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#TBT That one time Alvaro ran into Daryl in Alexandria and he almost took me out! Then he saw my badass BMX gear and he quickly realized that I am a KNIGHT OF THE KINGDOM! LOL! On the REAL…Norman is a great guy. He is super humble & a true class act. We took this pic on the last day of shooting the Season finale. Norman and Andrew brought in a coffee truck and paid for EVERYONE on set just because thats how they are. He is a great example of how to act when you’re one of the biggest TV stars in the world. This cast and crew are special, and I think thats why #TWD has been so successful.

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hc: Jimin's known around college for being the introverted, shy type that can't really hold a conversation with anyone. That's why Jungkook gets the shock of his life when he stumbles into an almost empty dance studio to see sweet, innocent Jimin belly dancing& rocking his hips to a sensual song. Jungkook is intrigued & ultimately falls a little harder for him. dw im not looking for smut, i just think that type of dance suites Jimin tbh. Maybe tension though that's always good. Thank you xo

this is interesting! i don’t know much about belly dancing tho so i’m sorry. also i’ll try to put in some sexual tension for you hehe ;) it’s always fun to write tension….also the beginning of this seems like a love triangle but it’s not lol. just wanted to clear that up…(you don’t have to listen to this song but i listened to 9muses’ remember the whole time i was writing this lol). WARNING: preeetty sexual but like no actual sexual content as usual.  

+ “he’s so cute. jungkook get me his number,” taehyung said. jungkook looked over at the subject of taehyung’s current affection. jungkook had seen him before but he didn’t know him.

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todoroki & bokuto pinning their s/o to the wall bc their s/o had been making them jealous all day & they a little angry ( ͡- ͜ʖ ͡- ) im so dead bc all the dumb little babies murder my soul

Thank the gods, I’m not the only one that accidentally says Bokuto when I mean Bakugou! I don’t do it as much as I use to but my friend always laughed when I did. Woops. I tried to keep these guys in character as much as possible so enjoy!

You had been making Bakugou angry all day, as you had been acting friendlier than usual with the other guys, and to Bakugou’s eyes, it looked like you were blatantly flirting with them. Even though everyone knew you two were together, he felt like some of the guys in the class were acting much too friendly with you. He wasn’t one to get jealous easily, for he knew he was already great and better than most of the people in the class, unless it came to you. Whenever he saw someone overstepping their bounds when it came to you he could feel his blood boil. 

Bakugou’s patience was thinning, not that he had much in the first place, and he finally snapped when he saw one of them wrap his arm around you. He stood up from his desk and went straight to you, pulling you away from the offender with a snarl. “Don’t touch them.”

He quickly pulled you out of the class and took you somewhere secluded. Recklessly, he tossed you against the wall, not enough to hurt you but enough to startle you, before pinning you to the spot. Bakugou brought his face close to yours, anger evident in his eyes, “What the fuck was that all about, ____!?”

You replied softly, a pout on your lips, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Katsuki.” You knew full well what you did but you were going to enjoy Bakugou’s jealous outburst to the fullest. 

“Bullshit, you didn’t! I saw how you acted around them!”

“I was just being nice…I didn’t know you’d get so jealous.”

His usual shit-eating grin made its way to his face, “Oh, really? You didn’t know? So you were just being “nice”?” He had brought his face closer to yours as he spoke, his warm breath fanning across your face. 

You nodded quickly, biting your lip in anticipation. Bakugou brought his face to your collar bone, his lips slowly ghosting up your neck, leaving goose bumps in his wake. He chose a prominent area on your neck before nipping at it, roughly sucking on it before running his soft tongue over the sore area. 

A soft whine escaped your lips, “K-Katsuki. . !”

The minute he heard you call out his name he pulled back and let you go, leaving you flustered, “I’m sure a liar wouldn’t mind being left alone like that.” Bakugou chuckled darkly before heading back to class, a satisfied smirk on his face. 


