class a bullshit

  • abled people: We must make sure people are actually disabled before we give them disability money.
  • abled people: we shall make it very rigorous, require a lot of effort on their part to prove that they're disabled
  • abled people: effort that disabled people may not even be able to accomplish due to their disabilities.
  • abled people: this is a solid system, all the people who need the money are definitely getting it.
Degrassi Next Class as Zodiacs
  • Aries: Zoe Rivas
  • Taurus: Frankie Hollingsworth
  • Gemini: Esme Song
  • Cancer: Lola Pacini
  • Leo: Tiny Bell
  • Virgo: Shay Powers
  • Libra: Zig Novak
  • Scorpio: Tristan Milligan
  • Sagittarius: Miles Hollingsworth
  • Capricorn: Goldi Nahir
  • Aquarius: Grace Cardinal
  • Pisces: Maya Matlin

when I was in 11th grade I had to take a bullshit class called ‘Communication Studies’ which was just the class you take if you flunk your first year of foreign language because they don’t want to risk you flunking again and having to stay another year

The teacher never taught so I did was play magic the gathering with someone else in the class

I only failed the spanish class in the first place cause my teacher’s sister had died of cancer at the start of the year and she just spent like 80% of each class crying and the district didn’t let her take time off to get well.

when you’re in class and someone says some bullshit about the boys so you gotta explain some shit

PSA!!!! stop hating on:

•groups you don’t stan
•older groups
•newer groups
•groups with really big fandoms
•groups with smaller fandoms
•girl groups!!!
•girl groups that do sexy concepts
•girl groups that do cute concepts
•female idols that are close friends with male idols!!!
•male idols that are close friends with female idols!!!
•idols who have a boyfriend/girlfriend!!!
•idols who get really silly on broadcasts
•idols who don’t speak much on broadcasts
•idol’s skin color!!!
•idol’s figure!!!
•idols who don’t speak English well
•idols and groups in general because they all went through a whole lot of struggle to get where they are so they don’t deserve any low class bullshit coming their way.

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, may you do a university au headcanons of the RFA+V? I just love your writing and responses!! Thank you and have a good day lovely^^

Thank you so much anon. I actually love doing the school/college AUs with the RFA. I’m basing this off of college where I go because it’s my only experience I can draw from. I had some pretty good ideas earlier actually at school, but it seemed to have slipped my mind after my nap :/


  • he’s just a natural college student
  • knows all the places to rent used textbooks
  • he’s very conservative with his money and only spends it if he has to
  • is actually really sociable in class?
  • NEVER has his phone out in class
    • because one time his professor caught him texting Zen and held it until the end of the day
  • takes some bullshit classes just for the experience
  • he doesn’t like to talk about Intro to Welding
  • goes to class early to study before the test
  • OVERSTUDIES and panics when he takes the test so he doesn’t do too hot
  • club whore
  • joins whatever club he thinks is cool
    • and whatever gives him free stuff
  • Jaehee invited him to the Honor’s Society but he never shows up
  • spends some of his off time volunteering at an animal shelter 
  • eats lunch in the cafeteria with Seven, Zen, and you
  • lugs around his Medical Terminology and Physiology textbooks 
  • has a ton of physio lab stories to tell
  • can be found taking naps or he’s playing on his DS in the library


  • one of the smartest and most dedicated students
  • her name is always on the dean’s list
  • is VP on the student senate 
  • balances her schedule out perfectly so she at least has time to sleep, practice, and study
  • can be found in the communications lab, on the quad or in the gym
  • asks Yoosung where to rent used textbooks
  • carries her judo gear with her almost everywhere she goes
  • also lugs a GALLON of water with her
  • runs the honor’s society club and is very particular with its members
  • minors in communication
  • is a boss at debate
  • tutors in different subjects and is more accessible than Jumin
  • always knows the answers in class
  • omg she has a cute pencil pouch filled with different pens, midliners, pencils, erasers, and adorable sticky notes. 
  • if you ask, she will let you borrow one of her spare pencils
    • looking at you V
  • sees all of the drama performances Zen is in with you
  • brings power bars or buys the food at the cafeteria
  • because she doesn’t have the time to prepare her own food


  • is THE drama dork
  • openly advertises the plays in season
  • he hangs with all the drama kids at the theater
  • if he’s not there, he’s in class or being tutored by MC and Jaehee
    • because he REFUSED to be tutored by Jumin
  • eats with Seven, Yoosung, and you but he mainly talks about himself or has them rehearse lines with them
  • most of the time he stays quiet during the lecture
  • but he starts to fall asleep or gets incredibly bored
  • so he will have his phone in class and be on snapchat
  • sends about thirty selfies to the group chat before class ends
  • if he thinks he’s going to get caught, he whips out his small mirror to look at himself oh god zen
  • that guy who rides his motorcycle to school >.>
  • waits once every few weeks for the guy who sells fish shaped bread on campus
  • he’s in an improv group that performs every Friday
  • doesn’t really buy textbooks since he knows he’s not going to use it
  • HATES online homework and quizzes
    • will not let him progress until he gets it right so he calls you to vent and ask for help


