Gem Cluster Clasification

edit, i have now created a type 5 cluster

through what i have seen from the show and through my personal headcanon, i have come up with four types a cluster could be.

Type 1: a type 1 cluster is when the gems are already physically fused before they are injected, an example would be the gem snowflake (obsidian) that bismith mentioned
Type 2: type 2 clusters are a product of my headcanon, they are rare and only happen from technical error with the gem injectors, a gem injector will, by error, inject 2 or more gems together and the gems will physically fuse as they are incubating. this will cause the minds to meld together and become a unique gem in mind and personality, how ever, the prossess also causes the new gem to have some defects and/or deformities
Type 3: a type 3 cluster is the first type seen in the show, it is what happens when gems are physically fused after they’ve incubated, the best term for type 3’s would be “frankengems”
Type 4: a type 4 cluster is the newest type seen in the show. a type 4 is created when an un-corrupt gem fuses with a currupt gem, resulting in the un-corrupt gem to gain some color characteristics of the corrupt gem on there body and become corrupted themsleves
Type 5: a type 5 is a rare case, if a gem is somehow able to fuse with multiple corrupted gems they will gain the characteristics of each indivisual one, becoming a chimera gem