Todoroki’s patience was infinite when it came to you, but the way you had been acting all day had been bothering him. He could feel his anger slowly boiling to the surface, he didn’t like how you’d been acting around his classmates. No, not one bit. Watching you casually flirt with his classmates was getting to him and he finally couldn’t take it, he pulled you away from them with a quiet apology, before dragging you outside. 

He took you somewhere secluded before roughly pinning you against the wall, causing you to wince. Todoroki was going to start yelling at you until he saw your face, he felt his resolve crumble. He couldn’t do it. He knew how much you wanted him to since you had asked him to before but he couldn’t force himself to do it. He was much too afraid to hurt you, too afraid of end up acting like his father. Todoroki let you go with a sigh and looked away from you, “I can’t do it…sorry…”

You felt a giggle escape your lips, much to his surprise, before you gently turned his face back to yours, hand cradling his cheek. “It’s all right Shouto, it’s enough for me that you tried. I wouldn’t want force you to do anything that made you feel uncomfortable.” 

Todoroki turned his face into your hand, pressing his lips against it, “I’m sorry.”

You gently pulled his face to yours, softly kissing his lips, “You don’t have to apologize, Shouto. I’m happy, honest. I’ll be even happier if you smile for me, though.” 

You could see a small smile forming on his lips, giggling you pressed another kiss to his lips. “God, I love you so much, Shouto.”

Todoroki kissed you back just as eagerly, “I love you as well, ____.”

Eric crushing on you on the first day

     You walk through the doors and watch as students instantly turn their heads toward you. Your heavy combat boots loudly interrupt conversations as you walk by. It was funny seeing how all these girls were wearing little lacy tops with flowers and shit with sandals or some sort of preppy sneakers and then there’s you. Band t-shirt and combat boots. You don’t care. It’s your first day at the new school and you’re not aiming to make friends. If someone wants to be friends with you, they can make the first move. You find your locker and drop your backpack. You bend over and look through it to grab your books. “Now don’t tell me your some type of dyke.”,you hear a voice say behind you. “Excuse me?”, you raise up and face the boy. You noticed he wore some type of uniform that some other guys were wearing. “Well the way you’re dressed, you look kinda like dyke. But any guy would die to get it on with a girl that’s got a body like yours.”, he says. “I’m not a lesbian, but I’m also not attracted to whores like you.”, you say, returning to putting books in your locker.

     “Oh come on. I bet I can change your mind.”, he says with a smirk. “Bet ya can’t!”, you say in a sarcastically happy tone. You finally get all your books in your locker except the one you need for your first class. “No need to act childish sweet heart.”, the guy says. He begins to rub your shoulder and arm. You shove him, knocking his arm off you. “I’ll be as childish as I fucking want. And don’t touch me.”, you snap. People look over at you. They sit back to watch what happens next. None of them are as interested as the boy in the flannel with the backwards cap though. He watched you from  distance, wondering how you had to courage to shove a white cap. He noticed the combat boots and smiles. You really stood out. 

     “Shove me like that again I dare you fucking whore!”, the guy snaps back. “You clutch your fist and stare at him. “What’s wrong? Are you scared?”, he teases. “You’re not so tough now huh?”, he smiles. You raise your fist and punch him in the eye. People stand shocked as the annoying teen covers his eye and winces. You walk behind him and kick him in the back of the knee, making him fall face first into the lockers. The bell rings and the shocked students go to their classes. He the hurt teen gets up and goes to his class too, glaring at you. He wasn’t going to tell a teacher, knowing you would probably mention him harassing you. Plus he was embarrassed that a girl was able to do that to him. As for the boy in the flannel, he thought about you the entire first period. He couldn’t help but smile when he thought about you and your fist hitting that white caps face. 

