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Are you sure that the majority of the Japanese audience for OnS is mostly made up of males? As in 70-90%? Without supporting statistics, I found that hard to be believed. Also, I've to admit that for a work with supposedly minimal romance, (1)

(2) it contains quite a lot of ship-teasing and not-so-subtle harems for protagonists, which is something that is hard to be denied. Or maybe I’m wrong, because it’s normal for multiple females to have a crush on the same male who isn’t an idol.

I had a feeling I would be getting asks in regards to this post
My manga class at the university here will actually come in handy, seeing as they liked to focus on the shōnen genre XD I’ll do this in a bullet-point like matter so I hopefully stay focused haha.

  • In my post I said “does appear to be made up of mostly males”. I didn’t get any more specific than that because as you said, there’s no statistics. I said that based off of the fact that ONS is from Jump SQ which is shōnen in genre. Which means that it is intended for the male audience and you will find men reading it at the stores/buying it. I also said that because when I have gone to the ONS section of book stores and Animates, I’m always pushing my way through the male crowd. I’m always peaking over guys’ shoulders. I walk through aisles of girls reading their pink decaled shōjo books to reach my manly destination. I’m not saying girls don’t read it, of course. It’s just that with my experiences, the actual people reading and buying are male. They’re going to buy the month’s issue of Jump SQ to find out what happens next in ONS then flip a few pages to jack off to tits in To LOVE Ru Darkness. I’ve seen whats in the magazines and it’s definitely geared towards males more than towards females. 
  • Men read it more while women are known to be the ones purchasing the merch, going to the cafes with the chibi character marshmallow drinks, and making the doujinshi because of the very fact that the stories are geared towards a male audience. It makes it appear as if they are a majority of the audience, when in fact, that may not necessarily be true. This is just how Japan works. They are a “character” based society. There’s a mascot for pretty much everything because of this. It’s the reason something like doujinshi, which in other countries would likely be copyright infringement, is allowed and so prominent. The female Japanese audience is content being spectators of the story and then making their own versions of it what will never be. (Just look at what happened with Osomatsu-san. A show that was clearly not what the female audience made it. Which is okay, because that’s the culture and that’s what they do) They’re the ones who vote in polls and go to events, while the guys tend to be more silent in their appreciation. (Unless it comes to buying merch of fairly naked girls lol)

  • I don’t know about you guys, but there was this boy I grew up with that everybody loved. I don’t think it was possible to not have had a crush on him at some point. I did myself. He was an attractive and all around bright person who loved to smile. So everybody being so shocked multiple girls would fall for attractive and bright people such as Yuu and Guren in such a volatile and depressing apocalyptic world with not all that many options honestly surprised me? 
  • I mean, everybody in the fandom loves these characters, why is it so ridiculous that the people who “live” with them shouldn’t fall in love/have a crush on them as well? 
  • And we haven’t gotten anything lately in regards to harem romance. It’s more like Shinoa and Mitsuba had crushes on Yuu before discovering that the relationship everybody wanted all along was that of a familial nature. Which is exactly what Kagami claims to be striving for with Seraph. He’s the type of author that would rather show through experience than tell. If he wants people to know that Yuu is supposed to be lovable, he’ll makes his characters love him. (in their own ways). If he wants people to see that Guren means a lot to people, he’ll have the people he interacts with prove it. 
  • I see it as Kagami wanting to make his story relatable to everybody because he loves it so much and holds a lot of passion for it. That’s why he wants to portray different types of love while then bringing it all back to familial bonds, his focus. It’s the same with Guren’s squad. Sure, literally all of them hold love for Guren, but they think of themselves as a family. It’s a bunch of people in a broken world just wanting those they love to feel loved and be happy. I think it’s how Kagami sees people reacting in such a situation. When all hope is lost, humans will cling even harder. Especially when it comes to bonds such as family. 
  • And the hints at romance, in my opinion, have not hindered the story or it’s plot in any way. It’s not like Mito stopped wearing pants in favor of a skirt to catch Guren’s eye. It’s not like Sayuri stays home from fights to make sure Guren comes back to fresh curry. It’s no like Shinoa hasn’t grown as a leader in favor of bending to Yuu so that he’ll like her more. She says 5 minutes and she means 5 minutes. Just because she’s not strong enough to literally stop him at times, doesn’t mean she doesn’t try due to a flimsy attempt at adding romance to the plot. 
  • Seraph is a bunch of people broken by the world trying to figure out how they feel. Because it’s those feelings that determine how they’ll act. And in a dangerous world such as theirs, how you act is very important and literally a matter of life or death. 

And that is how I personally see it.