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okay everyone, get ready for some linny college au headcanons:

  • okay, we all know that luna’s That Fine Arts girl who’s been on campus since forever. Who is she? Where did she come from? No one knows but she’s awesome.
  •  She probably spent her first day on campus, walking around, randomly chatting with strangers about their cute dog, looking like a mannequin that came from a thrift store.. It’s cool. She’s nice. She’s fun to talk to, and by her second day, she’s dyed her hair a bright, bubblegum blue. People have loved her ever since.
  • And, ofc she’s rooming with the beautiful and definitely very terrifying journalism student ginny weasley. The girl has six brothers and is always ready for a shouting match if you say a single bad word against them. 
  • She and Luna really hit it off and got together on their first month and haven’t let go of each other ever since. They’re constantly seen around campus, holding hands, being beautiful together. Sometimes, Luna takes a sharpie and draws flowers on Ginny’s skin. Ginny returns the favor but she’s utterly shit at drawing. Luna loves the flowers anyway.
  • Their first date is at a cheap burger place because hey, they’re college students and broke. Ginny makes a face at the questionable food in the diner and Luna kisses her with ketchup stained lips.
  • They can always be seen at night, as well, lying on the grass, still holding each other’s hands, stargazing. Ginny would point out her favorite stars and tell stories about them. She has a story attached to every single one, you see.
  • Friday movie nights are WildTM  . Luna’s picks are either those so bad they’re good rom-coms or the most terrifying case of horror movies known for the existence to the existence of man (i.e. the first time she got to pick, she and Ginny watched “The Human Centipede”. The next time she picked, which was nearly two months later because bloody hell Luna what is wrong with you?! She very unironically put on an Adam Sandler movie. 
  • Ginny is into old films, Casa Blanca, Gone With the Wind, The Godfather, which proves to be problematic, because Giny, darling, I love you, but I am not sitting through three and a half hours of Dr. Zhivago.
  • No one wants to have game nights with them and they are eternally banned from Monopoly. Suffice it to say that Ginny is the most competitive af in existence and Luna has this way of talking to you and before you knew it you were handing over all your money, and would she also like your properties?
  • They’re absolutely that Couple who everyone is jealous of. Look at them, heads bent together in math, giggling to each other. And what, now they’re feeding each other chocolate?
  • They have a monthly tradition of dressing up in matching outfits. Ginny’s okay with anything so Luna’s usually the one who picks out the cloths. This has resulted in hilarious (and adorable) couple pictures.

My sophomore English teacher was the worst! We’ll call her Ms. V.
I was literally always failing Ms. V’s class because I “didn’t turn in my papers”. I would have to go through all the other classes papers to find them like weekly. Very illegal. Then stand there watch her grade and put it on the online grade book and have my mom screen shot it at home and save it on her computer so she couldn’t remove it later. She hated me and I have no reason why. Apparently she always chose a kid every year to do that to according to upperclassmen. Her biggest mistake was telling me no one ever made an A in her class. Left that class with a 98.

Most memorable after that with Ms. V was her vs my Doe-Eyed friend. So Doe-Eyes had a bladder infection the second half of the school year, poor girl, and was allowed to go to the bathroom whenever. Ms. V never checked her email so she had no clue. When Doe-Eye asked to go to the bathroom Ms
V was like “You know you’re not allowed to go to the bathroom in my class”. Doe-Eye embarrassingly explained why she couldn’t hold it but Ms. V told her no did Doe-Eye was like well I’m going anyways. Everything was frozen for like 3 seconds after Doe-Eye left, suddenly it came alive and Ms. V threw her pencil across the room, it hit like three people, before chasing Doe-Eye down the hall. After that it was anarchy in the classroom. Ms. V was never able to gain ball control of us entirely. We were so terrible to her after that she cried like 4 times over the course of the rest of the year. I don’t know how she didn’t get fired because she always had complaints from parents about what their children where telling them happened in that class.

okay y'all i’m in a dark mood right now so you’re getting dark-ish linny headcanons/ficlet

ginny has always toed the line between brave and reckless, noble and violent. Her family has been a Gryffindor for generations and lions aren’t just kings, they’re first and foremost, killers.

She was a little girl when darkness first touched her. It came with sweet words and a gentle caress. It was easy to fall into it. She was young in a world she didn’t quite know.

(falling is easy. dragging yourself back up is the hard part.)

Ginny is a lion, though it took a diary and several almost dead people to figure that out.

(That wasn’t really her fault, was it? At least that’s what everyone tells her. What she doesn’t tell everyone is that she can still feel the rooster’s blood dripping from her fingers, still feel the almost familiar hissing in the back of her throat. She almost understands it, if she listens hard enough)

After that, she learned to bare her teeth and open her mouth in a snarl. Armor is easy enough to build, if you know how. She assembles it piece by piece, made of raised chins and witty comments. Of hexes and when that doesn’t work, fists. Of sharp eyes and an even sharper tongue. She holds her head high and refuses to apologize for who she is.