     The first few classes go by and he didn’t pay attention in any of them. It’s lunch now, and you sit at a table in the back of the cafeteria. You pull out a cigarette and try to light it without anyone noticing. “Excuse me, but you’re going to have to do that outside. There’s a special area to smoke.”, a janitor tells you. You jumped when you first heard their voice, not knowing anyone was around. You nod and take the cigarette out of you mouth and make your way outside. You see two guys smoking and walk over to them. “I’m not interrupting anything am I?”, you ask. One of the boys was extremely tall and lanky with a backwards cap on. The other one was shorter and also had a backwards cap on. You notice he has a kmfdm shirt. “Not at all.”, he says. “My name’s Eric. That’s Dylan.”, he introduces himself and his friend. “I’m (Y/N). I like your shirt.”, you say. “He smiles and nods. “Nice job earlier this morning.”, he says. You knew exactly what he was talking about. You smile and shrug. “He was being a dick and wouldn’t leave me alone.”, you say. “Yeah whitecaps are dicks.” he says. Whitecaps. That’s what those boys with uniforms were called. You both talk with Dylan popping in on the conversation every now and then. You find out you and Eric have a lot in common.

     Eric was completely head over heels for you. You were a complete badass in his mind. Everything you talked about he could relate to and you  didn’t judge him or anything he says. You’re perfect to him. After school that day, you leave knowing you have a good friend. You will admit you have a crush on him also. You could relate to him and the things he said. It made you happy when you found out you have a few classes with him. 

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Been flirting for about 2 months with this guy from my class when he started acting sticky with other classmates. So one day I wore a blouse and no bra to class, opened an extra button in front of him and leaned towards him. He walked out of class and texted me 'meet me in the hallway'. I let him deal with his boner :)

Atta girl. LET HIM SUFFER.

- Admin Baby
The New Guy

“I don’t know how you guys do it, she’s a smoke show. That girl makes a sweat mustache look sexy,” Javi Vargas, the new second baseman stated.

“Ahh, you’ll see, Baker’s just one of the guys,” Sal said.

“That woman will never be just one of the guys. Not with those legs and that smile,” Javi replied.

The current that went through Sal, Sonny, and Dusty was unmistakable. New guy was a solid acquisition for the Padres, but loose lips sank ships, and the S.S. Bawson never did well in waters such as these.

Same story, different guy. Team gets new guy. New guy crushes on Baker. Lawson gets pissed. Baker gets annoyed. Team ignores the pair of them like the plague. New guy gets traded, sent back down, or becomes Robles. Lawson pipes the fuck down. All is well in the clubhouse.

After the third guy, everyone had accepted the new normal with Ginny Baker on the team. One could argue that some men would have responded similarly with any female on the team. But anyone with eyes could see that Ginny Baker is stunning. And sometime after the, “pretty girl in the dugout” speech it all clicked. Ginny’s game was solid, she worked hard, and cared about the team more than herself; a genuine class act.

The guys knew that Ginny didn’t need a slew of macho Neanderthal men vowing to guard her honor and virtue at every corner, she had Lawson for that. But they would stick up for their teammate and stave off any misguided attempts to make life in the Bigs any more difficult that it already was. The same that they would do for any player. And if not for Ginny, then definitely for their gun shy Captain who was about two new guys away from a heart attack or a felony assault charge.

“I’d let that one go man, Baker’s got a code,” Dusty tried to explain.

“I heard, no ballplayers eh. Well, just call me Trevor Davis,” Javi stated before heading off to the showers.

“Old man Lawson’s gonna punch that guy,” Dusty said rubbing his temples.

“He might have to get in line, the guy’s a douche,” Sal replied.

“It’ll be fine. Baker can handle her own, and Cap,” Sonny reassured to an unconvinced audience.

The weeks that followed went painfully as expected. Vargas was persistent and the team knew it was only a matter of time before the main event.

It happened after a win. The team went out to celebrate in East Village at Bub’s at the Ballpark. After the drinks started flowing, Vargas began to make his intentions known. Subtle brush ups here, over the top laughs at her jokes there… all spelling impending doom.

However, if it bothered Ginny, she didn’t let on.

The group finally migrated to a more secluded table in the rear of the restaurant. Vargas was visibly upset when Blip sat down at Ginny’s left and Lawson on her right.

He tried to muffle his surprise when Lawson leisurely draped his arm across the back of her chair.

