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Is mun feeling okay? Are they getting enough rest?? I hope you're feeling alright

//but when this week is over, i’ll finally be done with high school forever!!! 
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anon u r so sweet thank u for reading my tags and checking in how nice <3 <3 <3//

Class 1×2

Episode 2 everyone!!!I’m excited!!!Let’s begin!!!

1)Ram’s leg is AWESOME

2)Why did Ram looked like Captain America for a brief moment?


4)Coach sucks

5)Ohhhh shower.Glee flashbacks




9)Is the coach the bad guy?I really hope he is.I really hope he dies.I really really hope he dies.

10)It’s the coach.GUYS IT’S THE COACH


12)“The coach with the drafon tattoo” how original!


14)I feel so bad about everyone

15)COACH YOU SUCK!My son deserves better

16)Ram be kinder to Charlie

17)Ram is going through a lot right now.I feel awful

18)Yeah coach Dawson he quit on you.


20)No!Smoking is bad Ram!

21)Ram and the cleaning lady are awesome



24)Why does Ram have all these horrible ideas?I don’t want to see him getting killed

25)If by the end of this episode,I still want to become a doctor,it is probably be meant to be


27)Yes,Tanya’s right!YOU’RE A HERO BEAN!!!


29)A coach isn’t really a teacher


31)“This is getting out of control"YA THINK?!



34)Poor Ram :-(

35)I think I have started to like how sassy Miss Quill is

36)She’s awesome

37)Tanya :-( Give everyone here a hug!

38)Eye glaring between Paul and Miss Quill is hilarious

39)It’s so funny.She exploded

40)I like you too miss Quill!


42)April and folk music

43)Charlie is such a smol innocent bean

44)Oh look!It’s Coach McIdiot

45)Oh my God the line appeared


47)Anger is in Inside Out

48)Yes he is a dick



51)Of course you’re in control…wait no


53)Tanya is only 14 and she’s helping Ram so much,I mean I can’t believe how mature she is and she is pretty much doing a better job than a psychologist

54)Tanya can hack things?This is going to be Aos all over again,won’t it?


56)“No Matteusz?“I’ve been asking the same thing for the entire episode

57)Quill has suddenly become my favourite person–

58)Wait what?!





63)"I’ve got a plan"I’m scared.Ram never has a plan

64)RIP Glasses


66)"Do you want to be wrong or to be right?"This is a trick question,isn’t it?

67)"You’re not afraid”

These were my thoughts and I’m proud

68)Wait what do you mean by “I need to make it to attack you”?

69)Yes,I want to talk about miss Quill kissing a robot



72)Dragon blood sounds cool

73)Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

74)You definetly have it under control


76)Leave the dragon alone EVIL COACH



79)I can imagine a chair out of Coach in the Dragon’s lair and I love it XD

80)Ram you’re awesome!I want you to decorate my room!

81)Please don’t die.Please don’t die.Please don’t die.Please don’t die




85)We kill them if they are evil!


87)April is too precious

88)I want to know about the robot

89)Ram is having a death wish and I don’t like it

90)Tanya please slap some sense into him…or talk.I would prefer a slap but okay

91)April playing the violin is perfect

92)Wait,what’s with her dad?


94)Yes it is a physical thing!

95)Please don’t talk to your dad.He will freak out

96)He did talk to him


98)Wow he was…calm about this.I personally would have freaked out.


100)Who are the Governors?Isn’t that in the Walking Dead?

101)The next episode will probably be  inspired by my Glee Fanfic Nine,won’t it?


103)For a moment I thought it was the tentacle monster called Brendon Urie


105)What…the fuck….is going on?!

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How close are messi and pique? I only started becoming interested in Barca once Suarez joined so I'm not very familiar with Leo's relationship with Pique? Do have any stories or pictures of them back in the day? Just wondering thanks

First of all, welcome to FC Barcelona! I hope you stay with us even after Suarez leaves :)

Imo, Piquessi are very close, but not as demonstrative? Also, since they play in different positions, it’s not as easy to see the hugging/cuddling that you get with MSN a lot.

Yes, I do! I’ll put it under a read-more link because it’s going to be long. 

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It’s a little bit of Egypt, a little bit of China, a little bit of everything.

  1. Osiris (No. 079): What more could you want from an Osiris design?
  2. Khonsu (No. 162): Sassy rendition of the Egyptian moon god.
  3. Sekhmet (No. 223): Egyptian warrior goddess.
  4. Amun Ra (No. 029): King of the Egyptian gods.
  5. Wu Kong (No. 220): Tons of people voted for him to be in Smash Bros.
  6. Nandou (No. 287): Taoist god of the Southern Dipper.
  7. Beiji Weng (No. 374): Taoist Wise Man of the North Star.
  8. Kwancha (No. 116): Nepali demon from the inaugural class of ‘87.
  9. Bilwis (No. 338): German corn spirit.
  10. Mamedanuki (No. 387): The ultimate teabagger. Now in an uncomfortably high resolution.

