class doodles oops

‘Kill me. Please. Please.’ [x]

Winter Soldier! Steve Rogers is one of my favorite AUs and it’s slowly killing me from the inside oops

I’m working on this concept like…how do people really see Saul? I’m not talking fans of BrBa + BCS - we use trash + gross as endearing compliments. I’m talking like how do the people in Albuquerque see Saul Goodman? The answer is probably a goofy smarmy dirty lawyer with hilariously bad commercials. But we’ve seen that view depicted tons of times. 

What about a Saul Goodman who is smarmy and dirty but also a little frightening? Who wants your money and probably doesn’t get any sleep? Who you don’t want to be around but you have to because he’s the only one who’s gonna get you out of jail? I want to explore that kind of Saul Goodman. 

The first is a doodle from class (oops!) - the second is from many attempts at getting that kind of Saul right. Coming soon will be where I was able to take those attempts! It’s just a new way to view the character and I’m oddly enjoying it.