class personified


Myriam Ould-Braham ~perfect~ ronds de jambe 

Many more variations on this iTunes App of ballet movement.


A door just opened on a street-
I, lost, was passing by–
An instant’s width of warmth disclosed
And wealth, and company.

The door as sudden shut, and I,
I, lost, was passing by,-
Lost doubly, but by contrast most,
Enlightening misery.  ~Emily Dickinson

Doormen of London - so much more than men in beautifully crafted uniforms… Class and dignity personified… I can’t help but wonder how many people pass them day-in day-out without even noticing their mere presence. 

To Marcus,

What an amazing four years it’s been. You’ve learned and grown so much since arriving in Eugene in 2011 for your freshman year. You’ve become the most iconic and legendary player in Oregon Ducks history and there isn’t even a close second. You won so many awards and even more games. You brought the first Heisman Trophy to Eugene while breaking virtually every record in the Ducks’ history books that’ll never be touched. While ringing up all the wins and bringing in all the accolades, you didn’t do something: change who you are.

As fantastic of a football player you are, Ducks fans will remember you not only as the best player ever to play but even a better person. The countless stories show that you are class-personified. You’ve lead by example since day one on how to do it, “The right way.” In a generation that is all about me me me, you were always about the team. You always gave credit to your family, the team, the coaching staff, or the process. You never self-promoted or talked about yourself or your abilities. You truly were a team player; one of the guys. You’re a role-model for me and for hundreds of thousands of others everywhere. 

Many more Ducks will come along. Many more great people or great players will play at the University of Oregon. Many more will come along to succeed and break records. But no one will ever come and do it like you did it or as well as you did it. Thank you for a truly unforgettable four years. I wish you the best of luck in the NFL and beyond. Ducks fans everywhere will be pulling for you to flourish and become even a bigger star at the next level as we all know you can. You’ll forever be a Duck.

You are the simply, the best.

Mahalo Marcus Mariota,

Just a Duck Fan | Go Ducks

Tony Goldwyn is a treasure. He is class personified. He has charisma for days he is just a likeable person. Genuine even when he lie but he just amazing. To watch his character b sideline for a pathetic excuse for a actor a even worst individual is just disgusting. Yet he still goes out and does what he has to do for this even though a show runner has decided Scott Foley and his pathetic character needs to b shoe horn n as the new male lead. Tony is a Gem still have the class to do his job and still let fans know the what and what. Thank u Tony for being a class act one of a kind