  • the business major guy
  • this donut buys all of his textbooks NEW from the bookstore
  • why??????
  • is the know-it-all some people hate
  • wears suits every day
  • he can’t count how many times he was mistaken for a professor
  • brings food from home that is calculated to give him the exact energy he needs
  • like Jaehee he’s also on the dean’s list and in the Honor’s Society
  • is the president of the student senate
    • poor Jaehee
  • he’s the best tutor but he’s very particular with who his pupils are
    • you were lucky enough to get a slot
    • Jaehee gets all the rejects ;-;
  • hangs out with V and Jaehee in the study lab, or stays in his chem lab
  • coordinates schedules with V so they have some of the same classes
  • calls home to check up on Elizabeth 3rd
  • she’s okay??? okay good


  • drives his sports car to school
  • mainly takes afternoon classes since waking up in the morning could be a bitch
  • always has food in class and munches on his chips as quietly as he can
  • that guy with the witty one-liners in class
  • occasionally falls asleep when the content gets pretty dry and not as engaging
  • textbooks??? PFFFTTT
  • he just downloads bootleg versions online
    • sends the files to whoever asks him for it 
  • mastered the pen spin
  • can be found in the computer lab, in the library with his laptop, or in his Computer Science class
  • hangs out with Yoosung, Zen, and you at the cafeteria
    • talks about the D&D session at his place on Saturday
    • they tease Zen’s lack of interest 
    • gets incredibly offended and considers joining out of spite
  • makes programming jokes only he knows
  • he’s in the Programming club and the Astronomy club
  • spends some late nights on campus doing some stargazing with some club members


  • where Zen is a drama dork, V is a total art nerd
  • he ALWAYS has his camera with him
  • of course, he’s majoring in photography
  • he can afford to buy the textbooks new, but he prefers to rent used books
    • likes the feeling that someone else used the book to study from
    • plus they sometimes leave important notes
  • isn’t on the dean’s list but is on the honor roll
  • writes in pen all the time and always has to ask for a pencil from someone if he needs one
  • asks the most profound questions in class
  • is filled with much sagely wisdom
  • takes classes that he’s interested in like Astronomy with Seven or Environmental Science with you
  • can be found all around campus taking photos to add to his portfolio
  • knows all the secret spots on campus
  • he occasionally hangs out in the garden for some needed alone time with nature

So I just finished watching degrassi season three and I havn’t loved a season more even though I hurt so much watching it
I cried so many times and my boyfriend actually paused at the end of episode nine and asked if I wanted to stop because I was crying because I was hurting so much but I wanted to continue.
So much this season hit me hard because it reflected me and my life so much.
Grace’s fear of living because she never had a life plan other then to die of her illness
Maya’s whole downward spiral
Miles storyline
Jonah and Frankie conversation at the wedding reflected so much of me and my partners relationship.
Esme’s PTSD
To much hit it for me and I’m left in a state - maybe it wasn’t the best experience to ride in my current mental unstability but I don’t regreat it because honestly I couldn’t be more happy. That my favourite TV show, the one that has helped me so much over the years, who’s characters I love and relate to so much, can still reflect and help me look at my life and my illness. God bless this season, it was one of the best ones I’ve ever watch.

I just realised

trelawney worked at hogwarts for like 17 years so she must at some point have had at least one sick day

so someone must have had to teach her classes and I really hope it was mcgonagall because can you imagine

‘this class is like 90% bullshit so I strongly recommend you just enjoy your tea because the tea leaves aren’t going to tell you anything. you can sit staring into glass balls and deciphering the meaning of your reflections if you want, but doing your transfiguration homework would be a better use of everyone’s time. I’m leaving now, if professor trelawney asks what you were taught, tell her I showed you an obscure form of palm reading and you can demonstrate by pointing at your hands and looking thoughtful - she’ll never know the difference’

Day 9: Social Status

For the 30 day swtor oc challenge

Gimrizh’s social status is pretty complicated, mostly because it changes so drastically over the course of her life. She’s born a slave, sold to the Institutes on Korriban where she was… not exactly freed but not enslaved anymore. From there, she follows the in-game rise in power. Even though the Emperor’s Wrath holds semi-equal semi-above position to Dark Council members, she still views herself as being lower class entirely due to species discrimination. 

She does buy in to the Empire’s hierarchy, to an extent. There are a  number of reasons she adheres to it - to fit in, because she does think different people of different skills have different value, and also because if she denies it it would force her to accept that she’s not inherently any lower than humans or pureblood sith. Which is difficult for her to do.