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OMG!! Can someone honestly tell me who Miranda really is because I don't know this woman at all anymore. What is bugging me is people calling her clasy? Really?? This is classy?? After calling an innocent man & his gf names for a year this is classy?? I can't imagine I've harbored this very wrong image of someone for so long. If I don't like an artists character their music fades away for me. Miranda has become that artist for me today. And I'm so sorry. I just can't take it!!

Ok let’s set something straight here.

Miranda hasn’t lied to anyone. Miranda has minded her own business and played her music and gone through the last year like you’d expect someone fresh off a divorce and into a new relationship would do.

It was the fans who called Blake and Gwen names, it was the fans who insisted that they had wronged Miranda, and it was the fans who made up all these reasons why Miranda could never do anything wrong. 

She hasn’t been anything but honest. She said that Blake was amazing guy back in December (didn’t call him names) and even said that she realized marriage was about commitment. But nobody cared what she said. She even added Dear Diamond to a few of her shows, and we all know what that song is about. So yea, she’s been pretty transparent. I’m sorry that some fans refused to see that. 

She might have messed up… But at least she’s owning up to it. People make mistakes. They aren’t perfect. Miranda has never been about being perfect. I don’t think what she did was right but… It’s not my business.