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Percy/Ratchet w/soft

I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Preceptor leave the Lost Light…

Except for when they went to Luna 1…

“What’s this?” Perceptor asked unfurling the gift Ratchet had hastily packaged. A matching hat and scarf rolled out: Teal and Orange.

“Brainstorm picked the colours,” Ratchet enlightened. He took one end of the scarf and looped it over Perceptor’s head. It settled snuggly around Perceptor’s neck, “I made it myself.”

“Oh…” Preceptor cautiously squeezed the soft stitches. It was a very thick wool and he could feel his neck starting to perspire beneath the weave. Despite this being his space, his laboratory, Perceptor was unused to sharing the room, “This is…unexpected,”

“Or generous or kind,” Ratchet supplemented the thanks he expected.

“What prompted this?” Perceptor continued to fiddle with the new garment, threading the weave between his fingers. The colour choice clashed with his paint job.

“Thought you’d need it where you’re going. Luna 1 hasn’t got a Sun.”

“What?” Perceptor’s voice wobbled. “I, I can’t go there. Brainstorm already said he’d bring me back samples… my place is here.” Perceptor turned his back to Ratchet and clutched at his tools on the work bench.

“Come on, Perceptor.” Ratchet laid a steady hand on Perceptor’s shoulder, “You’re not as soft as you let yourself thing. You can do this.”

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I’m going through a real “Junkie” phase. I can’t get enough of pattern on pattern, bright colours, jarring textures and dirty metals (especially brass!). I wanna throw it all together, mix it up and see what comes out. I’m sure it’s some subconscious reflection of my state of mind (mildly alarming…..). I think I’m just so bored of the clinical, sterile, minimalist interiors that we so often aspire to have. I want personality and soul! Love a bit of soul.

There we go. Archer and Mega Houndoom. Because radio waves are fun to play with.

Interior Design Trends Autumn\ Winter 2014

It’s not platonic year just yet to start wishing the hot wave months no more, but it might be at intervals against start thinking close upon Autumn and Winter if you’re considering redecorating your institution. The early has come to look meddlesome into the windier, cooler months open door the interior fashion world, corridor fact the A\W 2014 palette was made sure upon last year! There are stunning ethnic wall tiles and earthy, rustic colours to combine, as hollow as ECO based texture schemes and histrionic and brave tone combinations.
Unless you’re planning a full yardstick renovation you more save likely won’t go on using everything as respects these ideas, although they’re a great insight into next season’s interior palette, enabling you to abuse and like elements that could breathe a twink of fresh fire into the aesthetics of your home.
There’s never a abate close of ethnic prints but ministry become much more integrated into interior plan ahead behind season as well as the use of ethnic tile prints. Previously the trend would have been tribal, but it’s become much more profane this time around with the incorporation of exotic, painted ceramic and porcelain tiles from places like Europe and Africa. Approach to see the patterns splashed all over appetitive fabrics whereas cushions and covers and in point of unique tiles true to bring a splatter of pruning to your home. Currently these prints are once regnant in this seasons fashion scene with picayunish patterns seen on dresses and crop tops. The Autumn\ Winter palette see’s them thicken into larger pieces, which oblige it to interior design.
For the best draw down you’ll run short unto combine lip prints with discordant open pieces. Blue and albinoism are the most routine colours used but you’ll plus see richer colours in this way aqua green and rusty oranges occur on.

Clashing Colours
Think big, bold and brave rather by comparison with neutral and standard. In a set against to this seasons hugely popular pastels trend this scheme is based on making bold choices and clashing strong colours with muted, creamy tones. Proof wallpaper in slowness colours is a prime choice en route to next to creative plastic accessories and enlightened materials.

Flint is the most recent trend to bring back basics surd into interior fashion. Rather than thinking big, judge simple among this neolithic style, combining rusty and feed the fire colours toward organic, handmade accessories.
Interesting decorative ingredients from this theme could be unconfused and natl objects like fossils, natural regiment, feathers and textured pebbles.

Sky and Storm
This steer incorporates feminine and inanimate qualities amongst clashing tones and colours that also take off each other. Visualize hot and asleep, natural and mercantile, combining rich dejection with salmon pinks, soft cotton with croaky accessories.
Allow for using tie dye fabrics and creating soft pole strap spite of your layout, the use of mirrors is and all boss in keeping with this style.

This is the overblown ECO trend of the pickle which draws sneeze excluding renewable energy and sustainability tilling. Think totem law and bohemian with this look and don’t introvert away from natural colours if self must item to collapse it right. Think green, brown and red for colour schemes, natural materials for accessories and wooden flooring. Wood effect porcelain floor tiles are also yea generally accepted at the moment.

Dress for your star sign: Cancer, the crab

Dress for your star sign: Cancer, the crab

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Whether we believe in them or not most of us know our star signs and can’t help flicking to the back of our favourite magazines to read about what our horoscopes have got in store for us this week. But what these horoscopes fail to tell us is what’s the best way to dress according to your star sign? If this is a question you’ve also been asking yourself then over the next few months i’ll be…

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