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Lipstick or chapstick: Both!  
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Last movie I watched: X-Men First Class 
Top 3 fictional characters: Varric Tethras (Dragon Age), Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Top 3 ships: Garrus/Shepard (Mass Effect), Hawke/Anders (Dragon Age) and  Lavellan/Solas (Dragon Age)
Books I’m currently reading: Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales 

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hello lovelies! here are the links and descriptions to all of my works. enjoy! xo -rachel

  • 1. Vanilla (Niall/Liam) - In which your boyfriend Niall wants the two of you to try something new with his bandmate, Liam.
  • 2. Boring (Louis) - In which your teacher Louis punishes you for misbehaving in his class.
  • 3. Yours (Liam) - In which your boyfriend Liam shows you who you belong to after a night out with the boys. *daddy!kink*

(So, in the galactic au the way the plants are winning atm is because they have more heroes. I won’t say how because spoilers but here are 2 of the heroes… Or well they’re a team. So, if they were in game they’d play as one hero. They’re perc though would be that they collectively are 3 classes: guardian, smarty and kabloom respectively. Also starchy can use Benny as a canon-)

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ap lit exam recap
• *misspells literature on a literature exam*
• white male classmate dared other white male classmate to list his race as african-american
• other white male classmate actually did it
• proctor: “remember not to share test content with anyone or college board will snipe you :-)”
whole class: *muffled giggling*
• aforementioned white male classmates made a $25 bet that the essay prompts will be shakespeare
• “i’m sure your brains will all be fried after this-” “what’s a brain? i’ve never had one”
• all men are trash: ap lit edition
• no seriously who hurt college board
• when u uncle babamukuru com home and make hte education
• julia just cut your fucking hair damn lucretia doesnt get paid enough to put up with this
• there was a giant fuck-off raven outside during the break. i felt the spirit of edgar allen poe upon me
• ya_like_jazz.png
• marriage prompt people: haha wow that exam was so easy :-)
• jazz prompt people: college board killed my family
• we had to write an essay on the complex interplay of the emotions & social behaviors of a man named perry pickle. i shit you not
• “how does the character’s origin affect the meaning of the novel” *whole class breaks into tears of joy and relief as we realize we can write about frankenstein*

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

Assassination Classroom Characters In 3 Words
  • Nagisa: gay smol snek
  • Karma: edgy meme lord
  • Kayano: boss ass bitch
  • Okuda: nervous train wreck
  • Nakamura: writes gay fanfic
  • Isogai: perfect but poor
  • Maehara: far too thirsty
  • Chiba: WAKE ME UP
  • Hayami: what's an emotion
  • Itona: family issues trademark
  • Terasaka: college frat boy
  • Ritsu: vocaloid on screen
  • Sugino: times for baseballs
  • Karasuma: seriousness is important
  • Irina: fLIRT WITH HIM1!1!!1
  • Korosensei: best teacher ever
  • Gakushuu: orange karma akabane
  • Gakuho: middle age dad
  • Takaoka: your creepy uncle

I just… really love this movie