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🔥 With your help, we passed Title II net neutrality protections. Now we need to defend it.🔥

On December 14 the FCC will vote on Commissioner Pai’s plan to repeal Title II rules. This week he tried to justify that decision with a “myth busting” explainer where he makes a lot of sweeping claims he doesn’t think you’ll fact check. 

So let’s go through his big points:

❌ Mr. Pai claims ISPs won’t block access or throttle content

These are the real facts. Before Title II, the internet was so “free and open” that… 

  • Comcast blocked P2P file sharing services (EFF).
  • AT&T blocked Skype from iPhones (Fortune) and, later, wanted FaceTime users to pay for a more expensive plan (Freepress).
  • MetroPCS blocked all streaming video except YouTube (Wired).

In today’s media market where the same huge companies make and deliver content, Commissioner Pai wants us to trust that corporations won’t use their dominance to bury competitive content or services. 

❌ Mr. Pai claims Title II keeps ISPs from building new networks

Here’s another claim Commissioner Pai doesn’t want you to fact check, but:

  • AT&T’s own CEO told investors that the company would deploy more fiber optic networks in 2016 than 2015 when the FCC passed Title II protections (Investor call transcript). 
  • Charter’s CEO said “Title II, it didn’t really hurt us; it hasn’t hurt us” (Ars Technica).  
  • And Comcast actually increased investment in their network by 10% in Q1 of this year (Ars). 

❌ Mr. Pai claims repealing Title II won’t hurt competition

As we mentioned above, ISPs tried to interfere with the services their customers could access and courts had to step in to stop them.

The FCC tried to craft net neutrality rules in 2010 called the Open Internet Order but the ISPs sued and won. The courts told the FCC that the only way to guarantee a free and open internet was using their Title II authority. Without those protections, any of these things would be legal:

  • Your ISP launches a streaming video service and starts throttling other streaming services until they’re unusable.
  • Your phone company cuts a deal with a popular music streaming service so it doesn’t count towards your data cap but lowers your overall data limit. If a better service comes along (or your favorite artist releases new tracks somewhere else) you can’t use it without incurring huge data fees.
  • A billionaire buys your ISP and blocks access to news sites that challenge their ideology. 

Repealing Title II would be like letting a car company own the roads and banning a competitor from the highways.

❌ Mr. Pai claims there won’t be fast lanes and slow lanes

Let’s break this down: We won’t have fast lanes and slow lanes, we’ll have “priority access” and…non-priority access? Well gosh.

🚨 Please help us protect Title II one more time! 🚨

This week we co-signed a letter with more than 300 other companies—businesses Mr. Pai gleefully ignores—urging the FCC to retain the Title II internet protections. Now we need you.

Go to 👉 Battle For The Net 👈  to start a call with your representatives in Congress. Tell them to publicly support Title II protections. 

The FCC votes on December 14.

We’re only powerful when we work together.

Oh, also: that post about automatically unfollowing the #net neutrality tag—it’s not true. It’s really not. That’s not who we are. Whatever happened, we haven’t been able to reproduce it. We tried. A lot.

But if it were true—which it’s not, we feel compelled to say again—THAT’S EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and demand a free, open, and neutral internet.

