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Dear Journal,

With our N.E.W.Ts exams coming soon, We needed to pay more attention in class and have study sessions. I really want an O in my subjects. This afternoon, my back wasn’t hurting so bad so i grabbed a snack and headed to the library. James and Sirius were at the quidditch pitch playing with other boys. I entered the almost empty library and spotted Lily writing something in her books.

“Hey Lily! What are you doing?” I asked, sitting next to her.

“Oh hi Remus! it’s my transfiguration essay actually.. I’m having trouble finding information.” She frowned.

“Do you need help? I came here to revise a few things.”

“Oh no! thank you but i’m alright! I need practise for our final exams. But you can stay, i need to take a break right now!” She giggled.

“How are things with James?” I asked.

“Things are great! We had a lot of fun at his house and I was a bit nervous to meet his parents but everything went perfectly fine! His mother is adorable!” She smiled to herself, hidding in her ginger hair.

“She is. Everytime we spent a few days to James’ house she always made sure we were happy. Did James show you our tree house?”

“He did! He said he was breaking the boys rules by taking me up there. Don’t worry I didn’t stay long!” She laughed.

“That’s okay.. we made these rules about 6 years ago!” I giggled.

“What about you? How are you doing with everything?” She asked, her eyes softening.

“I’m doing good. I’ve been nervous recently but Sirius helps me calm down..”

“Are you nervous about the full moon?” She asked.

“A bit yes.. but it’s more about the future.. How will I get a job? Will I able to have enough
Money? I don’t want Sirius to pay for everything you know..”

“You’ll be alright Remus.. Don’t you want to open yourself a library? Or you could write a book!” She smiled.

‘I’ve never thought about writting a book.. What would I do without you my Lily flower!“ I said, hugging her.

"I care for you a lot Remus.. I want to see you happy.”

“I love you Lily, thank you..”

“I love you too my little moonchkin.”

About an hour later, James and Sirius entered the library. They were laughing until the librarian told them to quiet down. Sirius sat on my lap and layed his head on mine. His hair were still a bit wet but it wasn’t sweat. I took a big sniff and smelt flowers.

“Mhmm.. you smell good..” i whispered in his ear.

“I know you hate it when i don’t shower after quidditch so i took a quick one.” He smiled.

He looked in my eyes and smiled.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah.. I’m more than okay.” I smiled.

“You look relaxed and happy.” He smiled too.

“I am. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

February 25th 1976

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If it's not too much, how about all the Beta Kids?

Oh. Oh fuck.

Um, okay, easy part first: the Heir and the Witch cancel each other out, by which I mean John and Jade. That makes Rose and Dave the tiebreakers. Dave’s a Knight, +3, and Rose is a Seer, -2. Now, add them all together and you get +1. Divide by four for the average…

0.25. That is pretty fucking close to 0, the Waste. But also 0.5, the Fuel. I honestly don’t know which way to go for this one, so I guess I’ll do both.

See, one of the reasons the Beta kids’ session succeeded (eventually) is because their classpects were so evenly balanced. Too much one way or the other, and you end up with an inevitable failure. Same with the Alpha kids, and both Trolls. All those sessions had with an average class value of 0.

Now for the other, far more difficult part: the aspects. Breath + Time = Sand, Breath + Space = Force, Breath + Light = Cloud, Time + Space = All, Time + Light = Lore, and Space + Light = Star. Taking Sand, Force, Cloud, All, Lore, and Star into consideration, I’m gonna have to go with…

*sighs in exasperation* I know that people will tell me this isn’t one syllable, and that I’m breaking my own rules, but I really feel like Heaven is the perfect quadrispect for these, and the closest I can get to Heaven having one syllable is Zion.

So the Waste of Zion is one who finds everything they were looking for in life. They achieve the promised land, and live happily ever after.

Doing jack shit.

And you know what? I kinda feel like this fits! Let’s take a look at the epilogue: what do the Beta kids do once they win Sburb? Not a whole lot!

Of course, what are you supposed to do in heaven?

