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when I was in third grade I was insanely popular because at the end of second grade I beat up this kid who everyone hated.  it was self-defense because he pushed me when I was on the swings.  anyway, I was super popular now and my class had like 24 kids in it and 22 liked me.  but john and ashley learned to keep their opinion to themselves.  the lunch ladies gave me double helpings of stuffing and mac n cheese.  I sat at a new lunch table each day and all the cool kids still followed and sat by me.  when there were any cool classroom chores like taking notes to the office, I always got to do them.  the teacher let me teach the class sometimes for the whole day, sometimes just for half.  we started getting double recess, and if I put in a request we got triple.  I was always picked first for all the teams, even when I wasn’t playing.  sometimes teachers would give me an apple or an orange just as a nice gesture.  when I had a cold everyone brought in the best kind of tissues the next day.  our class had its own bathroom in the back and everyone else agreed that it could just be for my use.  I hated crayons so the school got rid of those.  we took a field trip to the movie theater in the middle of the day because I expressed an interest in seeing finding nemo

D&D 5E NPC - Bera Bramdottir - Adventuring Troubadour

Art by: Joanna Wolska

Name: Bera Bramdottir
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 7′ / 1.70m  
Age: 24  
Class: Bard (Adventuring Troubadour)


Level: 4

AC 15 (Leather armour), Hp 30 (4d8 Hit Die), Proficiency +2, Speed 30ft

Alignment: Neutral

languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarven,

Ability Scores:

Str 12 (+1) Dex 16 (+3) Con 15 (+2) Int 15 (+2) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 18 (+4)

Attacks: Shortsword (+5 to hit, 1d6+3 piercing damage)

Spellcasting: 4th level Bard, spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 14, to hit with spell attacks +6)

Cantrips (at will): Friends, True Strike, Vicious Mockery,

1st level (4 slots): Charm Person, Bane, Dissonant Whispers, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter,

2nd level (3 slots): Calm Emotions, Heat Metal, Suggestion,

Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Perception, Performance, Persuasion,

Equipment: An Explorer’s pack, Shortsword, Lute, Leather armour, 9gp, 13sp, 4cp,  

Class Features: Spellcasting, Bardic inspiration (d6), Jack of All Trades, Song of Rest (d6), Bard College (College of Valour), Expertise (Performance),


Bera Bramdottir is a hot headed bard who travels the world with bands of adventures to help fuel her ballads.

Ideal: Noble courts and warm taverns are too safe to inspire greatness, Real greatness lays in forgotten tombs and the heat of battle.

Bond: I once heard tell of a White Dragonborn Barbarian who travels the lands performing great deeds. I wish to find this person and travel along side them in order to compose a great ballad.

Flaw: I’m fast to anger and can’t take criticism.

Harry Potter themed questions:

1: Hogwarts House?

2: Patronus?

3: Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice?

4: Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?

5: Favorite shop?

6: Favorite book?

7: Favorite movie?

8: Invisibility cloak, elder wand, or resurrection stone?

9: Favorite common room?

10: Otp?

11: Notp?

12: Potions expert or charms expert?

13: Animagus?

14: Quidditch position or spectator?

15: Favorite Marauder?

16: Lowkey ships?

17: Owl, cat, or toad?

18: Character you most identify with?

19: Character you would bring back to life?

20: Character you just want to be happy?

21: What does amortentia smell like to you?

22: Favorite Hogwarts class?

23: Least favorite Hogwarts class?

24: Favorite professor?

25: Crookshanks or Pigwidgeon?

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domestic au timeline (rough idea)