Though his time with the Padres had been brief, he was aware of the Ginny Baker bubble, only penetrable by Mike Lawson. It was obvious that none of the other guys dare get that close to Baker.

“Pussies,” Vargas thought to himself. No way in hell a relic with bad knees on his way out could successfully block him forever. He had heard multiple whispers around the league about Baker and Lawson, but no way in hell could the old man pull a girl like her. Legend or not.

“So what’s your type Baker?”

Ginny felt Mike’s finger tips pull into her shoulder just slightly.

“Don’t really have one. What about you? You got a girl back home in Albuquerque?” Ginny asked.

As unfortunate and unfair as it was, Ginny had become an expert in redirection. Redirecting unwanted advances, personal questions, persistent companies who were dying to have her face plastered on their product was the full time job she never wanted, but executed flawlessly. She would be kind and tactful maybe once or twice. But as a select few learned, Ginny Baker would not just burn the bridge, she would torch it for the idiot who took her grace, youth, and womanhood for anything other than strength.

“Nope, nobody back home,” Vargas said staring deeply at Ginny.

Mike was not amused.

Unnecessarily whispering softly into Ginny’s ear, Mike asked if she wanted anything from the bar before loudly placing his beer on the table and getting up, earning a chuckle from Blip.

“He alright?” Vargas asked, still reeling from the sight of Mike Lawson’s lips so close to Ginny Baker’s neck. Vargas wasn’t to thrilled about the blush that overtook her face afterward either.

“Yeah, he’s fine,” Blip said with a grin taking a pull of his beer.

“If only the new guy knew how close the table was to being flipped,” Blip thought to himself.

When Mike returned, the table was engulfed in conversation. The new guy couldn’t keep his eyes off Ginny. Not that Mike could blame him, but clearly the guy couldn’t take a hint. Mike was making every attempt to convey “fuck off” without earning himself an long and drawn out feminista rant. A delicate involved balance for someone who isn’t even anywhere close to being his.

“Not even a little hint there Baker?” Vargas asked with a wink.

“Alright, I’ll bite,” Ginny stated almost feeling the heat crest off of her captain.

“It’s no secret that I dated a player. He played a certain position. So yeah, that’s my type,” Ginny explained to a wave of grins erupting across the table.

“Catchers?” Vargas asked.

“With beards,” Ginny added gripping the base of her beer.

“Point taken,” Vargas replied dryly.

The guys laughter rang out from the table.

Sonny slapped Vargas on the back before dragging him over to the bar to lick his wounds.

Ginny’s face was already red before she peered up at her grinning Captain.

“Don’t gloat,” Ginny said tugging his beard.

“Wasn’t gonna,” Mike replied smiling down at his rookie.

mutual(s) pining

a work brought to you by bunfox productions, aka yours truly and @lesbianremus! you can also read it on ao3, right here. big thanks to the lovely @nachodiablo who looked it over for us!

this is a prompt fill for the weekly prompt at @introvert-club. this week it was “internet crush”. anyone is welcome to participate, and use the tag #wolfstar introvert prompt for us to see! enjoy :) 

Some days, scrolling Tumblr is pretty boring. A flower, a transparent backpack, a dejected joke about depression, a dead Soundcloud link, nothing to inspire. Sirius is hunched over their laptop, watching the screen with their chin resting on their hand. A long discourse post they can’t be arsed to read, gifs from a show they don’t watch, and then.

Inspiration strikes.

It strikes in the form of two selfies. The person in them is standing in a sunny garden, curls spilling out from under a snapback, and smiling with their eyes closed. You can see lilacs blooming in the background. The person has freckles and a t-shirt with a whale on it, featuring the text “I’m a little overWHALEmed”. Same, Sirius thinks.

They click follow without even looking at the blog.