(That was the one thing she allowed herself to learn from Him. Never, ever apologize.)

Luna is all soft words and gentle caresses but not in the way Ginny learned to fear. His words had been careful whispers in Ginny’s ears, full of lies she couldn’t help but believe. Luna is nothing if not honest.

(There is a certain hostility there too; a certain reckless bravado. No one can be as sure of herself as Luna without being a little reckless. And no one can be a little reckless without being a little cruel.)

Ginny would like to say that their pieces slotted into each other perfectly and be done with it, but the truth is that they are both a little too jagged at the edges to mold together.

(Luna refuses to try. That’s her way of surviving. She wears the names everyone calls her around her shoulders like a cloak and puts on a serene smile.)

They are both too unbendable, you don’t get to live the lives they’ve lived without learning how not to break.

Instead, they are two trees that have stood for hundreds of years, slowly, impossibly growing around each other, branches tangling around each other, trunks drawing closer together with no prompting until you forget that the two of them had been a seperate entity in the first place.

Their embraces are stiff but they melt into each other like they were meant to be there.

Luna is the one who teaches Ginny the darker kinds of curses when the war came to Hogwarts. She had never been the type to shy of any kind of knowledge.

The thing that surprised them both was that Ginny actually let her.

Trust is a fragile thing, especially for someone who’s already been betrayed. But Ginny trusts Luna. Or at least trusts her enough to believe that she’s not being used.

They are not soft, and do not mistake them for such. They are two girls who fought in a war. Who had been fighting wars long, long before Death Eaters first broke through Hogwarts.

batrisakapadiablog  asked:

For your requests thing: Deamus during 7th year. Seamus telling Neville about Dean, and Dean telling Ted or Luna or Griphook about Seamus.

I am so sorry that I took so long to respond to this. Life isn’t quite agreeing with me right now but anyways… here you go :))

(P.S. I think I may have misunderstood your ask so I really hope that this is what you asked for :))

It’s hard to find any sort of privacy when you’re sharing a room with about several dozen other people with no chance of getting out. The come-and-go room is huge and gets larger everyday, but then so do the students, and there’s only so much a magic room can keep up with.

Still, Seamus asks nicely and the room gives Neville and him a quiet alcove to hide in so they can have a single moment of peace.

That’s where he tells Neville.

“So you’re telling me…” Neville sounds more confused than anything and Seamus resists the urge to groan. He’s not ashamed or anything like that, but he’d rather not go through that conversation again.

“Yeah,” Seamus says heavily. Might as well say it, he thinks. It’s not like he has anything to lose at this point. “We were–”

“No I knew about that.” Neville says, waving him off impatiently. “The entire tower knew about the two of you. I’m asking if the two of you thought we didn’t know?”

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If the Straw Hats Were Teachers at Hogwarts:


  • Teaches: Potions. Also the head of Hufflepuff
  • Very precise with measurements, ingredients and despises when a student cuts the ingredients the wrong way
  • Sucks at explaining things but very good in giving/showing examples. Also swears quite a bit during class.
  • Usually doesn’t give homework.


  • Teaches: History of Magic. Also head of Ravenclaw
  • If someone says history is boring, 50 points off their house and detention for 3 days.
  • Strict but still a motherly figure to all her students.
  • Gives her students lots of homework but usually doesn’t check it


  • Teaches: Muggle Studies 
  • Tries to be professional but he’s painfully awkward with his students.
  • To lighten the mood, he tries telling jokes, hence the: “may I see your panties?”
  • Gives homework and has small optional amusing tasks to complete along with it (e.g. write a foot long essay on the various transportation devices muggles have and draw a duck in the top left hand corner of your parchment) 

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Really Jonathan Byers x Reader Imagine

Title: Really

Character: Jonathan Byers

Warnings: Mild swearing, angst (cuz I’m the queen of it), cuteness (I hope)

Word Count: 619 words

Author: Fizz


He was driving you crazy, which really sucks, because you were the one driving.

“Dustin, I swear, I will stop this car and you will have to walk to Mike’s house.” you snapped at your little brother. He ran his bike straight into a tree, and now you have to drive him everywhere. You really didn’t mind, but you lost it when he started pestering you about your long time crush, Jonathan Byers.

“Whatever. You like Jonathan and I will not let this go. Tell the man!” Dustin shot back. You just rolled your eyes.

“I’m not telling him, and there is nothing you can say or do to change that.” you said back as you  got out of the car to show Dustin inside.

“Tell who what?” you heard a voice speak behind you.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, dropping off his little brother, just like you.