We can do this one more time, guys! ❤️

In 9th grade there was this English class, well ever rambunctious 9th grade kid in the entire school was in this single class. So to put it short the shit we got up too
- I brought fundip for my friends on Valentine’s Day, my friend made lines and snorted it (I don’t think he actually snorted it but still
- a group of other kids started a club called Beyblade club, they actually played Beyblade and if you wanted you could bet on them.
- the school later banned the betting in the Beyblade club so we then it became this underground thing in the English teachers closet
- we had a lockdown drill so we all ran to the closet, it was chaos in there to say the least. But many quote came from it including “Were all gonna die and it’s your fault ROBERT” “I wanna suck Aaron’s duck” (he did say duck) (one kid climbed the shelves in there) “IF I FALL AND DIE ITS YOUR FAULT, ROBERT”
- one kid figured out (I’m pretty sure he hacked the computer) how to get admin permissions. Well for 50$ cash you could get them on your school issued laptop, or for 10$ a period you could use his laptop. He literally rented his laptop out.
- one kid watched nothing but YouTube in the class every single day. He still finished class with a 115%
- when Trump won the election, a kid came in full Trump gear and screamed about how amazing he was (turns out he wasn’t kidding)
- our teacher got so fed up with all of us that she began squirting hand sanitizer at anyone near her desk
- in response to the hand sanitizer incident we all turned our desk over and hid behind them, it was a war zone
- we had to do a project at the end of the year, it was to research WHATEVER we wanted. Naturally it ended terribly. I wrote about memes from around the world. Another kid (the same one who rented out his laptop) wrote about how the school system was made by the Illuminati. The kid who watched YouTube wrote about Naruto. The Trump kid wrote about Rick and Morty. And much more.
-my other friend wrote a shrek fanfic (trump was in it to) it has 10k views.
- Honestly I wish I could remember more but so much shit happened that it was just insane.

British Invasion | 6

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes:  [As always the text in italics are flashbacks & Please check the tags for any trigger warnings.] 
Chapter Five: “Mr. Perfect.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Word Count:


“We should totally go out for wrestling.” Zay says offhandedly, throwing a baseball in the air as he laid on the floor of their room.

It was a month into their sophomore year and the two boys were trying to decide which sports teams to try out for since freshman year was a flop. Last year they both got killed during football tryouts but they did manage to get a spot on the baseball team, even though it was just junior varsity. Lucas was determined to find a sport he was good enough for, especially now that a certain pretty brunette was across the pond. He needed something to distract him. He needed something to take his mind off Riley and what better way to do that than some healthy competition?

“Seriously?” Lucas crinkles his nose. “Wrestling?”

“What’s wrong Mr. Perfect? Scared everyone will see your junk in those oddly skintight jumpsuits?” Zay teases. “Come on man, you’re strong as a horse, remember? Put that to good use.”

“I guess so.” He shrugs, leaning back in his chair to shake hands with Zay. “Looks like we’re trying out for wrestling.”

“You invited Farkle?” Lucas questions as the three boys approach the gymnasium where tryouts were being held. “If I blew hard enough he’d fall right over.”

“Hey!” Farkle smacks him on the arm, “don’t mistake my slender figure for weakness, my friends. I’ve got muscles baby don’t you worry.”

“Oh yeah?” Zay laughs, “Where are you hiding them?”

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NurseyDex - 58 - Hating Each Other

—– Come request your own fic here —– Prompt List

58. Person 1 and Person 2 are supposed to hate each other
When Nursey started attending Samwell he discovered that he already knew one person, Shitty from the hockey team.  However, unlike back at Andover where the other boy had been incredibly (and possibly even overly) friendly, here at Samwell, Shitty was…well…he was frankly rude.  Every time Nursey tried to talk to him, Shitty did his best to ignore him, especially when he was with his friends.  Nursey had tried asking the other members of the lacrosse team about it, but just one mention of anyone on the hockey team seemed to send them into a rant.

They really hated the hockey team, and apparently, he was supposed to hate them too.  It was easy to hate them at first, primarily because Shitty was so thoroughly being a dick and ignoring him any chance he got.  Plus, the hockey team seemed to really enjoy making their lives miserable with prank after prank after prank.  Honestly, Nursey was done.

Well, that was until he met Dex.

Dex was rude, argumentative, and contradicted everything Nursey said, but the two had to cooperate for three hours every week in their shared Chem 115 class, which was an unfortunate Samwell requirement.  So, every Tuesday from 12 to 3, Nursey put up with Dex being a jerk, at least until they had to start doing their final lab report.  Then everything got worse…

Not only would they have to see each other for three grueling hours that week, but now Nursey was forced to spend time outside of class staring at the obnoxious redhead’s annoying face.  He was screwed.

At least Dex had agreed to meet at Annie’s to work, so the day wouldn’t be a total loss.  A large cappuccino was bound to make everything better, even a member of ….the hockey team.