Me, I prefer the other hero. the Fuel. The Fuel of Zion is one who creates a crapton of heaven. Way more heaven than anyone could know what to do with. Now THAT fits! Because these kids don’t just rebuild their OWN society, they do the same for the trolls! AND the Carapacians! Nobody thought to do that; nobody was thinking: “hey! What about the Carapacians? What’s gonna happen to them?” I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen: They’re gonna make heaven! HEAVEN FOR EVERYBODY!!!

And that’s pretty sweet.


☆彡 Babysitter Josuke Pt 4 ☆彡

°☆.。Read right to left per page.:*・°☆

★~ Part 3

40 Study Tips & Tricks

I thought to write down the “script” to one of my most viewed videos, with 40 study tips & tricks. It’s easier to read them and pass on the word!

Organization Tips:

1. Incorporate homework and classes in you daily planner – that will give you an overall glimpse of how your week will be about and how much time you need to spend in your studying sessions!

2. Color coordinate classes – be it notes, your planner, your textbooks or binders, pick a unique color for each class and work around the hues of that color to get more organized!

3. Make your own syllabus – if your professor doesn’t provide a syllabus for your class, try to make one before the school year working around your given textbooks or other given material.

4. Make study guides – make a study guide from your syllabus and draw before each topic two boxes: one for a midtest and one for the final test. When you have one of these tests, check the boxes when you’ve finished studying the chapter so you won’t miss anything!

5. Reference your material throughout – most of the times, we students work with in-class notes, textbooks and a syllabus. Since we get small bits of information here and there it’s important to reference every page throughout all your material so you can quickly access your information without having to flip endlessly through pages!

6. Keep a dashboard nearby – Whenever you use a notebook or a binder, make a dashboard on the first page with post it notes so you can quickly scribble any questions, homework or page numbers. When you get home, you just need to open your dashboard and attend those notes.

7. Print any tests, exercises and exams you can find – keep those in the end of your binder. These are perfect to practice before exams and tests because they really reflect what you will be tested about. Set an alarm clock for the deadline and start working on those!

8. Condense – organization disappears when you have too many of everything. Working with more than one planner in your life will make everything chaotic. If you think you need a second planner because you don’t have enough space to write in the first one, it’s because you don’t have available time as well. Don’t fool yourself and set achievable goals!

9. Customize your textbooks – most of the times, textbooks are formal books where information is hard to come by. Make your own tabs and write every chapter on them so they stick out – flag any charts, tables or graphics. Everything needs to be incredibly accessible!

10 Print a special planning sheet before finals: Organizing your studying by chapters and/or topics before finals is tremendously important since it lets you organize the amount of time you dedicate to each subject,

Study Sessions and Time Management

11. Save at least one afternoon or one morning a week for intensive studying. These is your “life-saver” – when you get so full of homework and projects that you can’t incorporate them into your daily academic routine, one free afternoon to organize your school life will really come in handy! Make an appointment with yourself!

12. Prepare in advance – although most professors may not ask you to prepare a class in advance, if you have the means to, go ahead. Grab a sheet and make a summary of the chapter your class will be about. Write the major topics and key information and take that guide to class. When your professor repeats previously studied information, you will be able to understand everything much better!

13. Never leave something behind – Even if you have a more light class, where professors don’t request homework or any side projects, don’t let that fool you! Be disciplined and be your own professors! Make your own projects and learn everything you can so you can nail those finals when they arrive.

14. Write your questions – most of the time, in a heavy study session, we come up with tons of questions and sometimes we just leave them behind. Write them down in your dashboard or a small notebook and ask your professors (personally or via e-mail). You can also ask your schoolmates in a facebook group created for that purpose!

15. Set an alarm clock and reward yourself – even if you study during an entire afternoon your studying will be pointless if you don’t take regular breaks. Set an alarm clock for one hour/one hour and a half and then take a 15 minute break. Never study for more than 2 hours straight! Even if you don’t notice, you’ll get less and less focused.

16. . Make a list – before each study session I like to grab my notepad and write down everything that I need to do before my session ends: the chapters I need to read, the pages I need to go through and the homework I need to complete. Sometimes I even write theses lists when I’m in college so I’ll have more determination to complete those tasks once I get home.

17 Work on the least interesting thing first. There are always classes or projects that we like the least – and those are the ones that we need to tackle first. You will start your studying session concentrated, which will let you go through the worst tasks faster.

