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10 Questions About the 2017 Astronaut Class

We will select between eight and 14 new astronaut candidates from among a record-breaking applicant class of more than 18,300, almost three times the number of applications the agency received in 2012 for the recent astronaut class, and far surpassing the previous record of 8,000 in 1978.

The candidates will be announced at an event at our Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas at 2 p.m. EDT on June 7. You can find more information on how to watch the announcement HERE.

1. What are the qualifications for becoming an astronaut?

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements before submitting an application.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical science, computer science or mathematics. 
  • Degree must be followed by at least 3 years of related, progressively responsible, professional experience or at least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft
  • Ability to pass the NASA Astronaut physical.

For more information, visit:

2. What have selections looked like in the past?

There have been 22 classes of astronauts selected from the original “Mercury Seven” in 1959 to the most recent 2017 class. Other notable classes include:

  • The fourth class in 1965 known as “The Scientists: because academic experience was favored over pilot skills. 
  • The eighth class in 1978 was a huge step forward for diversity, featuring the first female, African American and Asian American selections.
  • The 16th class in 1996 was the largest class yet with 44 members – 35 U.S. astronauts and 9 international astronauts. They were selected for the frequent Space Shuttle flights and the anticipated need for International Space Station crewmembers.
  • The 21st class in 2013 was the first class to have 50/50 gender split with 4 female members and 4 male members.

3. What vehicles will they fly in?

They could be assigned on any of four different spacecraft: the International Space Station, our Orion spacecraft for deep space exploration or one of two American-made commercial crew spacecraft currently in development – Boeing’s CST-199 Starliner or the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

4. Where will they go?

These astronauts will be part of expanded crews aboard the space station that will significantly increase the crew time available to conduct the important research and technology demonstrations that are advancing our knowledge for missions farther into space than humans have gone before, while also returning benefits to Earth. They will also be candidates for missions beyond the moon and into deep space aboard our Orion spacecraft on flights that help pave the way for missions to Mars.

5. What will their roles be?

After completing two years of general training, these astronaut candidates will be considered full astronauts, eligible to be assigned spaceflight missions. While they wait for their turn, they will be given duties within the Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center. Technical duties can range from supporting current missions in roles such as CAPCOM in Mission Control, to advising on the development of future spacecraft.

6. What will their training look like?

The first two years of astronaut candidate training will focus on the basic skills astronauts need. They’ll practice for spacewalks in Johnson’s 60-foot deep swimming pool, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, which requires SCUBA certification. They’ll also simulate bringing visiting spacecraft in for a berthing to the space station using its robotic arm, Canadarm2, master the ins and outs of space station system and learn Russian. 

And, whether they have previous experience piloting an aircraft of not, they’ll learn to fly our fleet of T-38s. In addition, they’ll perfect their expeditionary skills, such as leadership and fellowship, through activities like survival training and geology treks.

7.  What kinds of partners will they work with?

They will join a team that supports missions going on at many different NASA centers across the country, but they’ll also interact with commercial partners developing spaceflight hardware. In addition, they will work with our international partners around the globe: ESA (the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the Russian space agency, Roscosmos.

8. How does the selection process work?

All 18,353 of the applications submitted were reviewed by human resources experts to determine if they met the basic qualifications. Those that did were then each reviewed by a panel of about 50 people, made up primarily of current astronauts. Called the Astronaut Rating Panel, that group narrowed to applicants down to a few hundred of what they considered the most highly qualified individuals, whose references were then checked.

From that point, a smaller group called the Astronaut Selection Board brought in the top 120 applicants for an intense round of interviews and some initial medical screening tests. That group is further culled to the top 50 applicants afterward, who are brought back for a second round of interviews and additional screening. The final candidates are selected from that group.

9. How do they get notified?

Each applicant selected to become an astronaut receives a phone call from the head of the Flight Operations Directorate at our Johnson Space Center and the chief of the astronaut office. They’re asked to share the good news with only their immediate family until their selection has been officially announced.

