeline for the kitchen.


It’s 2am, we’re a little drunk still from the bar we left our friends at and we’re sitting in the dim light of our living room, eating Lucky Charms.

I tuck my feet up on the couch, folding them in a basket under me, spooning more, coloured cereal and now sweetened milk into my mouth. Josh sits next to me, tipping his bowl into his mouth, slurping the dregs straight from it. His shoulder brushes against mine, warm even through his shirt that I wear. He sweeps his tongue across his lips, and I shudder. He’s got to be doing this on purpose.

“What you wanna watch?” I ask, trying (and failing) to hold my food in my mouth. I wipe my chin and follow the trail down to the spot absorbing into Josh’s shirt. He chuckles.

“Aren’t you glad you married meeee?” I grin, shoveling the last of the remaining pieces into my mouth. I grin widely to him, a sloppy mess with green and blue chunks on my teeth, and let the bowl clatter on the table beside me.

He flips on the TV and flops back down beside me, slinging a heavy arm around my shoulders.

“So glad, Jen.”

“For my grace, beauty and class, huh?” I snuggle closer to him, burying my head on to his bare chest.

“For your shit, beauty and ass, Hun,” he whispers and I feel him smirking into my hair before his lips press against it.

“Well that too,” I laugh, exhaling out and latching myself onto his torso even more. I can feel his breath on my hair, and I can see mine pebbling the skin across his chest.

“You’re my best friend, Joshy.”

I don’t even know if he hears me, I’m so quiet.

But he does.

I look up to him and my lips carry me first, pressing firmly against his easily, as they have a thousand times before.

His arm moves from my shoulders in time with me as I shift from beside him, and soon I am straddling him, my knees sinking into the couch cushions either side of his legs while my hips rock against his, his hands gripping mine and running up my sides. His tongue reaches out, I’m already ready to welcome him as he slips past my lips, lost in entirely in him and the feeling of his strong chest and hair in my hands, and his hardness on my centre.

I tear my lips away, letting our hot breaths pant and mix together for a moment. I reach down and cross my arms, slipping Josh’s shirt from me in a fluid motion. He doesn’t hesitate for a second before his mouth encloses one breast, swirling his tongue over my peaking nipple and rubbing a thumb over the other. His hands slide down to my bare legs, gripping my thighs. I groan, rolling my hips over him instinctively.

“Go-od, Josh… Josh, I need you. Oh I need you.”

My fingers fumble and claw at his waist band impatiently. “Josh…” I breathe, moving a hand to his hair, both pulling at it and holding him to my chest in a needy contradiction. He pulls away a little with a grin for half a second. Then his lips meet my chest once more, trailing fleeting kisses in a path from my chest, up my along neck and to my lips. His hands help me this time and he hooks his thumb under the band of my shorts and panties. Quickly, I lift my hips from against him so he can slide them down my legs. He lifts from the couch and I waste no time in pulling his from him, his erection springing free.

I wrap a hand around his cock at the same time his fingers trace my folds.

I gasp, my head dropping back.

“Jesus, Jen… shit, you’re wet…”

I meet his eyes with a steady stare, dipping my hand to meet his and coating it with my arousal. His Adam’s apple bobs in his throat thickly and I take him in my hand again, gripping firmly.

Now he gasps and I smile at how I can have that effect on him, starting a steady rhythm with my hand.

His fingers dip inside me while I pump him in my hand, our groans and breaths catching together and in our throats only driving the other on further. My hips buck with him, two fingers slipped inside me and pushing in and out in time with my hand running up and down his length, his thumb grazing my clitoris.

“Jo…Josh… now.”

I will my hips to stop and eventually they do. Taking his hand away and pulling my face to his, foreheads bumping, noses brushing and lips greedily seeking each other, I position him to me and sink down slowly, my moans caught with his tongue, our hips flush.

I lift my head from him, releasing his hair that I hadn’t remembered gripping. My hands find his shoulders and his fingers press into my hips as I lift from him, bobbing back down. I sigh, smile and do it again. And again…

His hands control me as I pick up the pace, riding on top of him, our names breathlessly filling the air if they even manage to make it past our lips, much less coherently. I cry out when he swirls a finger around my clitoris and pulls my breast briefly into his mouth. He pushes up into me and curses to the room loudly, and I make him curse with my name as I clench my walls around him.

“Urgh, I’m … clo-close!”

I bite my lip.

“Me too… Jen… me too, agh.” I feel his hips jutting erratically.

I tense around him as the ultimate wave of pleasure overwhelms me, my head falling forward, my teeth biting down on Josh’s shoulder, our sweat mixing. This seems to be it for him too and he pulses and spills himself inside me, with a final grunt. His arms wrap around me, holding us together tightly as we float away as one.

Our chests bump with each heavy breath we take and when I finally think I can move again, I pull back slightly, hands pulling gently at the hair on the nape of his neck, to look at him with a sated smile.

“I love you,” I breathe, reaching down to tenderly take his lips in mine again, my hands caressing either side of his slightly stubbled jaw.

“I love you, Jen. You’re my best friend too,” he smiles and I throw my head to his chest and wrap my arms around him as his envelop me back.

I married my best friend, who I can laugh with and at, who I can be a slob with and spend all day together doing absolutely nothing. Or not.

I fell in love with my best friend, my rock, my love who I can take shit from and give it out to, who I can rely on and stand beside and be me with. Who I can spend the rest of my life with… eating Lucky Charms at 2am, slightly drunk and happy and glad to be home with.

I fell in love and married… Josh.

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anonymous asked:

okay but louis totally went to london with harry. he wasn't seen after scout cookies or whatever that is

He did!! They probably sat first class and snuggled under a BLANKIE

cuddling with calum would include:
  • calum being, for lack of a better metaphor, a human furnace
  •  he’s a world-class snuggle bug; always making sure you were comfortable and cozy in his arms as you slept peacefully within them
  • constantly looking for opportunities to cuddle (watching a movie: plucking you from your seat and placing you in his lap, grocery shopping: holding your hand or securing his arm around your waist, etc)
  • his lips always pressed to your skin no matter what position: your neck, your shoulder, or stomach
  • half the time you cuddle naked, the skin on skin contact too delicious to resist
  • waking each other up with head
  • calum talking in his sleep
  • him asking for a back or scalp massage 
  • preferred position: calum lying on his back, drawing you closer until your head and shoulders are resting on his chest and he is able to wrap both arms around your body while you burrow into his neck and place your freezing hands over his bare chest
  • ‘him coming home late often and not bothering to wake you; instead he just slides in next to you and smiles softly to himself as you mold your body to his in your sleep
  • sitting on his lap while he scrawls out lyrics he thought of on a whim, you softly nipping at his neck while he groans at you to stop teasing
  • resting his hands on your ass always, giving occasional squeezes or playful spanks
  • whispering sweet nothings into each others ears just to see the recipient of the compliment blush
  • him tracing patterns on your skin constantly

So I was meant to go to the Earth First Gathering but I woke up feeling really shitty and then I checked the weather forecast and there was a severe weather warning of storms for the place I was meant to be camping and I was like HELL NO. 

So now I’m on the sofa drinking tea and wearing the amazing snuggie that wonkycactus got me for my birthday.

It’s actually like 20°C outside. #yolo