18 Print, print, print. try to print everything you can and never study from your computer. Having your PDF files printed at hand will let you concentrate better, highlight and write some notes in the margins. You can take these everywhere with you and even turn them into small guides for future classes!

19. If you finish ahead, don’t quit. Perhaps the time you’ve saved for your study session has come to an end way before you have planned. That doesn’t mean you should stop right now – Take that time to review what you’ve learned so far or prepare other classes ahead of time!

20. Study in an organized space – make your own studying corner – bring everything you will need, from textbooks, binders and notebooks, to a cup of coffee and your computer. Keep them neatily organized on your desk so everything is at hand and on sight. Put on some soft background music (links down below) and adjust the lightning.

In class notes

21. If your professor provides PowerPoint slides before each class, print them (six or four per page) and bring them to class. Write in the margins and more throughout information in the back so it’s all condensed and tight. This is where you’ll take your notes. If you prefer to write on lined paper, think about copying some ruled paper to the back of your printed slides.

22. If your professor asks you to prepare your class in advance, try to make a small guide for each class. Open the comments column in MSWord and print the pages with that column. When you go to class, incorporate the in-class notes in that column, next to the relevant information so everything is nice and condensed.

23 If you are in a information-heavy class, try to adopt the Cornell method, which is the best, in my opinion, when you need to be a fast writer. There’s a video right here on how to use this method.

24. If you are in a bits-and-pieces class, which is that kind of class where the professor just gives a few key points and then gives practical examples or makes you work in group, try to adopt the box method – you can draw these boxes yourself or make them with post it notes – these are way more visual and perfect to memorize information.

25. Write in-class flashcards – if you don’t have flashcards around, make tiny flashcards on the top of your notes, where you cover the definitions you’ve written with the name of the definition. Each time you open your notes, try to remember the hidden definition. Automatic studying, every time!

26. Participate in class – nothing better than to be actively involved in your class discussion. For most of us, shy creatures, participating can be dreadful – but once you get out of your box, you’ll see how participating really makes you understand the subject!

27. If you have any questions during class, raise your hand and ask them. If your professor doesn’t like being interrupted, write them down and approach them in the end of the class. Sometimes, the little things we don’t understand are exactly the ones that come up on the final exam!

28. Ask for examples. Examples are probably the thing that makes your brain connect the information faster. If your professor isn’t keen on providing examples, suggest your own and see if your answer comes up right. Sometimes, examples are the thing that really makes us understand our material and our definitions, since they transform formal information into relatable events.

29. Sit at the front. It sounds too straightforward but sitting at the front really makes wonders. You won’t get distracted by what you classmates are doing, you will focus on the professor, who is right in front of you and you will resist the temptation of going to Facebook and Instagram during a boring presentation.

30. Write a brief summary at the end of the class. During those five minutes where everyone is dismissed and leaving the room, write a brief summary of that classes’ key points in the back of a page – this is fundamental in the Cornell method but can be used in any other method as well.

Finals Guide

31 Skim through your material two times: at first, you should start by studying your material starting from the end. The last lessons will be fresh in your memory and it’s very important to reinforce your knowledge on these while you can. In the second reading, you should start from the beginning, as usual. It’s important to make these two readings so you can go through the information in a much more flexible way.

 32. Make a mindmap of each chapter. A mindmap is a chart that relates key words and important information, making it easy to understand the relationship and hierarchy between such key words. Use colors and images to memorize your material better. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my video on how to make mindmaps!

33. Read each of the titles and try to say out loud its contents, explaining each concept and the relationship between them. Imagine you are the teacher and are lecturing that subject to a crowd. If you skip any of the subjects, do it all over again. The more you repeat, the better you will memorize.

34. It’s time for some flash cards!  Write the topic or the title on one side and the meaning or the explanation on the other. Try to cover as many topics or titles as you can and go through your cards while memorizing as best as you can each of the concepts. Try to do it backwards if you have time to do so!

35. On the day before the exam, skim through your mindmaps and flash cards again and always try to study while talking. Saying your content out loud will force your brain to relate information in a much more cohesive way and you’ll memorize everything much better.

36. Read the entire exam from top to bottom. Underline or circle any important words that you think will be crucial in you answer. After that, calculate how much time you should spend answering each question: this simple calculation will take only twenty seconds and will help you organize your time. Try to save five minutes at the end for revisions.