10. How does the on boarding process work?

Astronaut candidates will report for duty at Johnson Space Center in August 2017, newly fitted flight suits in tow, and be sworn into civil service. Between their selection and their report for duty, they will make arrangements to leave their current positions and relocate with their family to Houston, Texas.

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NASA is going live in minutes announcing their new astronaut class! 

2pm EDT (18:00 GMT)

UPDATE: The Program has ended but you can check out additional interviews on this channel at 4:30pm EDT (20:30 GMT)

All events are done! Congrats to the new class


For a long time all I wanted for Christmas were books about outdoor survival. I was convinced that the woods were calling me. I camped a lot, I took classes. At 18, I told myself if I don’t live in the woods by myself by the time I’m 25, I have failed.

Happy 35th Birthday Christopher Robert Evans, June 13, 1981 

NCT as kids in my class
  • Taeil: *always on time and seems to be paying attention but doesn't actually know what's going on*
  • Hansol: *blasts shakira's 'hips don't lie' every possible minute for two weeks straight*
  • Johnny: *has shown up to class for maybe four days in three weeks*
  • Taeyong: safety first kids, please always remember that
  • Yuta: i know i shouldn't have punched him but i mean it was a discussion about women's rights and he was wrong
  • Kun&Winwin: *always talk in chinese and take great pleasure in the fact that no one else understands what they're saying*
  • Doyoung: actually if you crash down there and die then your family is gonna get a lot less money than if you crash and end up having paraplegia, think about that
  • Ten: *already didn't do the homework on the second day*
  • Jaehyun: *always late, always asleep, somehow the teachers love him*
  • Mark: when will i get paid for enduring this
  • Renjun: *helps everyone with the homework*
  • Jeno&Jaemin: *applaude when bus driver manages to turn the bus around in the middle of the street*
  • Haechan: *on the bus* okay but i am sitting in the cool seat so i am the cool kid so you cannot complain about what music i play *plays 'never gonna give you up' and almost gets killed*
  • Chenle: no i'm not thinking about what to answer, i'm thinking about if i should give you an answer or not
  • Jisung: my mum will still love me if i fail this grade so it's okay

april study challenge:

13. what languages do you learn/want to learn? i’m currently learning Norwegian on my own and taking a french class at college. 

18.  are you a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner?  100% Visual.

20. a book you’re reading for class: I’m not reading any literature books for class, but i’m reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland just for fun and also because I need to practice reading faster in English, i’m actually a Spanish speaker soo

I kinda desapeared for like a week or so because I went to Cuzco (in Peru, yes, Machu Picchu is there) for the holidays and also have a looot of homework.  

Anti Discourse: Voltron

I’m not sure if the Voltron fandom knows this, but in the U.S.A., many states (not all of them) recognize the age of consent to be at 16 years old. In the U.S. military, if we believe that all of the paladins were training to be part of some military faction, also recognizes the age of consent to be 16. There are exemptions to relationships between a minor and an adult when the age gap is 4 years apart or less. So a 16 year old Keith could legally be with a 20 year old Shiro (including in the eyes of the Garrison people). Also, just to point this out, Keith could also legally date a 12 year old at that age.

This also applies to Shallura, where I don’t think we were given an age for Allura either, but everyone thinks she is a teenager, so I will mention her too. She is technically over 10,000 years old, but mentally, she is young adult-minded. Also, Allura could very well be a couple hundred years old (plus the 10,000). Coran mentioned being alive during the time his grandfather was building the Castle, and that was 600 years before Zarkon’s attack on Altea. So Coran is 10,600 ish years old, and Allura could be over a hundred years older (plus the 10,000 years) than Shiro. So why all the confidence in claiming she’s a teenager all of the sudden and saying their relationship is pedophilic? At this point, we should all acknowledge that Allura and Shiro are not aged properly yet and I think that ship is okay because mentally and emotionally, they seem to be on equal ground.