1976 - Jeffersons/Hamiltons first birthdays
1977 - 2
1978 - 3
1979 - 4
1980 - 5 // Enters Kindergarten // Next Door Neighbors
Thomas realized he had feelings for Hamilton, expressed it poorly
1981 - 6
1982 - 7
1983 - 8 // Third Grade //
Alex and John starts to date, crushes Thomas’ heart (didn’t come to school for the next three days).
1984 - 9 //
1985 - 10 //
1986 - 11 //
1987 - 12 // Enters Junior High
Rumors: Jefferson and Madison were caught making out behind the library.
1988 - 13 // Nothing Changed
1989 - 14 // Enters High School // Freshmen Year
John and Alex breaks up, Jefferson is extremely overjoyed. Thomas still doesn’t say anything.
1990 - 15 // Sophomore Year //
Very obvious Jefferson has feelings for Hamilton.
Jefferson: nerd// debate vice-president // orchestra // secretary of Student Council
Hamilton: fuckboy // debate treasury // writes for newspaper // treasury of Student Council
1991 - 16 // Junior Year //
1992-1993 - 17- 18// Senior Year //
December 22 - Thomas got ready acceptance to a college in France, Hamilton wanted him to stay, he didn’t.
1994 - 19
(Jefferson) Introduced to Martha ((was sleeping around with Lafayette))
(Hamilton) Drafts into War
1995 - 20
(Jefferson) Asked her her hand in marriage
(Hamilton) still in the Army // Meets Eliza
1996 - 21
(Jefferson) Reclaims Monticello, still in college
(Hamilton) Goes to Columbia
1997 - 22
(Jefferson) Martha ‘Patsy’ Jefferson was born ((need money so he worked as a stripper for a while))
(Hamilton) tries to finish is class
1998 - 23
(Jefferson) Graduates College
(Hamilton) returns and finishes his classes // graduates early
1999 - 24
(Jefferson) Mary Jefferson was born
(Hamilton) goes to Law School
2000 - 25
(Hamilton) Philip Hamilton was born
2001 - 26
(Jefferson) Jane Jefferson was Born
(Hamilton) Graduates early
2002 - 27
(Hamilton) works as a lawyer // John Church was born
2003 - 28
(Jefferson) Lucy Jefferson was Born, Martha dies
(Hamilton) James was born
2004 - 29
(Jefferson) sleeps around with a lot of people: Lafayette, James, George, and Sally (Hamilton)
2005 - 30
2006 - 31
2007 - 32
2008 - 33
(Jefferson/Hamilton) reunite.
2009 - 34
2010 - 35
(Jefferson/Hamilton) goes to Monticello to tell the girls about the marriage.
2011 - 36
(Jefferson/Hamilton) gets married.
2012 - 37
2013 - 38
2014 - 39
Eliza was born
2015 - 40
2016 - 41

My birthday is in a week and I’m registered to go back to school in two weeks

D&D 5E NPC - Ingrid Stenbeck - Human Shieldmaiden

Art by: Joan Francesc Oliveras Pallerols

Name: Ingrid Stenbeck
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 9′ / 1.75m
Age: 24  
Class: Fighter (Shieldmaiden)


Level: 4

AC 18 (Studded leather and Shield), Hp 39 (4d10 Hit Die), Proficiency +2, Speed 40ft

Alignment: Neutral

languages: Common, Dwarven,

Ability Scores:
Str 16 (+3) Dex 19 (+4) Con 18 (+4) Int 12 (+1) Wis 10 (+0) Cha 15 (+2)

Attacks: Shortsword (+6 to hit, 1d6+4 Slashing damage)

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics. Intimidation, Survival,

Equipment: Studded leather, Shield, Shortsword, Explorers pack, 8gp,

Class Features: Fighting Style (Protection), Second Wind, Action Surge,  Martial Archetype (Battle Master), Maneuvers (Perry),

Feats: Mobile


Ingrid Is a tough down to earth person but despite this she loves nothing more than a stiff drink and a laugh.

Ideal: The world is uncaring but we don’t have to be.

Bond: lost in a land which isn’t her own Ingrid wants to fine a fellow kinsmen. 

Flaw: While sailing a colossal storm hit Ingrid and her raiding party, sinking their ships and scattering the crews to the sea. Ingrid woke up on a beach all alone with no around. (if a storm lasts longer than a short rest, Ingrid is left in a Frightened state.)

Writers Note: I wish I could roll stats like these for my characters.

โ† yjh, who’s the best?

jeonghan x reader; bullet post. 

Originally posted by hanwooz

› member. jeonghan

› word count. 1049

› genre. fluff 

on a rainy day where you cant walk home, your bestfriend seokmin let’s you stay with him until he can take you home. you end up getting close to the kid you admire in class due to the help of your bestfriend.

  • you shared classes with jeonghan but you never spoke to him because seokmin would be asking you questions about what’s happening in class 24/7
  • you thought he was,, attractive with his new hairstyles but ur bff cant know about this, it’LL Be EXpoSED
  • honestly it went from you thinking about what jeonghan’s next hairstyle would be to you helping him with it jjfdljg
  • anywayz, it was thursday and you couldnt go home because it was raining
  • you would normally just walk home but guess who forgot their umbrella!!
  • you, you did.
  • so you ended up asking seokmin if you could stay with him until he gave you a ride home
  • and being the nice bff he was, he said yes!!!
  • BUT you had to stay an extra 2 hours bc he had practice
  • which wasnt bad but you were kinda awkward with his friends since you haven’t met any of them except for mingyu
  • and it was because mingyu almost ran you over with his bike outside school so scratch that out
  • here you are trailing behind seokmin with a choco milk drink in yo hands like a baby
  • “but you just-”
  • “because i can”
  • he shrugged it off bc this kid was rlly excited to show you the practice room and esp finally introduce his bff to his friends!!
  • when you first walked into the room you didn’t see them, you saw the mess of juice cartoons and chicken carryout ON THE FLOOR
  • “dAmn how much do yall ea- oh.”
  • yup. you saw 12 other boys staring at you.
  • you saw 12 CUTE boys staring at you
  • you SaW YoON JEonGHan looking at you BOY
  • “hello!! you must be seokmin’s best friend :D”
  • you were guessing this was the oldest of them
  • “yeah that’s me, lil ol’ Y/N”
  • skip that long greeting of you learning all of their names and dk screaming at mingyu not to shake your hand bc,,., he was dangerous.
  • they really weren’t doing anything but cleaning up the boxes of food they had on the ground 
  • (it was bc you pointed it out LMAO)
  • you tried to help but seungcheol offered a chair for you and that guest shouldnt be cleaning
  • you were slighty thankful bc boy did they eat alot of chicken
  • you were kinda spacing out looking at jeonghan but he like noticed you staring at him and smiled THAT smile (y’all kno at im talkinng bout,.,)
  • n you got shooketh n looked away 
  • they cleaned up all the boxes but there was like 1 hour left??
  • why they take that long to clean
  • also what else they do here seokmin didnt say anything bout this till now 
  • for why..
  • but it was until you saw all of them in position and mr.hosh man next to the speakers
  • he like did some fast alien shit and typed hella quick and pressed a button
  • dhcjkc you jumped so high in your chair when the music started playing you did nOT EXpect that
  • and!!!! what your bff is dancing and singign WHAT!!!
  • you knew he had a voice but dancing,, no,, only dancing you saw was the horse dance he showed
  • also u almsot choked on ur spit bc holy shit did jeonghan look good dancing mhmh
  • “I will confess what has been on the tip of my tongue tomorrow, You are pretty”
  • when jeonghan sang his part, he like winked at you through the mirror
  • and bitch you were trippy
  • ‘waS THAT At me??’ ‘probably has smth in his eye’ ‘yeah,, smth in his eye, yeah..’ 
  • you tried to stay calm when seokmin speed walked towards you sweating with the biggest smile on his face
  • “HOW WAS IT!1!!” 
  • first thign you did was smack his arm
  • “WHY, WHAT’D I DO”
  • “FIRST, you didnt tell you danced?? SECOND, you were great dancing wtf and THIRD y’all did so well i cannot feel my legs right now.”
  • they laughed but seriously jeonghan’s state right now makes your legs feel like jelly
  • his hair swept back due to sweat and him just looking like a snack??
  • you and jeonghan exchanged glances and your heart fluttered when he waved at you with a bright smile on his face
  • “hey y/n, who was your favorite dancing ;)”
  • “ugh,, you??”
  • “NO NOT ME, IM YOUR BFF, alsothebestiknowthankyou CHOOSE SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME ahem..,, person on your mind.”
  • so. he knew about this.
  • seokmin sent like five ugly winks towards you
  • how obvious can this kid be 
  • “yeah who’s your favorite besides seokmin.”
  • you were guessing minghao? spoke up
  • honestly seokmin was obvious but why did no one catch onto this
  • “ugh,,” you looked at mingyu at first
  • “ME????”
  • “wow. i thought we were friends.”
  • “you almost kil-”
  • their faces were so confused at first lol
  • “,,, jeonghan.”
  • all the guys fell back and let out groans
  • they were rlly not expecting that what the??
  • anyways you were rlly pink and on the other end jeonghan was too but ur annoying but life saving bff pulled you and jeonghan together
  • all the other guys were ‘disinterested’
  • secretly seokmin was shooing them away so they wont ruin his rep of a good wingman, bc these kids are noisy
  • “thanks, i thought you were pretty sitting here.”
  • “what”
  • “i thought you were pretty, you didn’t catch my wink in the mirror when i sang my line?”
  • “i thought it wasnt at me”
  • “then you think i had something in my eye?”
  • you let out a giggle bc,, secondly you did and firstly this kid rlly winked at you mgogmo
  • “maybe”
  • “i’ll take winking classes then.”
  • you were about to say something else but you had seokmin dragging you to the door with your bag and his bag in hand plus an umbrella (he’s an octopus)
  • he really didnt he just wanted to know what jeonghan said to you, he was eager hchjdlj
  • basically at the end of the day you got home with seokmin screeching at the event that took place,,, and jeonghan texting you that he wanted you to come to practices more AHHH!!

➱ a/n: ok this a little messy but i’ll improve, thanks for reading!!