class 156

Sewing pro-tip: make sure you’re using the right parts for your machine. Especially bobbins.

No, I mean it. Make sure that bobbin is the right one before you start using it because using the wrong one can mess up your machine. There’s no such thing as a “universal” bobbin. There’s the Class 15 (or SA-156 for Brother) bobbin that’s the most common type these days, but it doesn’t fit all machines.

Example from literally this morning: a lady comes in to my store and says that her sewing machine is having tension problems and all that. I’m getting ready to write up a work order for our technicians to give the machine a look-over. I lift the bobbin cover to see if she has a bobbin case and bobbin and I notice that the bobbin is noticeably taller than the bobbin case. I point this out to the lady and look up the correct bobbin for her machine. She tested it out with the correct bobbin for her and boom! It was working fine. She bought the correct bobbins and went home with her machine. And this is a lady much older than I am and, presumably, a much more experienced seamstress.

So, seriously, learn what your sewing machine needs and your projects will go much smoother for it.