class ix

Stargate headcanon of the day: Daniel has a tendency to sprawl out and roll around during his sleep, and the rest of SG-1 knows that if you have to share a tent or a bed with him, there’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll wake up with him half on top of you.

Sam will just gently roll him back over to his own side of the tent, and she’s done it so many times that it doesn’t even wake him up anymore. The only exception is when a mission has gone completely to hell, and they are both in need of some comfort.

Teal’c literally does not give a shit. “If Daniel Jackson finds subconscious solace sleeping here, I see no reason to wake him.”

And Jack? Well, Jack was so used to sharing a bed with Sara that if he’s asleep or mostly asleep and someone rolls up really close to him, snuggles will happen. Occasionally Jack and Daniel wake up in each other’s arms and get all embarrassed, even though they both kind of like it but would never admit it.

(No one warned Cam before Daniel shared a tent with him. He was awake the entire night, not sure how to respond to one of his idols passed out on his chest. They both ignored it the next morning and it was never brought up again.)

(The thought of waking up cuddling with Vala excites and terrifies Daniel so much that he flat out refuses to share a tent with her. Sam and Teal’c think it’s hilarious.)