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when I was in third grade I was insanely popular because at the end of second grade I beat up this kid who everyone hated.  it was self-defense because he pushed me when I was on the swings.  anyway, I was super popular now and my class had like 24 kids in it and 22 liked me.  but john and ashley learned to keep their opinion to themselves.  the lunch ladies gave me double helpings of stuffing and mac n cheese.  I sat at a new lunch table each day and all the cool kids still followed and sat by me.  when there were any cool classroom chores like taking notes to the office, I always got to do them.  the teacher let me teach the class sometimes for the whole day, sometimes just for half.  we started getting double recess, and if I put in a request we got triple.  I was always picked first for all the teams, even when I wasn’t playing.  sometimes teachers would give me an apple or an orange just as a nice gesture.  when I had a cold everyone brought in the best kind of tissues the next day.  our class had its own bathroom in the back and everyone else agreed that it could just be for my use.  I hated crayons so the school got rid of those.  we took a field trip to the movie theater in the middle of the day because I expressed an interest in seeing finding nemo

Don’t Be What They Made You

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Author: Flannel-and-Fandoms


Pairing: Logan Howlett x Reader
Warnings: Smut, language, detailed smut, oral sex (male and female receiving), fluff, 
Word Count: 1515
Summary: Logan blames himself for Xavier’s death….
A/N: I JUST FUCKING SAW LOGAN AND IM SHOOK WHY THE FUCK?! LOGAN DIDN’T DESERVE THISSSSS….. I also changed the story up, so X-24 has Laura and Logan is by himself right now.

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Harry Potter themed questions:

1: Hogwarts House?

2: Patronus?

3: Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice?

4: Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?

5: Favorite shop?

6: Favorite book?

7: Favorite movie?

8: Invisibility cloak, elder wand, or resurrection stone?

9: Favorite common room?

10: Otp?

11: Notp?

12: Potions expert or charms expert?

13: Animagus?

14: Quidditch position or spectator?

15: Favorite Marauder?

16: Lowkey ships?

17: Owl, cat, or toad?

18: Character you most identify with?

19: Character you would bring back to life?

20: Character you just want to be happy?

21: What does amortentia smell like to you?

22: Favorite Hogwarts class?

23: Least favorite Hogwarts class?

24: Favorite professor?

25: Crookshanks or Pigwidgeon?

so in one of my courses the other day, we were shown a picture of an impoverished little girl with a serious expression on her face, and told to come up with “her story”. The only rule was that it had to have a happy ending.

Along with this course being extremely.. accepting I suppose and a place where we all know each other extremely well, this is a predominantly female class. Female teacher, 24 female students, 5 male students.

Going through the stories was incredibly interesting. While everyones separate life experiences were somehow injected into their stories

All 22/24 of the female students wrote stories about the girl overcoming obstacles, receiving an education, working hard, going to university, having an extremely successful career, and creating a life for herself while also providing for her impoverished parents.

2/24 female students wrote those exact same stories, except the girl got married in the end as well as having a successful career.

ALL the male students wrote stories about the girl meeting a rich man and falling in love with him. Marrying him. Suddenly all her problems were solved

Incredibly interesting that to females students, for a girl happiness comes from being successful and working hard, while to male students a girl can only obtain happiness from meeting a man


BR/Sulzer Type 2 diesel No D5059 by John Evans
Via Flickr:
This was taken during the time when the Northampton - Bedford branch was being dismantled. Demolition trains were run several days each week and here we see one of them at Hardingstone Crossing, Northampton. This section of track was shared by the Wellingborough and Bedford lines once St John’s Street station had closed. No D5059 and its sister No D5057 (which followed light engine and then helped to haul the loaded train back to Northampton) were among the regular engines. The day is a wet April 10 1967 - on March 17 I had ridden on the train to Olney and back in the cab. The missing signal arm is for the Wellingborough line. Copyright John Evans. No unauthorised copying or downloads.

  • Josh: What's one thing you regret not being alive for?
  • Chris: [inner monologue] Wow, he asked such a serious, thoughtful question. He's really growing as a perso--
  • Josh: Is it porn? I bet it's porn.
  • Chris: [aloud] Never mind.
D&D 5E NPC - Ingrid Stenbeck - Human Shieldmaiden

Art by: Joan Francesc Oliveras Pallerols

Name: Ingrid Stenbeck
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 9′ / 1.75m
Age: 24  
Class: Fighter (Shieldmaiden)


Level: 4

AC 18 (Studded leather and Shield), Hp 39 (4d10 Hit Die), Proficiency +2, Speed 40ft

Alignment: Neutral

languages: Common, Dwarven,

Ability Scores:
Str 16 (+3) Dex 19 (+4) Con 18 (+4) Int 12 (+1) Wis 10 (+0) Cha 15 (+2)

Attacks: Shortsword (+6 to hit, 1d6+4 Slashing damage)

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics. Intimidation, Survival,

Equipment: Studded leather, Shield, Shortsword, Explorers pack, 8gp,

Class Features: Fighting Style (Protection), Second Wind, Action Surge,  Martial Archetype (Battle Master), Maneuvers (Perry),

Feats: Mobile


Ingrid Is a tough down to earth person but despite this she loves nothing more than a stiff drink and a laugh.

Ideal: The world is uncaring but we don’t have to be.

Bond: lost in a land which isn’t her own Ingrid wants to fine a fellow kinsmen. 

Flaw: While sailing a colossal storm hit Ingrid and her raiding party, sinking their ships and scattering the crews to the sea. Ingrid woke up on a beach all alone with no around. (if a storm lasts longer than a short rest, Ingrid is left in a Frightened state.)

Writers Note: I wish I could roll stats like these for my characters.

Imagine that Marinette has nerves of steel. Imagine Marinette being able to stomach horror films and large roller coasters without breaking a sweat. Imagine Alya being very annoyed at this, because how is Marinette able to watch the Exorcist without flinching once, but gets panicked as soon as Adrien comes within ten feet of her?


Whoniverse: Class - 24/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x07) 

Wow, I just bullshitted an entire 5 page essay and PowerPoint presentation in one night

It kinda sucks because I was actually getting into my subject but I just didn’t have the time to fully develop it, because, like usual, I procrastinated to the last second

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(1/2) hey dee! i wanted to share something with you that i haven't been able to not giggle @ this entire day. (i don't want to sound to full of myself but you are to me a close pal so i wanted to share hahah) so yesterday the boy i've been into finally came to my place and wanted to have sex (we've been onto each other for so long i swear!! literally grabbing each other under the table in class 24/7) so like he wanted to use the bathroom real quick @ my place and when he came back his face

looked like he had seen a monster so i panicked! like did he see something? not that i’m hiding anything lmao but he saw that my cabinet is FILLED with skincare lmaooo i was dead on the floor when he told me “how tf do you manage to have SO MUCH SKINCARE???” (i’m quite obsessed). i just laughed and pulled him closer BUT THEN THE PLOT WAS LIKE HE SAID “…. can we put on a face mask?” SO WE LIKE BEFORE SEX ENDED UP DOING A FULL SKINCARE ROUTINE i love him so much his face turned red as he asked

Did you just get cockblocked by a face mask!? Hahaha I’m glad things are going good for you, though :)