does anyone remember when the homestuck fandom and the superwholock fandom clashed because superwholocks claimed their show invented the phrase “caw caw motherfuckers” when davesprite said that like a year before the supernatural episode said it or whatever the fuck and there were posts with hundreds of thousands of notes of people getting extremely upset with one another and probably sending anon hate to one another over it

Wait a Minute, Hold up: My thoughts on T.A.O

People are actually saying that Tao is dissing EXO in his new song….um no, why would he do that? Why would he throw away the years of hardwork, dreams, and friendship he shared with the other members? Yes, in the song he says that he wants to forget the past, but what past? Definitely not all of it.  He wants to forget the pain he felt, the hardship he encountered.  That’s what people mean when they say they want to forget the past and move on.

The part about Tao claiming he never witnessed ‘one heart’ in the past. I don’t think he’s dissing EXO, but maybe calling them out.  What he could possibly mean is that EXO said “We are one!” but when it came to some members suffering or being treated unfairly, EXO as a whole, as ‘one heart’ did not fight,  They did not become ‘one’ and fight for their members’ rights or treatment. (Maybe they did, but were shut down, we’ll never know).  (I think this also applies to Tao because of how he was emotional and upset about Kris’ departure and branded him as a traitor, but he could’ve realized afterwards that they weren’t holding together as a group, understanding each other and their plights, wanting to stay as one, even if it meant challenging the company as a whole).

Now, this is only my speculation.  I am not like those deranged fans who are taking lines from Tao’s song and putting a whole history into it and whole-heartedly believing it to be true, when we don’t even know what actually happened between the members, or what Tao actually means.  Because none of us know what he is implying, who he is attacking (which is most likely SM) through his lyrics.  We have no right to make assumptions and believe them to be absolutely true and to determine his feelings for him.

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hi elinor! you have a lovely name ^^ but i really hope you have a lovely attitude as well :) you know, you're not even in our fandom and you just did something that could create a clash in our fandom again. as you see, even until now our fandom are still cracked because of it. there's a lot of ways to get people's eye on you other than that. wish you're having a nice day! ^^

elinor the evil ship shamer

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c y d

C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will (be nice)

to each his own and all that, but a lot of the time I clash over sort of fandom favourite ships? Not a massive fan of romantic Bellarke, or Olicity, or Jisbon, you know, if you find like a big main ship in the fandom that the show keeps trying to steer me towards my brain just goes no *clutches desperately to tiny side pairing that makes everyone go ????* 

D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t (again: be nice)

Ehhhh, I don’t know??? There are a few things that friends ship that I don’t that I’d like to be able to be more on board with for their sake but it doesn’t really impact on anything, I mean it’d be nice but not ideal, I’m so bad at these man alive. 

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)

Oh this is a good one, hmm, comedy shows like Brooklyn 99 and Community I see a lot of that but it’s just, not my thing, you know, too nice, too happy (I’m really not coming across well in this asky thing at all am I?) and movies most of the time that just randomly appear, not actually a huge amount now I stop and think about it. 

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