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Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 finished 14th overall and 1st in class at Sebring in 1966  N:63

Alfa Romeo TZ2 at Monza 1000km

1966 Targa Florio

Appendix 1: The Down to the Countryside Movement During the Cultural Revolution - The Shanghai Local Records Office

1. One million high school and middle school students are sent-down

Two years into the Cultural Revolution, the students who should have graduated in 1966 and 1967 were still in school. Beginning in 1968, the city began to allocate these students.

On July 2, 1968, the city’s Revolutionary Committee held a “City of Shanghai Convention For Sending the Class of 1966 Down to the Countryside.” The records of the time show that there were 149,669 students who were to have graduated from middle school in 1966, and 30,970 students who were to have graduated from high school. On July 8, the city established an office of the Down to the Countryside movement (which came under control of the Revolutionary Committee in September). Each district, street, and town followed suit, and they began to mobilize “educated youth” to go to the countryside en masse. On July 27, the first group of Red Guards left Shanghai for villages in neighboring Anhui province. On August 9, the first group to go to Heilongjiang province left. There were about 445,000 students in these two graduating classes, and over 220,000 were sent to the countryside. But the 1966 and 1967 graduating classes were still under the “Four Directions” policy, and many entered industrial work.

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When we visited Cardinal O'Hara today, we saw this picture. Along one hallway, they have every graduating class since they opened. My mom immediately found my dad, but couldn’t find herself. I found her when I looked at this picture again before posting. How sweet that my mom immediately saw her high school (and lifelong) sweetheart.❤️❤️

just looking at WWE’s library in general (for the future)..

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