37. If you are solving a written exam and not multiple choice, try as much as possible to organize each answer in a structured way, saving two lines just to present your line of thought and writing each different argument in a different paragraph. Draft a conclusion at the end to underline the centre of your answer. Sometimes softly underlining some keywords is important to make your professor notice that you’ve correctly given importance to certain concepts.

38. Use these symbols for each question: one dot if you aren’t sure of the answer, two dots if you are sure of your answer and a circle if you are completely unaware of your answer. Start by answering any question with two dots; after those are all answered, go on through the two dots question. Leave the circle questions to the end – and ALWAYS answer them! Even if you don’t know what they’re about, who knows if you will be able to come up with something right?

39. Review your test one final time – many times, we make a lot of mistakes under stress and now is when you should spot them and amend them. This can be the difference between a B and an A!

40. Don’t take this too seriously – school is an important aspect of our lives but it isn’t everything. Failure comes many times and these failures can even drive you away from something that was simply not meant to be. Don’t stress out because everyone goes through the same!

How classes affect their session

Every class alters the parameters of the session in some unique way

Lord- the aspect is aggressive and pushing against the session
Witch- their aspect must change or the session is screwed. They find a massive loophole
Princes- too much aspect in session
Thieves- their aspect is fragmented and scattered, having no focal point
Knight- not enough of the aspect
Maids- their aspect will soon die without them
Mage- an aspect disaster is coming down the line

Seer- their aspect’s machinations are so vast that they affect most actions in the session, but nobody knows it
Sylph- the aspect is so horribly low it’s no longer a vital part of the session
Page- their session isn’t aware of how important their aspect really is, being neglected even though it’s secretly valuable
Rogue- their aspect is not evenly spread
Bard- they are aspect time bombs and so is everyone else, but nobody wants to admit it
Heir- their aspect is begging to help them, but it is shackled
Muse- the aspect is weak and useless to the session

Being Draco's Girlfriend Involves...
  • Him being nice to me and only me
  • Walking around holding hands.
  • Quick kisses before classes.
  • Make out sessions when we can’t sleep.
  • Hugging each other all the time.
  • Sitting together in front of the Black Lake.
  • Taking baths together in the Monitor’s Bathroom.
  • I’m able to make him laugh.
  • Pansy trying to annoy me, but Draco sending her away.
  • “I love you. Always have, always will.”
  • Snape doesn’t sending us to detention when he catch us making out in the class room.
  • Comforting him after his father got in jail.
  • Everyone supports our relationship because they think I make Draco a better person.
  • Sitting on his lap and reading together.
  • Winning a silver ring as dating birthday gift.
  • Winning jewelry in general.
  • Him leaving open mouthed kisses on my shoulders and neck when we’re laying in bed.
  • Draco protecting me from everything and anything.
  • Fighting because his jealous of Harry or because I’m jealous of Pansy.
  • “I’m sorry for what I said.” “Me too. I hate when we argue.” “Come here, let me hug you.”
  • Tickle fight when no one is watching.
  • Him staring at me during class and then later needing help to study.
  • Passionate kisses when any of us is sad.
  • Being his happy memory to conjure a patronus.
  • Being called the Prince and Princess of Slytherin.
  • Breaking up with him when I find out he has became a Death Eater.
  • Narcissa and Lucius loving me.
  • Draco staying by my side in the Hogwarts Battle.
  • Passionate sex.
  • LOTS of teasing.
  • Giving him a lap dance as his birthday present.
  • Talking about our future.
  • “Can you imagine how our kids will look like?” “As their mother, I hope.”
  • Sneaking out our dorms to sleep together in the Common Room.
  • Me getting to sleep upon his chest, with his arms around me.
  • Him coming to be with me and my mother in Christmas.
  • She actually loving him because he offers his self to help with everything.
  • He calling me love, angel and princess.
  • Almost dying when Umbridge forbidden girls and boys to be close, and hiding to be able to kiss.
  • He being all bossy when he became a monitor, and taking advantage of that.
  • “What are you doing out of your dorm this late, Miss?” “I’m just reading Draco.” “That’s no excuse. I think I need to punish you for breaking the school rules, you know.”
  • He loving me more than anything and making sure I know that.
  • Me loving him more than anything and making sure he knows that.
  • Going to the astronomy tower at night to see the stars and date.
  • Draco scaring the hell out of any boy that looks to much at me.
  • Stopping him from being mean to the younger kids.
  • “Would you like someone to act like that with me?” “No.” “Then you better stop.”
  • Him asking me to marry him after Voldemort got killed.
  • “I know we’re young, but we’re not getting married, just engaged.” “Draco let me answer!" 
  • Kissing him when he shuts up and whispering "Yes” in to his ear.