Side note: Just because Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge were all in the same class at the Garrison does not mean they have to be the same age. We all know this because of Pidge, she is canonically 14. You may argue she changed her age when she hacked her way into the Garrison undercover, but regardless, her intelligence and talent secured her a spot in that class, not her age. So for all we know, the Garrison accepts people as young as 16, but they could be in the same class as 18 year olds. Maybe Lance is 18 and Keith is 16 and Hunk is now 17, and Keith’s skill just exceeded any “experience” Lance might have had by being 2 years older. (This is all just a theory and an example for the post, I have no actual information stating Keith and Lance’s ages)

This post is simply to say that being hateful to other people is exhausting. Other countries, other states, other religious groups…they all have their idea of morality, right and wrong, etc. You are going to meet people who don’t agree with you and you should learn to respect their opinions whether you agree or disagree with that opinion. I also hate that people use the term pedophilia so much. If you have actual concerns for the possible age difference between certain characters, the term for it is hebephilia: the attraction to a child between the ages of 11-14…the term people should use if they have real concerns for Shidge. or ephebophilia: the sexual attraction to late teenagers, aged 15-19…the term people should use for concerns over the Sheith, Shance, and Shunk ships. To be quite literal, there are no pedophilic ships on Voltron. And in pure legal terms, there is no crime to be pedophilic. It is a MAJOR crime to ACT upon that urge, but to simply be attracted and not do anything, means that person has a horrible disorder and needs serious help, not jail time. Simple semantics people.

Please just be kinder in general, and embrace the differences you encounter.

My theory on 18

So lately I have seen a few blogs on here talking about how 18 CAN’T be about Larry. Well I have a theory to prove that it COULD be about them and this is my analysis of the song. 

Firstly the line ‘I have loved you since we were 18′, people say immediately makes it not about Larry as they were never 18 at the same time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be referring to when they both were actually 18. 

For instance when Louis was 18, Harry was 16. This was when they met aka when their relationship started on X factor. They were both free to express their feelings to one another and only had to restrain themselves to a minimum.  

When Harry was 18, Louis was 20. This would mean their relationship has lasted for 2 years (2010, 2011, 2012, and we all know what happened in 2012 with the whole ‘Bullshit’ tweet) before by their 3rd year as a band (2013) their relationship was slowly changing and they began to be separated more by the management. 

I wanna love like you made me feel, when we were 18′ - Basically they want to love again like they did in 2010-2012, from when Louis was 18 to when Harry was 18; 2 years. (Before shit changed)

Other lyrics, such as ‘a long way from the playground’ could be referring to the fact that they had grown up and that their love isn’t like some childish playground crush; and that people need to believe that their love is real and isn’t just a teenage phase. 

Long before we both thought the same thing’ - One of them probably took longer to admit their feelings, (Louis had a girlfriend during the first few months of X factor) so Harry could of been in love with Louis, but Louis took longer to realize he felt the same way back. 

We made a start, be it a false one I know’ - This could be talking about how people started to ship them and Larry Stylinson in some ways became publicity for One Direction. They made a start to be together, but they had to live a false life for it to actually begin (they have to pretend like they don’t have any feelings towards each other besides friendship, except its blatantly obvious that they are in love, so that failed). Larry Stylinson was being (and still is) referred to as a false ship (that it isn’t real). 

To be loved and to be in love’ -  To be still loved by the fans and everyone else (because their relationship to some people may be classed as wrong, I know many people who are homophobic) and to be in love with each other as well. So they are being excepted and being loved by society, and therefore they get to be in love with each other as well. 

We took a chance’ - They did take a chance (it may not have worked out). 

Yet all along, I knew we’d be fine’ - People were probably telling them that it might not work out and no matter how much they tried - ’God knows we tried’ - it would probably get dismissed fairly quickly. But they knew ‘we’d be fine’ because in most ways, many people except them but the management are the ones holding them back. They got through it together.  