“So,” Dex began as they sat at a small table in the back of the café, “did you actually understand anything from the last lecture?”

“No,” Nursey replied with a noise caught somewhere between a groan and a laugh.  “I never understand anything Dr. Porter says.  He starts talking and I just zone out.  It’s impossible to pay attention.”

“At least he posts the slides online.”

“I wish they actually helped though,” Nursey huffed back.

They both sat in silence for a moment, drinking coffee and trying to avoid both their project and actually talking to each other.  Finally, Dex broke the silence.

“You know you’re friends are dicks right.  Like some of the shit I’ve heard them say…It’s not okay how they talk about us.”

“Hey, what the fuck are you talking about dude,” Nursey shot back, “You guys are the ones who always prank our house and shit.  I don’t see why I’m getting blamed for this.”

“I’m not blaming you dude,” Dex sighed.  “I know we do shit to you guys too, but like, it’s nothing like what it feels like to hear what you guys say.”

“What do you mean, man.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.  The only shit we say about you is directly related to you trashing our house and crashing our parties all the time.”

“Dude, seriously.  You honestly don’t think I’ve heard some of the shit that Chad dude says?”

“Fuck,” Nursey began, “You can’t listen to a single thing Chad says.  He’s a fucking dick, that’s for sure.  I can barely put up with him half the time.”

“But you put up with him.”  Dex added, glaring.  

“I – “ Nursey tried.

“No, I don’t want to hear it.  The shit he says about my friends is not okay.”

“What do you expect me to do, okay?  They’re the only friends I have around here.  I can tell Chad off all I want, but all that’s going to happen is me probably getting kicked off the team when coach finds out that I’m apparently fucking with the unity in the team, or some bullshit like that.”

“Well, maybe don’t hang out with them as much or something then,” Dex said, shrugging.

“Oh jeez, thanks.  You’re such a big help,”  Nursey replied.  “Maybe I should try being friends with you then,” he laughed.

“Well maybe you should.”

“Is that a request?”  Nursey questioned, eyebrow quirking.

“Let’s just finish this project alright.”

“Okay….best friend.”

“Shut up asshole.”

They both laughed as they started to work on their project once again.

I’m like a little dog

Every time I see you, I light up

When you come home from work, I run to the door to greet you

I wake up beside you every morning but when I see you

It’s like the first time

My heart swells with excitement

Even after five years

I’m like a little dog

Because I’m desperate for your attention

I follow you around the house

Needing to be in the room where you are

Just near you

And when you say something to me or touch me

I’m elated

I’m like a little dog

Because when you lose your temper with me

It ruins my whole day

I run and hide

I won’t come out until you assure me

That you don’t hate me

I’m like a little dog

Because when you’re gone

All I do is sit by the window and wait for you to come home

I’m like a little dog

Because when you snap at me

I don’t understand why

You’re rude

And short with me

And I don’t say anything

I shrink away

I must deserve it

I’m like a little dog

Because no matter how many times you hurt me

I run to you

Because no matter how hard you drive me away

I come back

Because I’m too dumb to see

There’s something else out there

Something better

I’m like a little dog

And I belong to you

- Little Dog, © Maddy Rain 2017 (via MoxitheFox)

I’m still waiting on my Animal Law grade, but basically I absolutely destroyed last semester. Between being a full time law student, training & prepping myself for a bikini competition, working part time, doing pro bono work, and commuting this semester was by far the busiest I’ve ever been, but it was also by far my most successful. I got As in Energy Law & International Law, and an A- in Wills, Trusts, & Estates (and that was a 115 person class graded on a curve), and I’m honestly so so so proud of myself because getting an A in law school is pretty damn hard, and obviously I worked my butt off, but I also attribute a lot of that success to listening to my intuition and leaving my old school, which was a really unhealthy & toxic environment for me, and moving home and going to a school that’s actually ranked higher and more challenging than my old one. So if something doesn’t feel right don’t be afraid to make a major change and put your mental health & safety first, because amazing things can happen when you’re in the right environment and work hard! So trust your gut and remember: