class 2 c

I’m honestly baffled there hasn’t been some sort of manga about the Necronomicon but it’s an anime girl instead

Some shit like “Nekuro-chan no Heresy!” or something along those lines, and it’s about Nekuro, who is the Necronomicon (spoilers) and it’s about her shenanigans with her best friends Akashic Records-chan and Ars Goetia-chan. 

Come the Sports Festival obligatory mini arc, they have to compete in behest of Class 2-C against the antagonistic trio of Class 2-A’s aces, Nibelungenlied-chan, Shutur Eli Sharri-chan (better known for her nickname, “Babylonia”), and Bible-chan and they compete in, hell, I don’t know, egg juggling while kickboxing. Bible-chan loses when the egg goes right through the stigmata on her hands and plops to the floor.

There’s absolutely a scene where Ars Goetia-chan trips and lands face first on Nekuro’s crotch and comes face-to-face with her panties, which would be a normal fanservice scene except Nekuro’s undergarments are made of human flesh and there’s a human face on her crotch. It’s name is Ryan and he speaks in the language that gave birth to the universe. Ryan-kun becomes part of the main cast.