And all I can do is say that these arms are made for holding you- This pretty much speaks for itself, I mean their arms are meant for each other. 

Let’s split the night wide open’ -  Because everything they do together literally causes chaos, basically splitting the night apart (Many people are losing sleep over them). 

We’ll see everything we can, living love in slow motion’ - However everything they do ‘splits the night wide open’, they get to spend time together, loving each other and therefore pretty much ‘living love’ in slow motion as even though they are still having to hide it, that one small opportunity (moment) caused them to experience a small amount of love again for each other.   

I have probably over analysed everything here but these theories all came to me and just wanted to share them. I mean Ed Sheeran wrote this song and everyone knows how much meaning there is behind his lyrics. Also he did confirm that the song was about One Direction and preferably about two people within it, not referring to whether it was between two members of the band or one member and their girlfriend. And since Harry and Ed are so close, Harry could have influenced some of the lyrics and maybe even wrote a few of them. 

Anyways this is only my own opinion and I know people have other theories but I just really wanted to share mine and see what you all think about it. And lets face it, Larry is real

Just A Number (Sherlock X Reader Imagine)

Title: Just A Number

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Characters: Sherlock, John, Reader

Word Count: 1,505

Request: @meredith9811 :May I request a Sherlock x Reader where she is young but she has fallen in love with the Holmes and he finds himself in love also, but he will not confess because she is so young. Does that make sense? Haha sorry if it’s a lot.

A/N: Requests are open! 

Just A Number Part 2


You pressed the doorbell of 221B, trying desperately to stay out of the rain. You were ushered upstairs by a charismatic landlady who offered you some tea. You smiled and thanked her as you sat down in a stiff chair facing the fireplace.

“Ah, finally a client.” A voice came out of the kitchen and sat in a black chair next to you: Sherlock Holmes.

“Well I’m not exactly a client.” You said, and you could tell he was trying to study you.

“If you’re not my client then who is?” He asked, steepling his fingers in a dominant fashion.

“I can’t give you much information, doctor-patient confidentiality and all that, but I do need your help.” You said, crossing your legs. You saw his eyebrow raise, suspiciously.

“How are you a doctor? You must be twenty.” You asked.

“Twenty-five actually, and I’m a doctor of psychology, I have my own practice.” You smiled, you were used to this by now.

“How can you be so young?” He asked.

“I graduated from Oxford, top of my class at 18, medical school 20, and then opened my own practice, but that’s not why I’m here.” You pushed. You watched again as Sherlock eyed you, his was clearly attracted to you, no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

“But.. how?” He asked again.

“What? Like it’s hard?” You smirked, before carrying on, “Like I said I can’t tell you much, but someone of significance to my patient was recently killed in an… unusual way, and immediately after he contacted a therapist, not the police or a detective.

“How unusual?” He asked curiously.

“‘Quite literally– death by a thousand cuts. Now I can’t tell you who he is, but I can steer him into your path. I have another session with him in an hour, maybe if he saw you around my office he might reach out to you, or at the very least you could read him yourself.” You said.

“Oh this is a good one, you’re spoiling me Ms…?” He asked for your name.

“Y/L/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You smiled.

“Well Y/N, why come to me?” He asked.

“Well, I wrote my thesis on the science of deduction, I found your website, thought finally someone who speaks my language. And you’re a mild celebrity, though I try to avoid it, I do watch the news. And I need your help.” You pleaded.

“I’ll do it.” He smiled.

“Four o’clock.” You smiled, standing and handing him your business card with your office address on it.

“Sorry I’ve got to run. I’m conducting a seminar on multiple personalities and it takes forever to fill out the name tags.” You grabbed your bag and exited the room, on your way down the stairs you passed a man heading to see Sherlock. John Watson, you recognized him from the blog.


“Hey Sherlock, who was that?” John asked after you had left.