“Hey Jonathan!” your very amused brother smirked. “She was talking about-”

“Our dad!” you interrupted. “I got a 78 on that science test, and he will kill me if I tell him. And this  boy over here wants me to be honest. Not happening, little bro.”

The words rolled off your tongue, shocking you at the sheer ease with which you could say them.

Jonathan quietly laughed. “You’ll be okay. What’s your average in that class? A 98? You’ll be fine.”

“Thanks, Jonathan.”

He just smiled at you.  

“See you later Will. Use the Wheeler’s phone when your campaign’s over.”

“Okay.” Will replied in his sweet, obedient way. “Let’s go Dusty!”

“Don’t call me that.” your brother laughed as the two buys walked into their friends house for at least ten hours of magic and, hopefully fake, monsters.

The next few seconds were filled with oddly comfortable silence, but they were short lived. The oldest Byers boy spoke up.

“You didn’t really make a 78 on a test, did you?” he said it as a statement, like he knew exactly what was going on. “I mean, science is your best class. What’s really going on here?”

You sighed.

“You know me way too well, Jonny boy.”
He chuckled and gestured for you to go on. You rolled your eyes but continued.

“I like this guy, I have for a while, and I’m way too afraid to tell him. Have been for, gosh, I think it’s been at least two years. Anyway, Dustin knows because he’s way too observant, and he’s been trying to get me to tell him since he found out.”

“Wow. That sounds like hell, to be honest.” he responded, taking your emotional adrenalin dump surprisingly well.

“I’m not going to lie to you, it has been.”

“Well,” he started, “I think Dustin’s right. You should tell this guy. Even if it doesn’t go your way, the worst that could happen is he says no, and at least you’ll have it off your chest.”



“Ok then,” you spoke, about to spill the feelings you’ve had in your heart for so long, they felt as normal as breathing to you. “This is the most cliché thing in the world, but I like you, Jonathan. A lot.”

All he did was smile. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

“I was hoping you were going to say that. I like you too, a lot.”



“So, do you want to go to the movies with me tomorrow.” you asked. It would be a Saturday, the opening day of some new movie. You didn’t know which one, but you honestly didn’t care.

“Sure.” Jonathan blushed. He probably thought the guy was supposed to ask the girl out. Oops! That’s not how that happened.



Eric and Bullying at Columbine

Accounts of some of those who were on Eric’s “Class of ’98 that should have died list.” Most of them claimed that they did not know Eric and Dylan, but some admitted that they saw how they were picked and some even admitted to making fun of them.

From The Columbine Report, documents 10201-10300, page 63:

1. “On this same date at 1610 hours I contacted [edited] by phone at his dorm room. At this time I asked [edited] if he had any direct contact with Eric or Dylan when he attended Columbine last year. [Edited] stated that he was [edited] around the school a lot, but never had direct contact with either one. [Edited] went on to say that he had been on both the golf and baseball teams, and he knew what went on with other kids at school. I asked [edited] what he meant, and stated that all the sport type kids referred to the Trench coats as the “no sports”. [Edited] knew that these kids got picked on all the time, and that most of it was done by the football team.

2. [Edited] stated that he had Eric in his gym class, but he had no contact with Dylan. I asked [edited] if he knew why he made the “’98 should have died list”. [Edited] stated that he had been relentless in his abuse of Eric during gym. I asked [edited] what he meant, and he stated that he had teased him about being bad in sports because he wasn’t very good, but he wasn’t the only one, other kids teased him too.

3. [Edited] stated that he had friends, [edited] (lead #2322), and [edited] would taunt Harris at school. [Edited] stated that he had never participated in the taunting.

4. [Edited] stated that he knew why he would have made the list, and that was because he spent most of his time in a gym class he was in with Eric Harris, Making fun of him. I asked him what [edited] meant by “making fun” and he stated that he would make fun of lots of people, but Eric had a big head on a very skinny body so he just teased him all the time.

Nosy class 1-A

I have but one wish for the next chapter; when they reach the 4th floor to look at rooms, Uraraka and Ashido slightly open Bakugou’s door (despite Kirishima’s and Midoriya’s protests) and peek inside, and both collectively gasp and whisper “He’s sleeping” and almost the whole class that has gathered behind them, gasps softly and is totally overwhelmed at seeing Kacchan so subdued and relaxed but then he murmurs a profanity in his sleep (“Fucking Deku” “Is he dreaming of you?” “Uhmmm”) and kicks a pillow to the door making everyone temporarily shit themselves and shut the door. That is my single wish for next chapter.

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i hope this is to your satisfaction

My dad is a professor and cancer researcher. He also reads romance novels by the truckload. Usually regencies, and the smarter the heroine, the better he likes it. He used to ride the subway with a romance novel tucked in his back pocket, ready to whip it out at a moment’s notice. He did not care who saw him.