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hello! I love your blog so muchh! It gives me life <33 can i ask for hogwarts!au fics? either complete/wip is fine ^-^ tia! (●´∀`●)


Thanks for these requests! Most of these fics are already on my Magic AU list, but since there are so many I’ll list some of them here! Let the magic begin!



YOI Hogwarts AU

Expomise by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 68k (WIP)
YOI/Hogwarts crossover that is too pure for words. First year muggle-born Yuuri get paired up with the Victor Nikiforov in potions class. Filled with after school study sessions, magic, pining, and skating! LOVE!

Strange Magic by mandathegreat, Explicit, 13k
In which Viktor Nikiforov is the Pride of Durmstrang and the Seeker for Russia, Yuuri is Hufflepuff’s Hero and a Hot Mess, and there is a Triwizard Tournament, which is a shame because Yuuri really needs to play Quidditch this year, and he doesn’t really have time to fall in love. SO GOOD JUST READ IT!

Magic on Ice by chibilysis (xyrilyn), Teen, 30k (WIP)
Yuuri’s first accidental magic took the form of a miniature snowstorm in his room. By the time his parents realised something was off, Yuuri’s bedroom was one feet deep in magical snow. Hogwarts/YOI crossover that is amazing!

Entwining Fates by rinsled05, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Imagine, if a young Japanese wizard by the name of Yuuri Katsuki had transferred to Hogwarts to escape his past, just in time to meet a Russian Quidditch player who would blow open the very doors he was trying so desperately to close. Thumbs up!

rumour has it by lunaetude, Gen, 3.4k
When Viktor sees Yuuri happily throw his quill aside, he leans into Yuuri’s personal space (as usual) and peers at his very neat handwriting. Ignoring Yuuri’s protests, he strikes out the whole conclusion and hands the essay back to Yuuri with a proud smile. THIS IS SO GOOD OMG

champion of the cup, victor of the heart by sapphire_eyes27, Teen, 32k (WIP)
Three champions, two hearts, one victor. Let the Triwizard Tournament begin! This is a great fic!

Tu meum Animum by bratinella, Gen, 38k (WIP)
In which Viktor is a fourth year Slytherin in Hogwarts and is very much infatuated with a cute fourth year Gryffindor. SO CUTE! Definitely recommend!

Red and Green by Jesse_Rae, Not Rated, 4.1k
Victor was a pure-blood, famous Gryffindor and Yuuri was a muggle-born Slytherin. Yet somehow, they could make red and green work. Very sweet!

charm by volacious, Mature, 28k (WIP)
Yuuri is now in his sixth year at Hogwarts and the victim of his secret affections, Victor, approaches him one day during Charms. Growing and changing isn’t something Yuuri likes to do, but he soon realizes it’s a crucial part to living. Great HP AU!

Black and Gold by AppleSharon, Teen, 5.2k (WIP)
Yuri!!! On Ice Hogwarts AU. Yuuri is in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts when the next Triwizard Tournament takes place, allowing him to meet his idol, Viktor Nikiforov, for the first time. Highly recommend!

Dating Tom would include...

ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛᴇᴅ- ᴅᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏᴍ ʀɪᴅᴅʟᴇ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇ?😊

- - -

  • him raising his eyebrow at whenever you stare at him for too long
  • because come on, how can you not stare at his pretty face
  • “Really, stop staring at me, y/n.”
  • “Fine, sorry, I’ll stop.”
  • - 5 minutes later -
  • “But you’re still doing it.”
  • it would be hard to notice but he’d blush when you show affection to him
  • him resting his head on your lap
  • hiding when having tiny makeout sessions between classes
  • “Tom, try to be nice to them.”
  • “I can’t, I’m saving all that for you.”
  • him always keeping you around but giving you lots of freedom as well
  • listening to amazing music together (something like The 1975 or Arctic Monkeys <3)
  • him teasing you, oh lots of teasing
  • you’d love to mess with his tie because he’s a perfectionist
  • passionate kisses
  • meeting during midnight, during curfew
  • attending the Yule Ball as the best-dressed and most good-looking couple
  • debating with him about anything for fun
  • sarcasm overload

  • People : do you have any example of young man with great Emotional Quotient and beautiful personality?
  • Me : Yuzuru Hanyu. He is polite and respects everyone in his sports field. Eventhough some people insulted him (e.g Alexei Mishin, Nikolai Morozov, etc) , Yuzuru still greets them politely and shakes hands with them. How splendid is that!
Studyblr Do’s and Don’ts


  • Keep your desk neat and tidy, if possible, the area should also be quiet. The library is a perfect place to have peace and quiet if you are unable to focus at your own desk.
  • Have a scheduled study time. Remember that one hour lecture/seminar/class should be reinforced by two hours of studying at home.
  • Sit down for 45-minute intervals, followed by 15-minute breaks.
  • Reward yourself if you have met the goal for that study session.
  • Create write ups in between your class/lecture notes and the core/recommended textbook. This will help you to understand any information not covered in the scheduled class times.
  • Highlight areas within the chapter that will be discussed class. This will help to identify areas that you may not understand.
  • Put new words or concepts/theories to use. The more you use the learned information, the more likely you will be to remember it.
  • Review what has been studied just before you go to bed, or at the end of your learning week.
  • Keep a balanced diet and to get plenty of rest.


  • Procrastinate. Cramming is not beneficial when trying to create long term memory.
  • Have your mobile phone or tablet on during your study time, text and phone call can be distracting. If you are going to have your mobile with you, turn it on silent or only use it for music purposes if this helps you.
  • Study just after you have eaten. Studies have shown that thinking is slower after having a meal.
  • Space out. When you feel your mind begin to wander, remind yourself to concentrate.
  • Rush. Rushing will create panic, take your time and plan timings in advance.
  • Don’t compare yourself – everyone’s study techniques are different and everyone has different learning styles.
  • Compromise on sleeping, eating and drinking. Make sure you get enough rest, this will improve your memory and help with concentration.
Hope this helps- if you need anything don’t hesitate to message me. I love hearing from you and helping you out :)
Goodbye (101 and 160 w/ Liam Dunbar)

101. “Sorry I’m late.”

106. “You know it hurt when I realised that you’re not in love with me, but nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”

He was late. Again.

He was 45 minutes late for your study session, but you were used to it. It was actually a tutoring session since he had missed so many classes. He wasn’t sick and he didn’t go on holiday. He had skipped classes to be with her.

Hayden Romero.

Her name sent a spark of anger through you. It was her fault that Liam was never in class. It was her fault that he was failing. It was her fault that you were sat here right now. And it’s probably her fault that he’s late.

Mumbling to yourself, you started to put your books back into your bag.

Liam hated her. Or at least he did. That’s what he told you for god knows how long, and when she arrived at Beacon Hills, he continued to hate her. Until a couple of weeks ago.

You didn’t miss the way they looked at each other. You didn’t miss the way they smiled at each other. And you certainly didn’t miss the way she kissed him in the hallway when she saw you coming.

The sound of someone clearing their throat pulled you out of your thoughts. Your anger and resentment only grew stronger when you saw who it was. Liam stood with a smile on his face, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sorry I’m late.” He said.

You almost laughed in his face. Sorry? He was 55 minutes late, and he’s sorry? You ignored him as you continued to put your books in your bag.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m going home.” You stated simply with a shrug. You couldn’t stand to be here anymore, especially knowing that he was late because of Hayden, doing god knows what.

“What? Why? I thought you were helping me study?” Confusion evident on his face.

“I was. But that was before you were 55 minutes late.” You started to walk towards the library doors. But stopped when he grabbed your wrist. You turned around and yanked your hand free.