“Client.” He smiled, leaning against the window, watching you flag down a cab.

“You like her.” John teased.

“No I don’t.” He lied.

“You’re still looking at her.” John observed. Sherlock looked away from the window quickly. “Who is she?”

“Dr. Y/N Y/L/N.” He smiled.

“Doctor? John was taken aback.

“There are still incredible people who walk among us.” Sherlock answered, slipping on his long coat.

“Sherlock where are you going?” John yelled as Sherlock ran down the stairs.

“The game is on!” He yelled, slamming the door.


“Dr. Y/L/N, there’s a Mr. Holmes here to see you.” Your receptionists said through the phone.

“Thank you Erin.” You said, putting the phone back on the receiver, and leaving your office.

“You’re early.” You smiled as you saw Sherlock standing in your office.

“Maybe I just really needed to see a doctor.” He smirked.

“Clearly.” You smirked.

“Y/N.” Your receptionist said, and you turned to face her. “Your four o’clock just called and canceled.”

“Shit, give me his file.” You ordered, she pulled it from the cabinet and placed it in your hand. You searched it for his address. You had to find him, you knew if he didn’t show up he might kill again. Obviously that was what happened the first time, he killed his flatmate.

You handed the file to Erin and she knew that you might be out for a while and not make it back for your next appointment.

“You have a session with your multiple personality at 6:00.” Erin said as you were heading towards the door.

“Not to worry. If I’m late he can just talk amongst himself.” You called back, pulling Sherlock out the door for you two to hail a cab.

Once in the car, you handed the file to Sherlock. Doctor-patient confidentiality gets thrown out the window if the patient has a potential to harm themselves or others.

“He craves power over others, since he has a lack of power in his own life. If I’m right about this, he killed his flatmate and is about to kill again. The method of death by a thousand cuts, or lingchi, is a very personal act. For someone like this, guns are too quick. They can’t savor all the little emotions. They start with the eyes, rendering the rest of the process even more psychologically terrifying for the victim. This gives them control, the victim’s life is in their hands, they can keep cutting and cutting until they’re satisfied, slowly, savoring it.” You explained as Sherlock read the file.

“So we can suspect it’s someone of significance to him. Why kill the flatmate? Had he wronged him in some way?” Sherlock asked.

“He said they got on well, and the police still think it was a random murder. But the police are idiots and my patient was obviously lying. You should have seen him, behavioral pauses and delays, verbal and nonverbal disconnects, hiding the mouth and eyes, throat-clearing and swallowing, he’s not very good at lying. The flatmate was sleeping with his girlfriend. She could be the next target.” You said, and Sherlock was staring at you in an odd way.

“What?” You asked, he was still staring and it was starting to concern you.

“It’s just that you’re so… mature and intelligent… and you should definitely should branch into criminal investigation.” He said, dumbfounded.

“You’re not the first to try to recruit me Sherlock Holmes.” You smirked.

“Oh really, who was?” He asked.

“MI6, the government, and a man named Mycroft Holmes, your brother I’m assuming.” You smiled.

“My brother tried to recruit you to work for the government?” Sherlock asked.

“Oh yes, he was very kind. He said I was perspicacious, and preeminent in my field.” You smiled, and the cab halted to a stop. The two of you rushed out.

You broke into the flat and stopped your patient from killing his girlfriend. She was tied up and he had injected her with opium to dull the pain so the process could last longer. Sherlock called the police, after a short row with your patient. He tried to escape and Sherlock caught him, and also received a punch to the face that was now swelling.

You now stood in 221B, helping Sherlock get all doctored up. You left the room to grab something for Sherlock, and left him with John.

“Sherlock… She’s a bit young for you, don’t you think?” John nagged.

“Who said anything about romantic entanglement?” Sherlock asked, defensively.

“You did, in all forms short of physical speech.” John answered.

“I know she’s a little younger than me, but John I’ve never felt like this before and it’s strange and new and I don’t know what to do!” Sherlock whisper yelled.

