❄️ FIRE EMBLEM : Felicia & Flora ❄️

I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you my full piece for the amazing Fire Emblem Siblings zine project @FEsibszine (on Twitter)!
Felicia & Flora are two of my favorite characters from Fire Emblem and they both have such amazing designs! I was so happy to be able to draw them for this project <3
This illustration was done in June!
I hope you’ll like it! ♥

Study Tips With Hermione

   A few years back, i would spend a LOT of time watching ‘’Study Tips’’ on Youtube, but now i have my own study method that works really well (at least for me). I also like Hermione Granger very much, and she is one of the characters that inspire me the most (I’m thinking about making other study tips post, with the others). 

1- Read. Read. Read. 

Read as much as you can. Really, this helps a lot. Read from different sources, about the same subject. For example, in February i was taking  origin of life classes, so i read my school book, and then, i went to universities websites to look for MORE information, my dad is a biologist so i asked him his books from university about this. Honestly, if you read just small curiosities about it, it’s great. But, don’t waste your time in something that won’t add anything to you.

2- Ask questions in class. Or answer them.

I’m a pretty shy person with social anxiety, so i don’t use this tip often. However, when the class is over, i go to the teachers and ask them privately. If a teacher ask for you to answer something, try to relax, if your answer is wrong, there’s no problem. The teacher will correct you or ask why, and you’ll learn from it. A had a few teachers that told me that, it’s better to make a mistake during the class than to make a mistake in the exam.

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