“I’m sorry I was late, Y/N, but you need to help me because I’m failing two classes!” He whisper shouted, trying not to disturb the librarian who was hunched at her desk, glaring at everyone.

“It’s not my fault that you’re failing two classes. Blame your silly little girlfriend.” You sassed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, a hint of annoyance lacing his tone.

“It means that if you’d spend less time with Hayden,” You spat her name like venom, “Then you wouldn’t be failing two classes!” You replied.

“What is you’re problem? Why don’t you like her?” He questioned defensively. 

You recoiled at his words. How could he be so stupid? The pack used to ask you when you were ‘going to grow some balls’ and ask him out. Apparently it was obvious to everyone that you liked him, except him. Eventually, you had mustered up the courage to ask him out and as you were walking down the hall you saw him. You saw him kissing her. 

You cried every night for a week, and got nothing but sympathy off the pack. Especially Lydia who would come round every night so she could listen to you rant about seeing them together. Eventually you got over it, but the pain of seeing them together still hurt. And yet, Liam still didn’t know how you felt.

You sighed, deciding that today was the day you were going to tell him how you felt.

“You know it hurt when I realised that you’re not in love with me, but nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”

You dropped your gaze so that your eyes didn’t meet his. You didn’t see his eyebrows furrowing together in disbelief. He tried to speak but he couldn’t form a functioning sentence.  

You sighed again as you began to walk towards the doors.

“Goodbye Liam.”

What each class’s aspect means for the session:

I’m not completely certain on all of there, but as near as I can tell:

The Heir represents what the story of the session is ultimately about.

The Prince represents something the session has too much of.

The Knight represents something the session doesn’t have enough of.

The Bard represents the greatest challenge the session will face.

The Witch represents what the players hope to gain by playing the game.

The Page represents what their end reward will be.

Not as certain for Thief, Rogue, Seer, Mage, Maid, or Slyph, but my tentative guesses are:

The Seer represents how the group will attempt to reach their end goal.

The Maid represents outside forces that will influence the session or the pre-session.

The Rogue represents what resources the group will use.

This is for the people who sit in the crowd cheering us on.

Whether it’s your:
- Teachers or Coaches
- Parents
- Grandparents
- Siblings
- Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiancé or Spouse
- Kids

While we spend hundreds of hours training, they are doing it right alongside us. They spend hundreds of hours sitting at dance classes, extra practices, supplementary gym training sessions, competitions, dress fittings, and more.

Thank you for all of your support over the years.


A dancer with an amazing support system

| 8/2/16 | I woke up at 8 am this morning even though I don’t have class until 12:30 to get in a quick study sesh. Summer session is winding down to the last two weeks and it’s been intense and time consuming. BUT it’s so worth it knowing that at the end of next week, I will be done with the last prerequisite for biology and will officially be a Spanish Linguistics and Molecular and Cell Biology double major starting in the fall!!



School’s back in session, and for one of our classes we had to make a film in one week! I wanted to challenge myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do for a year-long film, and to capture a feeling from my own experiences as minimally as possible. Check it out!

When Crits Don't Matter

Context: So, we’re playing a Pathfinder campaign, most of us for the first time. At that point in time, we’d had an Oread Monk, a Dhampir Undead Sorceress (me), a Gnome Bard, a Human Inquisitor, a Drow Night Blade (3rd Party class), and a Human Kineticist. We were on our third session of Dragon’s Demand, underneath some Wizard’s manor, where he had an entire dungeon/prison, complete with captive demons and devils. We end up fighting one of them, a Schir, and we haven’t been able to pronounce his name correctly to stun him. Most of us were just sick and tired of him, and while the rest of the party were up close fighting him, my Sorceress had stayed back to fire off spells and stuff, but most of my spells couldn’t do anything because of the Shir’s DR…then this happened…

Me (OOC): Screw this, I pull out my crossbow and aim at the Schir.

DM: OK, you’re firing into melee…nevermind, you’ll never hit. Roll anyways.


DM: Well, that’s a crit…though you’ll never comfirm.


DM: Well shit…roll damage.

*rolls a 1 and a 2*


(at this point, the party was cracking up)

DM: Well, you hit him…but your bolt didn’t do anything because of the Schir’s DR.

I proceeded to sulk the rest of the fight due to being out of spells.