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Hola! Puedes aconsejarme algunas series de Tv para practicar mi español? Compriendo bastante bien ( los dibujos animados son muy fácil para mí ) pero creo que es mejor practicar más! Saludo desde Italia !!

hello! I don’t really watch tv at all but I’ve done some research and I found some tv shows that you might like. (I’ve never watched them though lol)


Leading into slightly more experimental (but thrilling) territory, Güeros is both a scathing critique of the Mexican film industry and the youthful naïveté of student protests. After a young boy is sent to live with his older, equally good-for-nothing brother as punishment, the pair fall into a series of scrapes and misadventures that make little-to-no sense but have very much to say about Mexico’s present-day progressive and arts communities.

A touch of the absurd never hurt anyone, and the film carefully incorporates fantastical elements (like when a friend is bleeding in the backseat, the car is filling with chicken feathers instead of blood) to lighten its heavy critique on classicism, sexism and racism. Just don’t hurl the film’s title at anyone, it’s an insult meaning light-skinned elitism and cluelessness.


This is the first Spanish web series produced in the UK. Spaniards in London is about five Spaniards trying to start a new life in the UK. The episodes are focused on their experiences learning English and finding housing, jobs and new friends, all the while-while trying to keep in touch with their loved ones back in Spain. You can watch the episodes here:

Language specifications: This web series is perfect for beginners, since it will help you to develop your comprehension skills. I found it particularly useful because each episode has dialogues in Spanish and English (50/50). The show also has English subtitles when the characters are speaking in Spanish and vice versa, so you will not be completely lost. If your Spanish level isn’t that great, the subtitles are a great plus. You can practice your pronunciation and grammar by memorizing the dialogues.


This telenovela was added to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 as the most successful TV series of all time. Yo soy Betty La fea is one of the most famous Spanish TV shows of all time.  It was broadcasted in 180 countries, and 28 adaptations of it have been made around the world. One of the most popular is the American version ‘Ugly Betty’ produced by actress Salma Hayek. The story is about Beatriz Pinzón, an intelligent young woman who recently obtained her master’s degree and is on the hunt for a job. Eventually, she becomes the personal assistant to the CEO of Ecomoda, a leading fashion retail company. She is overqualified for this job but takes in on nonetheless after being rejected at previous interviews, since potential employers chose more attractive candidates over her. To be honest, Beatriz is not a “pretty” woman, but she is sweet and truthful. For that reason, her sexist boss and coworkers demean her throughout each episode.

Language specifications: This series is geared towards intermediate and upper-intermediate learners. It’s a great way to learn some vocabulary related to the workplace and the fashion industry. The characters don’t have strong accents, and they don’t speak much slang either. You can watch Yo soy Betty la fea on youtube


This 2015 charmer perhaps stars one of the smallest cast lists you’ll find on Netflix. The Princess of France is about a small theater group as they recreate Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour Lost. The director becomes enamored with a number of the women in his cast and, surprise, drama ensues.

From its unconventional orchestral beginnings to various loving close-ups of fine art, Argentinian filmmaker Matías Piñeiro looks to mix the business of creating art with the pleasure of how we experience it. Considering the movie’s brief 75 minute runtime, it’s an impressive amount of attention paid to details outside the characters.


Les Luthiers (French for musical instrument makers) are a very well-known Latin American music and comedy group. These guys are a class act, and their numerous Spanish TV shows are full of refined humor and musical skits. Hence their name, they play a homemade instrument each episode, in homage to their fictional character, Johann Sebastian Mastropiero. Sadly, Mastropiero lacks any real musical talent. Sad as it may be, Mastropiero’s failures are a spring of inspiration for the group. The guys poke fun at him in their acts, and it eventually leads them to world recognition and fame.

Language specifications: Once again, these shows are best for intermediate and advanced learners. The comedians speak slowly and very clearly. They’re perfect for learning vocabulary related to music, history and social aspects of modern and older times. You can purchase their DVDs here: Les Luthiers on Amazon. You can also watch them on youtube