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Haunted Universities and Colleges in Ohio. part 1

Antioch College-

  • G.stanley Hall- A former college building which is now boarded up, this 1860s mansion is supposed to be haunted by weird shapes and optical distortions which float through its halls.
  • Glen Helen Nature Preserve- Indians and the original Helen after whom the preserve was named haunt this “living laboratory” located in the woods near campus.

Baldwin Wallace College-

  • Kohler Hall- Kohler Hall was built in the 1870s as the Methodist Children’s Home. It’s said that it was used variously as a hospital and an insane asylum. A tunnel exists beneath Seminary Street between the basement morgue and the college Chapel, walled off on the Chapel end and locked tight in the old morgue. Today Kohler is known as the “freak building,” partially because it houses art majors, but also because of the freaky happenings inside its walls. A mysterious blue haze is the most frequently encountered manifestation, one which only appears in the old wing of the building. It presses down on people while they’re in bed and appears in the halls. A ghost also sometimes tugs blankets off sleeping residents. 
  • Lang Hall- Emma Lang, the woman after whom this residence hall is named, is seen walking the halls and heard rattling her keys. Students who have seen her recognize her from a picture that hangs above the mantel in the lobby. Another story says a conservatory student on the fourth floor killed herself in her closet. Her screams echo through the building. She may also be the reason that girls sometimes feel somebody the heavy, imposing pressure of an invisible someone sitting on their lap in the restroom

Bowling Green State University-

  • Brown and saint theater- Both of these theaters (named for actors Joe E. Brown and Oscar winner Eva Marie Saint) are haunted by Alice, supposedly the ghost of a former Bowling Green actress. She is very picky, and must be appeased by the leaving on of the theater’s ghost light, as well as a formal invitation to every show by the stage manager after the final dress rehearsal. If she isn’t appeased, she’ll cause things to go wrong. One student actually saw her, but ran away before he had a chance to talk to her. 
  • Chi Omega- Chi Omega Sorority House is haunted by Amanda, a girl who was either a pledge accidentally killed in a railroad initiation, or a little girl who died on the park behind the old student union, where the house now stands. She is the source of a lot of superstition around Chi Omega. One room is labeled “Amanda’s Room” and is the site of lots of poltergeist activity, including things disappearing and reappearing in the house utility room, and a closet which locks itself. Every year in the group photo the girls leave a blank place which is marked “Amanda” in the caption. The 1986-87 class accidentally forgot to include her, and that picture is found off the wall a lot.

Columbus state Community College-It was built on top of an old Catholic cemetery which was used until the mid-1800’s. Every time they put up a new building they find more bones, which are then sent to a church for consecration and burial, but apparently that’s not enough for the ghosts, who remain so pissed that they harass night workers and local cops.

Denison University-

  • Library-The  7th floor of the library (which is not open to the public unless you have a special pass) is haunted by the ghost of a former librarian who will scare you if you fall asleep

Chamberlin Hall- it use to be a Frat house. Reports of of the usual doors closing, temp drops etc.

Heidelberg College-

  • France Hall-Ellen is the name of the ghost at France Hall. She roams the halls, locking students out of their rooms, and seems particularly tied to the attic, where strange noises are often heard. There are cold spots in the basement. Things seem to move around by themselves in the kitchen. Fire alarms seem to go off for no good reason in this building. If you see a mysterious dark-haired lady in France Hall, there’s a good chance it’s Ellen.
  • A member of a sorority which occupies France Hall describes seeing a hanger flip around a doorknob and then fly off for no apparent reason. The story is well known around campus, and especially among France Hall residents.
  • Founders Hall-The catacombs beneath Founders Hall are now used as storage space for the theater, and workers have reported seeing strange shadows flitting around down there. Radios seem to turn off for no apparent reason.
  • Willard Hall-Willard’s basement is haunted by some sort of apparition which frightens students from time to time.

Kent State University

Allyn hall-A little girl named sarah roams the halls at night

Englemen Hall- Built in the 1930’s as an all female dorm. Englemen is haunted by the ghost of a young women who was beaten, raped, murdered in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Koonce Hall- Which is haunted by the very judgemental spirit, Judy Koonce. rumor has it that if your presence is nice than she will be nice to you but if you give off a mean, destructive presence, than she’ll be mean to you. Judy died while saving a child in the flood of Kent.

Also it is rumored that the victims of the Kent state massacre still haunts the school in the places where they died.

