class 115

I’m still waiting on my Animal Law grade, but basically I absolutely destroyed last semester. Between being a full time law student, training & prepping myself for a bikini competition, working part time, doing pro bono work, and commuting this semester was by far the busiest I’ve ever been, but it was also by far my most successful. I got As in Energy Law & International Law, and an A- in Wills, Trusts, & Estates (and that was a 115 person class graded on a curve), and I’m honestly so so so proud of myself because getting an A in law school is pretty damn hard, and obviously I worked my butt off, but I also attribute a lot of that success to listening to my intuition and leaving my old school, which was a really unhealthy & toxic environment for me, and moving home and going to a school that’s actually ranked higher and more challenging than my old one. So if something doesn’t feel right don’t be afraid to make a major change and put your mental health & safety first, because amazing things can happen when you’re in the right environment and work hard! So trust your gut and remember: