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Your blog inspires me (plus I have an additional backlog of inspiration from all your delicious fics lbh) : let us imagine a Hannibal-as-Draco situation (and Will as... suspense). Hannibal's love got cursed by the gods (how he does not tell his companions) and threw himself off a cliff in his distress. Hannibal resolved that he would not live without his love except for the time it took to take his revenge against the gods, which is why he joins the expedition in Clash of the Titans (which...

but he knows the shape of this neck, the too-thin shoulders beneath filthy rags, the curve of the ear peeking from a nest of curled brown hair… It’s him. It’s his lost love. It’s Will. And Will shouts as Hannibal embraces him suddenly, hiding his face behind his hands, but… (and it is a reveal in a series of reveals!) Hannibal takes the hands away and kisses his eyes tenderly, and does not turn to stone, for : Hannibal is himself a God, and Will’s punishment was from his ex patron God : the God of Justice, who took it badly that Will renounced him without the proper sacrifices, and for a God of Evil. Of course, Will had not been made aware that Hannibal was a God, so he couldn’t have known. But Hannibal learnt his lesson: he takes back his place in the Pantheon and properly announces Will as his Spouse (and thus a God too) and, well, a curse is a curse and Will won’t ever be able to look at mortal things without risk, but Hannibal doesn’t mind that much, of course, being sure that Will can’t really leave the Godly realm, or his eyesight, for places of mortal rudeness and murderous cliffs. And Will? Well, Will always liked dogs so when Hannibal is being too constricting, he goes to walk the earth and introduce the concept of seeing-eyes-dog to humanity. 

Thank you for sharing, and for your kind words about my fics! Your story idea is really imaginative and fun, with all of the plot twists that would be in a film! If I understand correctly: 

  • Will has a condition similar to Medusa’s. He was punished with it because he unknowingly chose Hannibal [God of Evil] as a new patron god by becoming Hannibal’s significant other, over his angry former patron [God of Justice]. 
  • Hannibal tries to avenge him [in disguise as Draco?] but instead discovers him in his cursed state.
  • They reunite, and Hannibal returns to the Pantheon with Will at his side. 
  • Though Will can’t get rid of his curse, he visits Earth and helps the blind by giving them the gift of seeing-eye dogs. 

What does Will do all day, in his new life?

“I can see right through you” Charon, the devil’s boatman and the adventurous X-Ray Woman. Clash of the Titans Mattel 1980. Fisher-Price Adventure People 1979. #charon #clashofthetitans #skeleton #monoleg #xraywoman #adventurepeople #retrotoys #vintagetoys #toycollector #toyphotography #secretcave

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The Mighty Kraken! More than any other creature from my childhood, I think this fella really got the gold. Ray Harryhausen’s unique, true designs and soulful execution set a bar that is rarely passed today unfortunately. Yes, his fx may look “dated” nowadays in a way I guess but so what, who cares, most fx today looks fake anyway, dumb, ADD riddled trash, and monsters are hidden under blurry, shaky cams like filmmakers are embarrassed to show them off. The point was style, majesty in stillness, wonder in full widescreen shots, and the character of the beast, the little moments, and in those regards, Harryhausen is forever tops. 🏰🐉🌟 Kraken stickers and fridge magnets (Cyclops and Medusa too) now available thru my shop

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