I don’t really talk about football or footballers anymore despite it’s still being my life but.. I hate seeing people calling Messi  just a talent. He is the most talented footballer I’ve ever seen but calling him like that is a disrespect to sacrifices he’s made. We are talking about a boy who was diagnosed with GHD at 11 and didn’t even cry as his doctor said, he only focused on getting better so he could still play football. Can you imagine the level of dedication and passion? A 11 years old boy giving himself daily injections, not letting anyone else do it, said his mother. He left his hometown, his country, his continent to find himself a place in a European club so that his family wouldn’t have to worry about paying for his expensive treatment. At the age of 12-13, unlike other La Masia kids, Leo had to work his ass off to earn his place, because, as one of his teammates from Class ‘87 said, he wasn’t from Spain and back then young players from other countries (not even continents) wasn’t something you could hear everyday. Some people from the board were so against the idea of him that they tried to destroy his contract and get rid of him. Think about it, a 13 years old boy fighting everyday to prove himself to the board, coaches, other players and literally everyone while dealing with homesickness and GHD, not being able to see his mother or brothers & sisters because he wants to stay, because he has to stay.

So, don’t you dare you to come here and tell me he is a talented player who didn’t have any need to work hard which makes his success less great because this is the only thing you will say about him that I will never accept. Hate him, call him names, think he’s overrated etc. I don’t care. But don’t disrespect a man’s, a boy’s actually, bravery, hard work and fight especially when it went in a way that can be an example for all of us. 

“(Y/N), can you go set the table? (TC/N) is gonna be here soon.”
“Yeah, sure,” I smiled, and grabbed three sets of silverware. A few months ago my mother started working as (TC/N)s teacher assistant (I was the one who pressed the issue to both of them, and, thankfully, they both were pleased with the idea). Money had been short until she got the job, and now, of course, we were in much better condition. So, seeing as it was Christmas, my mother decided to invite him over for dinner, which he happily agreed to. 
Our home was filled with the aroma of roast beef, sweet potato casserole, asparagus, and sweet rolls, adding a relaxing comfort to the atmosphere. Outside it was dark and snowing, a major contrast to the warm light of the inside. Quiet Christmas music played in the background. 
Car lights came around the corner and shined into our windows, stopping in the driveway. I looked outside and saw (TC/N), wearing a large jacket, jeans, and a pair of boots as he got out of his car. 
“(TC/N)’s here,” I said, trying to compress my smile. Truth be told, I’ve been counting down the time until this dinner. I’ve never been more excite about something in my entire life. 
(TC/N) knocked on the door, and I walked over to answer. As I opens the door he shook his hair, getting the snowflakes out of it. 
“Well hello to you, too,” I said, brushing off the snowflakes he shook onto me.
“Oh I’m sorry,” he smiled awkwardly. 
“It’s cool,” I said, “come in! You can hang your coat right there.”
(TC/N) nodded and walked in, hanging his coat on our coat rack. Underneath his jacket was a sweatshirt, with ‘USMC’ written on the front. I looked down and noticed two presents in his hand. 
“And what might those be?” I asked inquisitively. 
“Well, I figured since I probably won’t be able to see you until after Christmas, I should give you your present now,” he smirked. 
“Presents?” my mom called from the kitchen, kind of unnecessary since the living room and kitchen were all one room, simply separated by an island counter. “You shouldn’t have, (TC/N)!”
“Well, I wanted to,” he said, “you both have been so helpful, and now you’re making me dinner - which, by the way, smells incredible. Plus it’s Christmas.”
“Well if you insist,” I responded, “dinner is almost ready. What do you want to drink? We’ve got water, coke, sweet tea, eggnog-”
“Wine,” my mother added. 
“Wine sounds nice,” (TC/N) nodded. 
I sighed, “You adults and your alcohol. I’ll be over here drinking some eggnog.”
(TC/N) laughed as he sat down at the table with me. My mother put all the food in the middle and sat down with us. Our dinner table was round, allowing me to sit next to (TC/N) instead of perpendicular. 
“So what’s in the box?” I asked. 
“You wanna know?” (TC/N) asked before putting a large serving of sweet potato casserole on his plate. 
“No I’m just asking for a friend,” I retorted. 
(TC/N) chuckled, “Ok then, come here.”
I leaned over to him, his lips almost pressed against my ear. His warm breath sent chills down my spine. 
“What’s in the box is…” he started, “…a gift.”
“Woah, no way!”
“I know right?”
I shot (TC/N) a sarcastic glare. Ignoring this, he picked up my plate and putting another large serving of potato casserole on my plate. When he realized I wasn’t going to stop staring at him, he broke down and said, “How about you go ahead and open it.”
He handed me the box, with dark red wrapping paper and a silvery white bow on top. There was a card underneath the bow, but I took it off and placed it on the table instead of reading it immediately. I took off the wrapping paper and opened the cardboard flaps. As soon as I saw what was on the inside, the blood drained from my face and I could feel my eyes starting to sting. 
I looked over at (TC/N) in disbelief, eyes watering. “You didn’t,” I whispered. 
(TC/N) smiled and shrugged. I reached in and pulled out an old sweatshirt, a ball cap, and a t-shirt. On them the words 'US Naval Academy’ was written, with 'Class of '87’ underneath. 
“I hope you don’t mind me giving you some used stuff,” he said, “but I thought since you were going to USNA, you would benefit more from this stuff than I am.”
“(TC/N),” I muttered, trying to think of something to say. But I couldn’t, my mind was an emotional whirlwind that wouldn’t let me think properly. (TC/N) saw this, and leaned over, wrapping his arms around me. 
“I hope you like it,” he whispered. 
“I do,” I said. 
“Open the letter,” he said, handing it to me. I took it and slowly tore open the envelope. The outside of the card had a Christmas tree on it, the inside designed to be blank, but with black writing from (TC/N). 
'You’ve always been my favorite student. I’ll be thinking about you over the break, and I’ll be missing you the entire time. Have a wonderful Christmas, and text me whenever you get the chance…’
What I read next made my heart stop. 
'Love, (TC/N)
P.s. I love you.’
On the inside of the card was something else. It was an old picture of him, probably about 22, wearing the USNA uniform. 
The back of the picture read 'Don’t forget me…’


Camoshita AW15 Pitti Preview

One of my personal favourites showing at Pitti, Camoshita is one of those labels that continues to surprise season after season, much like its eponymous designer. Few brands are as eclectic in what regards merging such distinct influences as Americana, Italian sartoria and Japanese sleekness, with Mr. Yasuto Kamoshita himself embodying this mix in a most outstanding fashion. The result is a refreshing take on the above mentioned styles, combining their best features to create uniquely appealing garments. 

The attention paid to fabric and construction is paramount, surpassed only by the superb pattern and texture combinations as well as the unusual color palette. The latter presents some of the best uses of yellow, mustard, brown and burgundy I’ve seen in recent years, highlighting the potential of these often overlooked shades. The collection is perfectly balanced, with heavy focus on knitwear as a complement to suits, jackets and overcoats: on this note, speckled fabrics and fair isle are presented alongside with chunkier, textured versions, comprising a selection of layering essentials.

Pique was a jewel in the Barcelona crown, and Benaiges remembers being left in no doubt how far he would go. “He was spectacular,” Benaiges says. “With Pique you knew that he was going to go on and play for the first team. You knew he had the potential to be the best defender in the world.”

“I remember Pique being left here by his dad when he was seven or eight years old. He seemed like a flamingo with the long gangly legs. He was a little bit uncoordinated but we worked on that and on his heading and the results are there for everyone to see.
—  Albert Benaiges 

This is a picture from my 1987 high school annual. Or yearbook. Or whatever the kids are calling those school memory picture books these days. 

Yes kids, I still got married after this picture was published. It does, indeed, get better.

My best friend Lynn took this E.T. photo of me the summer before our senior year of high school. She had a very impressive display of stuffed animals on her bed (that I made fun of her for), so this picture just seemed like a big ol’ duh. Then she was on the annual yearbook staff our senior year, and she begged me to include this picture on the FRIENDS page. I couldn’t say no to her even though I was secretly mortified. 

And now I’m so glad I said yes. It’s a wonderful memory.

I’m getting ready to plan my 30th year class reunion. It will be in the summer of 2017. I’m a planner. My classmates are lucky to have me. 

His praise of Messi also centres on the attitude of the then 15-year-old. “He did something that says so much about him because a lot of young kids don’t like doing it. In one year he played with the Barça C youth team, then Barça B and then with Barça A. But then he went back and played for Barça C again afterwards.”

You could say to him, ‘Look here’s the ball, let’s play a match’ and he would get on with it. He just loved playing. He didn’t mind what level. Some kids when they play for the A team and then you ask them to play for the B team they pull a face but with him he always gave everything. Messi had a harder time than Fabregas and Pique. The latter two were local lads. Fabregas, born just north of Barcelona in coastal town Vilassar de Mar was picked up aged 13 playing for Mataro. Pique’s grandfather Amador Bernabeu is a former vice-president of Barcelona.

But Messi signed as a 13-year-old from Argentina after doing enough in the first five minutes of his trial against boys three years older to convince Barcelona he was going to be something special in spite of his size. He was 4ft 6in when he turned up but eventually sprouted to 5ft 5in injecting himself with growth hormone treatment, paid for by the club every day until he was 15. “Just as the bright kids want to go to Harvard, Messi wanted to trial with Barça,” his dad Jorge once told me. Jorge, along with wife Celia and his three children, also came to live in Barcelona. Messi’s mum and siblings all had to return to Argentina shortly after he arrived. He was left with his dad in a strange city, and unable to even play, first because of injury and then because of paperwork problems.
—  Albert Benaiges