class of 2015

I am just a speck, on a speck, orbiting another speck, with a bunch of other specks, in the middle of galactic specklessness. What I think and feel doesn’t matter at all. But then, I thought, wait, I have a brain just ‘this’ big, and with that you can imagine all of this, you can know the cosmos and your place within it, you can know your place in space, and that is wonderful, that is remarkable, that is venerable. Being a speck is worthy of respect.
So class of 2015 here’s wishing you the joy of discovery; keep reaching, keep seeking, keep using your abilities to bring out the best in those around you, and let them bring out the best in you. Become the next great generation, you can and you will, dare I say it, change the world.
—  Bill Nye
Suddenly, today felt different.

The sky was a brighter blue.

The plants were greener.

I felt older.

Teachers became old friends.

The school seemed smaller.

I looked around at the people I spent so many years with.

As the underclassmen have looked to me, I was able to look back at them and be proud.

Tonight, I graduate from high school.

And suddenly, everything has changed.


so this is just a post of awesome grad caps i found when looking for design inspiration! (all the links to the above are in the captions, all the links to the below are at the end)

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