He also read my XF fic back in the day. I got a call from him once. “How many times can you hit the rec button at Ephemeral?”

Me: “ONCE, Dad. Just ONCE.”

But you have to understand, my father didn’t just like to know how I was doing. He liked to keep an eye on my “competition.” If I came home with a test, he wanted to know how I did and how that compared to the rest of the class. If I got a 98%, he asked what happened to those other two points! So Dad didn’t just read my fic, he started reading other people’s. He likes romance, remember? He used to call me up with thoughts about the latest piece from Meredith or Dasha or MustangSally. He was especially impressed with Fialka. I told him he should send feedback. I don’t t know if he ever did.

He voted in the Spookys one year. I have no idea if he voted for me or not–it would depend on whether he thought I legitimately deserved it!

What I admire about my Dad is that he just doesn’t care at all what other people think of him. He is his own self, no matter what. The women at the used bookstore he frequents have grown to trust his romance recommendations. Once, a newbie started working at the counter. She saw my dad in the romance section and tried to steer him toward the Tom Clancy. “No, no, dear. Yours are over here…”

He said, “I think I might surprise you.”

Indeed. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Title: Red

Summary:  James’ head snaps up. This is a different kind of red entirely, and probably the most wonderful kind. The kind of red he’d never get tired off.

Characters and Ships: James Potter, Lily Evans; Jily

People, James thinks, are entirely too obsessed with the color red.

James hadn’t noticed until now, standing right next to Madam Pudifoot’s, that there is entirely too much red in his life. The red of the Gryffindor banner—bloody obsessed everyone is. He’d say it was just a horrible cliché, but yes, Gryffindors actually do wear that much red—and now, those many different variations of red hearts plastered on the wall.

James loves red just as much as the next Gryffindor, but he thinks that this is entirely too much. He thinks that he may be getting a little sick of it.


James’ head snaps up. This is a different kind of red entirely, and probably the most wonderful kind. The kind of red he’d never get tired off.

She bounds up to him, cheeks red from the cold, a red scarf wrapped around her neck. Her dark red hair falls in gentle waves around her face and James cannot help but be entranced by the way they shine.

“You made it.” And maybe he lets out a little sigh of relief.

Red lips open up into a bright, little laugh.

“I said I would, didn’t I?” she says. “It’s not everyday I say yes to a date to the Gryffindor Quidditch captain.”

James hands her the roses he brought her, though shoves may be a more apt term. His hands are shaking quite horribly. Her hands automatically come up to take them, eyebrows jumping in surprise.

“Not lilies?” she asks.

“I just thought you’d be sick of them,” James says, cheeks coloring. “Besides, I heard you liked roses.”

“And where did you hear that? I don’t usually go around telling people my flower preferences.”

James’ face is entirely too hot. It feels as if he’s been dropped in the middle of summer instead of standing near the end of winter.

“Well, you know, I have my ways. And word gets around,” he finishes lamely. The truth of the matter is that he heard it from Sirius who heard it from Peter who heard it from Mary when he was scouting the castle for the map. As a rat.

“You’re a very strange person James Potter,” she says, but there’s a smile on her lips so it must not be that bad. “But the flowers are lovely. I love roses, cliché as it might be.”

James internally preens. Outwardly, he clears his throat.

“Shall we go in then?” he asks. He offers an arm, just like his Dad taught him how to do.

She takes his arm, looking more than a little pleased and together, they walk into Madam Pudifoot’s.

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fangirl-on-serenity  asked:

so i just noticed that a while back you mentioned parker and his grandma go on hikes together every weekend and please tell me they don't hike in The Forest because i am concerned...

Oh my gosh. Good question. Funny thing is, they do. Malek and his family used to go hiking there as well. It’s. Um. Well. It’s an oddity, really, because the Forest is something of a decommissioned national park. It still has eerie abandoned watch towers Malek used to play in as a kid. Poppy and Dallas don’t dare go camping there without Malek, It’s easy to get lost in the forest, Dallas’ dyscalculia makes remembering directions and navigating HARD, and Malek always serves as their guide anyway. He knows the forest like the back of his hand. After all, his mom..
Anyway, the towers.
They serve as landmarks for some. Some parts of the Forest are off limits. Dallas and the other kids trespass there to have Good Old Fun. There are also abandoned mines nearby and Dallas and his class often try to go deep in as possible. Willow Grove, class of ‘98 had an ongoing rumor that a bunch of graduating kids got stuck in that mine and were never rescued because the police force thought there were toxic fumes in there and refused to send in help. Parker’s grandma swears she could hear those kids when they pass by. Or maybe she was just trying to scare Parker.
“The only things in the forest are bears, baby.” She’d laugh. Or maybe she was just trying to ease Parker’s discomfort. It was easy to get lost in the forest.