United Kingdom: The new Doctor Who spinoff Class airs its first two episodes on BBC Three online on October 22 and we’ll also be re-airing them on BBC One!

Canada: Guess what! We’re airing the new Doctor Who spinoff Class on October 22 on the Space Channel!

Australia: Woohoo! We’re streaming the new Doctor Who spinoff Class on October 22 on iView AND airing repeats on ABC2 starting October 24!!

United States: So you know the first Doctor Who spinoff since Torchwood aired its last episode back in 2011? Welp, we’ll be airing it on BBC America…in Spring 2017. lol

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East Chicago, Indiana, residents forced to leave their homes over dangerous lead levels in the soil.

Hundreds of residents in East Chicago, Indiana, are leaving after discovering that the soil around their homes contains dangerous levels of lead.

The Environmental Protection Agency found that the West Calumet Housing Complex has registered lead concentrations in the soil that are beyond 1,200 parts per million, according to the Times of Northwest Indiana

Upon learning that “hundreds of children suffer from excessive levels of lead in their blood” after performing preliminary tests, Mayor Anthony Copeland later announced that residents will be moving from the housing complex.

East Chicago, Indiana, is just one of the many cities around the nation with dangerously high levels of lead that is facing challenges of unclean water. Here are a few.

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