“A little younger, Sherlock she’s 10 years younger!” John yelled back just as you had entered the room. Sherlock looked apologetically up to you when he saw the look on your face. You had fallen for Sherlock Holmes.

“Uh, I’d love to stay, but I…” You said, thinking of an excuse as you gathered your things, ”I have my therapy group meeting… and the last time I was late the, er, compulsive gamblers were betting the passive aggressors that they couldn’t make the overeaters… cry.”

You headed down the stairs, surprised when you heard Sherlock running down after you. He grabbed your arm when you hit the coat rack downstairs.

“Y/N, wait, please.” Sherlock stopped you.

“No, I should go.” You tried to leave, but he stopped you.

“You truly are brilliant, and beautiful, and I would be a fool to let you walk out of here right now. You are the first woman who I’ve felt this way around. At first I was hesitant, because of the slight age difference, but now I see that that doesn’t matter and age is just a number.” Sherlock began.

“Sherlock–” You tried, but he cut you off.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” He asked.

“I’d love to.” You beamed.


Part 2

Send me a message or submit an ask if you want a Part 2 or another Imagine request!


hello studyblr community im melon (or chris) and ive had this blog for awhile but ive just gotten everything set up the way i want it so i thought it was time for a intro post! im 17 and i live in california. im an incoming senior in high school (class of 18) and id like to be an art teacher! im gay and agender and i use they/them pronouns! i really like the percy jackson series and greek mythology in general….its a big passion of mine. 


  • percy jackson/heroes of olympus/ect.
  • naruto
  • languages
  • lizards and frogs
  • art and photography 
  • music (namely piano)


in school

  • ap art
  • ap english
  • advanced drawing
  • photography
  • us government and economics 
  • children and families 

self teaching

  • greek mythology
  • modern greek
  • spanish
  • japanese 

fave studyblrs

wouldnt be a proper into post without mentioning a few of my faves!


un po’ come la carta mirari di magic, hai presente?

it offers you what you want and not what you need

- sono gay, non so a chi dirlo, ho pensato che tu non sei una persona che giudica, io non riesco a tenerlo più nascosto, vorrei poterne parlare con te se non ti crea problemi;
- ho l’amante, ma non voglio lasciare il mio ragazzo anche se vive lontano, ho pensato che con te potevo dirle certe cose, tu non giudichi come gli altri (x 3 volte);
- ho fatto le corna a mia moglie quando son stato via, non è stata una cosa premeditata, ma erano anni che era nell’aria, adesso mi sento in colpa, io non sono tipo, che faccio? non posso parlarne con nessuno, tu puoi capirmi, non sei una persona che critica a caso, cosa devo fare?
- la mia ragazza si è incazzata a morte con me, mi ha bloccato, è gelosissima, ma io non credo di dargliene motivo, so che mi sta facendo soffrire, ma puoi far finta di niente e parlarle tu che sei brava?
- ho una storia con un mio collega, è sposato, credo mi piaccia, non so che fare. Visto che ci siamo te ne parlo, ormai ti racconto tutto, tanto sai come vanno queste cose.

sì, gente, lo so come vanno certe cose, no, non giudico, mai l’ho fatto
la prima persona in assoluto che mi disse che era gay fu un mio compagno di classe quando avevamo 18 anni, diceva anche lui che non se la sentiva di dirlo ad altri, ne aveva timore
con me no
è la dura vita della gente con buonsenso
ma adesso ho una tattica maturata in anni di consigli dati e mai seguiti, anni di confessioni ascoltate di persone malapena conosciute, anni di racconti di storie senza nè capo nè coda, anni di ancora tu, ma non dovevamo vederci più, adesso seguo un pattern: a parte non giudicare mai dico sempre quello che penso, nel bene o nel male, spiego cosa credo secondo me sia meglio fare e poi…
mi gioco la carta mirari!

e alla fine son tutti contenti