class in 15 mins

Route: Brave the Shadows

@rui-ruizu: My class was supposed to end at 6 but we got dismissed 15 mins early :D and now I can submit on time :) if no one asked this yet, continuation of the serpent’s embrace where the reader’s parents are the head of the biggest yakuza in japan.

One of many continuations to the infamous Akashi-Sayuri saga. As usual, please consider what content this request may entail before proceeding. Contains violence. This request has been tagged with a cheating tw.

I’m sorry if anything about the yakuza seems inaccurate. I watched a historical video (yes I’m a history nerd I’m sorry) about yakuza to try and understand it better. I apologise in advance.

Part One: Serpent’s Embrace

Alternate scenarios:

Part Two (routes):

You’d always seen Akashi as a saviour of sorts, a way for you to escape your family’s bloody heritage, to live a normal life and spend your days with someone you loved. But there was a reason that arranged marriage was preferred over something as frivolous as love in the yakuza.

Love weakened you, and made you reliant on others. You lost sight of what it meant to be strong, and Akashi played you like the fool you were and left you for her.

And love became hatred and bitterness then ambition. There was no turning back - but then again, you had nothing to lose.

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in 2012 when i was a senior i had this really pointless 1st period class and the teacher was really chill and usually late herself so instead of getting off the bus and heading to breakfast i would go straight to starbucks a quarter mile down the road and grab a nice frap and sandwich and bring it into the class like 10 or 15 mins late

i was literally “walks into class 15 mins late with starbucks” i truly lived the meme

The Camera Whisperer
  • My turn to 2nd AC for a graduate Advanced Cinematography Class, 15 min before class began.
  • Male Cinematography TA: Did you load the 435 mag properly?
  • Me: Yup!
  • (5 min later)
  • Male Cinematography TA: Are you sure the mag is loaded properly?
  • Me: Yes.
  • (3 min later)
  • Male Cinematography TA: Are you sure you loaded the mag correctly?
  • Me: Ummmm.... yes.
  • (P.S.: I have never loaded a mag incorrectly in my life. Not that time and never, not on set, nor in class. Call me the camera whisperer.)

when I was a kid my dad would always make me watch documentaries about the universe and one day in grade 3 we were playing I spy and I was like “I spy with my lil eye something starting with S” and for at least 15 mins no one in the class could guess it and the teacher was like “okay Frankie we give up what do u spy” and I was like “string” and she asked me what string I was talking about and I told her that the string was all around us, it is the smallest unit below below atoms, it’s the building block of the world and she made me stay back at lunch for wasting 15 mins of everyone’s time lmao

Jared Fic

Okay so after this weekend at the convention it’s made me want to write a Jared fic so freaking bad!!! So I’m going to go through the ideas that were sent into me before about a possible plot (if you think of one send it in!!) I’m going to pick one after my Anatomy class (in an hour and 15 min) and then start forming points!!! :D I’m super excited!!