I hope this helps you xx

  • trackdaybrodog: This guy (keanu Reeves) was a class act - caught him as a spectator today at Laguna Seca for WSBK in the Ducati pits. By the time of this photo he was obviously tired of having his name called, which i didn’t realize until i was close, but was gracious and calm enough for a quick photo. He even dug my recent tattoo portrait of him (how wierd would that be to see for yourself - your face tattooed on someone else’s body?…) thanks, K!
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Brianna Decker is a class act, you guys. If any of my followers remember, I posted on this blog late last month of my daughter Daria receiving a game-worn Brianna Decker Boston Pride jersey for Christmas. I finally got around to framing it and posted a photo on Twitter of her posing with it while wearing her Decker shirsey (hashtagged ‘shirseywiththejersey’ hehe) and tagged Brianna. She initiated the above conversation and long story short, we sent the jersey along with a handwritten letter and a photo of Daria with said jersey and it’s currently on its way back home. 😊

Support women’s hockey, guys. These ladies deserve just as much love as their NHL counterparts, if not more so because of their groundbreaking achievements as ambassadors of a disregarded demographic. When they give back to us, we should be giving back to them tenfold. Our support boosts them, encourages them to play their best, and shows them they’re reaching their goal of bringing legitimacy to a women’s professional sport. I hope that if we as fans continue to raise them up and get the world to take notice, my daughter someday might be able to enjoy the same prestige as any other male hockey player around the globe.

(Sorry for the rant, this is a cause near and dear to my heart as I continue to raise my little lady hockey player.)

This was my first ever TRUE bias. Its bananas how gorgeous he is to me, like its not even funny 😅 He’s literally a piece of art. Theres a lot i love about him, i don’t love him(feel like thats too strong), but i do love a lot about him. FOR EXAMPLE, when you first see him he is like portrayed as this mysterious, high class, rich guy, who you would never imagine doing acting and modeling as a SIDE JOB!! like wHuT!!
But when you see him open up, and be himself(drunk or not haha), he’s funny and adorable and all in all a a great person. Its honestly hard to describe all the things about him that is pure gold to me. I mean this is an obsession page 🤷🏽‍♀️(btw obsession is an EXAGGERATED term I’m not ACTUALLY obsessed I’m just fascinated with how literally mind boggling it is that these people are real) ((p.s. Im literally in denial oh gawd))

You can cry and still kick ass.

@BritsAndBobs I promised you this story a while back, sounds like you need it today. (I have a long list today myself so I gotta make it quick, apologies.) (Also: trigger warning for rape scenario.)

Years ago, an incident at a club caused me to enroll in a full contact self defense class. (I wrote about it a bit before, here: ).

I LOVED fighting. LOOOOOOVED IT. I loved watching my progress, feeling myself getting smarter and stronger. I was doing GREAT. The silent mechanics of it, the strategy, it was like meditation in a weird way.

Then came the day for the rape scenario role play. We were supposed to pretend to be asleep in our beds when an attacker came in. Instead of the out-of-context encounters we’d become accustomed to playing out, this time the attacker would speak. The guys playing the attackers seemed to chose the scenario best suited to freaking you the fuck out. Our role was to evaluate whether we could talk them down, how far away safety was and what we had to do to get there. My guy went with a serial killer/sadist character. No amount of talking was going to get me out of it. He had a knife and I was going to have to fight him to survive.

Now, look, I have a theater degree. I’m a trained actor and was a professional improv actor at the time I was taking this class. I am accustomed to play-acting. And yet… this guy freaked me the fuck out. I felt vulnerable and scared and ANGRY. (I go to angry when I’m sad or scared. I know, you’re shocked.) And when I get really angry, I cry. So in the middle of this role play, I start crying. Like, sobbing. I keep thinking they’ll call it off, but they don’t. Instead my coach just kept talking me through it from the sidelines. “How do you get the knife out of play?” “Where’s safety?” “How do you get there?” And finally, “You can cry and still kick his ass.”

You can cry and still kick his ass.

It sounds silly, but it was a revelation to me. You don’t have to deny what you’re feeling, swallow it down or hide it. You can feel it and keep going anyway. More than that, I’ve learned in the years since: you can use it.

Don’t write yourself off. Feel what you’re feeling. But keep going anyway. You can cry WHILE you kick ass.

(Some day I’ll tell you the story of the boundary setting exercise. But not today.)