class act this guy

i hate how i act fuck

today i walked into class and a guy i talk with had got a haircut and i said in this really portentous voice

“Ah, It appears that you have had some hair removed!!”

and he just stared at me and fuck why do i fucking do weird shit liek that

i thought that would be funny for some reason ??? because it was bizarre and oddly excessive and idk

i just need to like, stop being myself and be a normal person. my fucking excessive bizarreness isn’t quirky and funny and cool, it’s just weird and everyone hates it and me ugh 

Some LadyNoir things
  • Adrien finding out who Ladybug is first and flirting openly with Marinette in class
  • Marinette getting so horribly flustered that she can’t even look Adrien in the eye, much to his great amusement
  • Ladybug venting to Chat about how all of a sudden this guy in her class she really likes is acting like a complete dork and she doesn’t know what to do. Chat fighting so hard to keep the goofy grin off his face
  • Chat showing Ladybug the gentler parts of himself to try and adjust to their new dynamic
  • Adrien finally seeing Marinette, I mean really SEEING her for the strong, kind, absolutely selfless person she is
  • Adrien winking at Marinette as he tells her one of her designs is “purrfect”


  • Ladybug finding out who Chat Noir is first and getting completely tongue-tied around him whilst out on patrol
  • Chat Noir teasing Ladybug that she finally has a crush on him (probably)
  • Marinette slowly beginning to see Adrien for the playful, cocky, FREE soul that he really is
  • Marinette no longer putting Adrien on a pedestal so high even he can’t reach it, not the real him anyway
  • Adrien making a comment about how awesome Chat Noir is and Marinette suddenly whipping round and sassing him SO hard
  • Ladybug listening to Chat Noir’s feelings and really hearing them this time before standing way on her tiptoes to kiss him

“At my first acting class, I sat down after doing my monologue and some guy came up to me and said, ‘Honey, you’re too pretty. You could just be sitting shotgun in some guy’s Ferrari.’ Fuck that. I don’t need to sit in some guy’s car. I’ll buy the Ferrari. Get it on your own, and no one can take it away from you. No one can take this away from me, because I did it.”


Requested by anon with the sentence “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

“What? You think that if I just waltz into class butt-naked I’ll get a good grade? That may have been how you did it, Tony, but I’m a class act and -,” your brother cut you off with a snort, shaking his head.

“’Class act?’ (Y/N), you showed up with some random guy and half a shaved head to your own surprise party.”

“To be fair, I did have a good bit to drink…”

“You weren’t even drunk - or hungover. We Starks have a high tolerance to alcohol, you know.” He tipped his glass to you before downing it all in one go. You rolled your eyes, downing your own before setting it down on the coffee table. You and Tony loved to reminiscence when the two of you got together but if you weren’t careful, the conversation could take a turn for the worst and the two of you would end up doing target practice with his repulsor rays and almost knocking each other’s heads off. 

“Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” you asked suddenly, glancing up at the ceiling. He laughed, shrugging.

“Considering the entire team has heard us fight over our spirit animals, and they haven’t locked us up, I say we’re good - unless we start letting outsiders in. Then we might have a problem.” He filled his glass back up and you slid yours over towards him. FRIDAY suddenly spoke up, announcing the arrival of Pepper. You pouted slightly - no more stupid conversations today.

Jeff Peck on Twitter: #PeterCapaldi is now the coolest Doctor ever! He wrote a special note for the Doctor Who Kids @Lightinglamps

Peter is such a class act guy to not only get a letter and autograph out to this teacher, he got a signature for ALL of his students! ♥ This is what his letter says if you can’t see it:

“Dear Jeff,
Just a note to say thank you for making so much use of our show at The Lamplighter School. Such an imaginative and exciting way to teach!! How lucky are your kids to have you!

Good to meet you in Dallas. Sorry it was so brief. Here’s to you, your kids and Dr. Who!

All the Best, Peter Capaldi, Dr. ??”

There was a new (cute) guy in my acting class tonight and he walked in and sat in front of me and then whipped around and looked me dead in the eyes and goes “oh my god. You were in the Taylor swift video weren’t you”