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The Signs as School People

Aries: That person a bit too enthusiastic about dodgeball
Taurus: The one with a lot of friends
Gemini: The smart one who doesn’t like to show off
Cancer: The shyer one who’s a great friend
Leo: The creative art student
Virgo: The one trying to do their best
Libra: The one with a lot of people who like them
Scorpio: The popular one who keeps a lot of secrets
Sagittarius: The jokester who is brutally honest
Capricorn: The one who doesn’t like to offend others
Aquarius: The class leader that everyone loves
Pisces: The friendly one who listens to your problems


hurricane // panic! at the disco





Prime Master Liege Maximo (Skullgrin)! These tiny TFs represent the Sparks of the Thirteen Original Transformers and can ride around in Legends class figures, become the heads (or power-ups?) for Deluxe or Voyager toys, or become one with the matrices of Leader Class figures!

Legends Class Beachcomber! Peeps can ride him!

Deluxe Class Dreadwind! He can combine in vehicle mode with Blackwing (nee Darkwing, not pictured) into Dreadwing, just like 1988! He’s also built off Combiner Wars Skydive, and it looks like he can still become an arm or leg!

Deluxe Class Jazz! Is that a Combiner Wars peg in his chest? Maaaaybe!

Voyager Class Starscream! … nobody really knows what his deal is yet. Is he a new combiner torso? We hope!

Leader Class Evolution RODIMUS PRIME! Turn a Deluxe-scale Hot Rod into a car, wedge him into his trailer, or combine him with his trailer into Rodimus Prime! His removable Matrix has a removable crystal, into which any Prime Master can be inserted! Will this gimmick carry across the entire size-class? Apparently so, as they all have their own matrices, and evidence also points to them all ALSO being small dudes who merge with things to get bigger…

… ~and that even includes Optimus Primaaaaaal, who won the Power of the Primes fan vote!~




New from Hasbro - a crossover! Transformers and Skating.  The Powermaster Optimus Prime mold has been redecorated, and a skate ramp and skateboard were included for the Titan Masters figure, Shreddicus.  How about that?

Hasbro says:


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $49.99/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

Before OPTIMUS PRIME was blasting DECEPTICONS in battle, he was greasing the wheels of his skateboard with fellow skater, SHREDDICUS MAXIMUS. Shredding rad gnar on the boardwalks of the Senti Rust Pier, they up their street cred while nailing down their signature trick, the Null-Ray-Ray, annihilating the competition into mere grime… Now get ready for the gnarliest TRANSFORMERS stunt of the 21st century… TRANSFORMERS has worked with Primitive Skateboarding, the company founded by legendary skateboarder, Paul Rodriguez, to roll out this special edition TRANSFORMERS PRIMITIVE OPTIMUS PRIME Figure convention exclusive. Co-designed by Paul, the figure features Primitive Skate’s classic black and gold colors for a more sophisticated and on-brand look. To up the skateboarding theme, the figure is placed in premium Primitive Skate-inspired packaging that mimics a “skate shoe” box featuring grip-tape inspired texture. As the ultimate twist, the pack features rail, ramp and hover board accessories! The pack includes a LEADER CLASS OPTIMUS PRIME figure, a TITAN MASTER SHREDDICUS MAXIMUS figure and eight accessories. Converts from robot to tractor trailer in 23 steps and from tractor trailer to battle station in 10 steps. The TRANSFORMERS PRIMITIVE OPTIMUS PRIME Figure will be for sale during San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on

  • [while doing appraisals]
  • Candela: Pidgey isn't a bird. I'm sure of that.
  • Blanche: Lavender Town and the Silence Bridge are connected?!
  • Spark: Just run me over with a ride Pokémon. I don't care.
In school..

there’s always that one student who

  • during recess would sit alone in a table for 4 because no one else would sit with him
  • actually feels fine being alone but everyone else who looks at him with pity are what slowly makes him feel more and more insecure about being alone and slowly makes him believe that he’s a loser
  • when the teacher says you can pick your own group-mates, would have to wait until all other groups in the class to be formed so the teacher can find a group that still has insufficient number of members for him to join into
  • when it’s pair work and you can choose your partner yourself, would turn to his neighbour to be his partner but the neighbour would immediately decline (despite not having any other partner in mind yet)
  • during P.E. and doesn’t quite yet understand how the game works so he turns to his classmate next to him to clarify but the classmate just dismiss him and passively says “I don’t know” (but yet later that same classmate is overheard fluently explaining to their friends the exact thing he asked about)
  • whenever it’s about fun class activities is always neglected by the rest of the class; doesn’t get invited or informed about class chalets or class gatherings
  • is appointed a leader position like class monitor by the teacher-in-charge because the teacher feels that he “is not bonding well with the class so this role should give him the opportunity to do that”
  • when he feels ill mid-lesson and feels the urge to retch, his classmates will move away from him and just watch him but no one asks if he’s okay and no one volunteers to assist him to the school sickbay
  • if he missed a class or missed out on anything, he would have no one to ask or refer to
  • if he was absent, no one would notice or miss him
  • after a while, would deliberately choose the far corner seat in the cafeteria during recess to isolate himself from the rest because existing just got too uncomfortable
  • after a while, would rather eat lunch in the toilet cubicle because only there did he feel truly safe and isolated
  • would actually wait in the toilet cubicle until classes start again after lunch
  • immediately goes home after class because there was no point in staying and being in school just felt uncomfortable

Sherlock is one of those students


Rumored “Power of the Primes” toy lineup:

  • Deluxe Dinobots with Voyager Grimlock
  • Predaking combiner
  • Deluxe Moonracer and Novastar (Firestar)
  • Deluxe Terrorcons with Voyager Hun-Gurr (Abominus?)
  • Voyager Elita-1 (Elita One)
  • Prime Masters
  • Leader Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Rodimus Unicronus (Black Rodimus Prime) and Optimus Primal (fan vote winner).

Also Movie-based products, including TF1 Starscream, Brawl, Blackout and Ironhide, ROTF Optimus Prime and Megatron and AOE Grimlock.

People are saying Korra’s parents are happy she’s marrying into money… Did you guys watch the series?? Do you know who they are?

The motherfucking Chief of the Southern Water Tribe… And you think he’s glad Asami has money? Korra never wanted for anything until she went to Republic City and found out she had to pay for food.

I dont even know what kind of mental gymnastic or colorism is involved in the thought process but… Come on… Just cause they’re brown doesnt mean they’re low class. They’re the leaders!!

Did somebody say “Green Leader’s Insignia”? No? Too bad. Here’s his official one for my AU. 

it is my duty as the creator of the au to provide u with any resources you may need for this dumb trashhell AU i made, tag me in this au shit btw