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I’m going through a real “Junkie” phase. I can’t get enough of pattern on pattern, bright colours, jarring textures and dirty metals (especially brass!). I wanna throw it all together, mix it up and see what comes out. I’m sure it’s some subconscious reflection of my state of mind (mildly alarming…..). I think I’m just so bored of the clinical, sterile, minimalist interiors that we so often aspire to have. I want personality and soul! Love a bit of soul.


These are the first proper pictures I’ve posted of myself on here! I was tagged by the lovely lilyraiin for the 20 beautiful woman tag! (thx bb luv yooou) I tag lovlae leafydew fruitelf hopesporadically acaiprincess bluhsh spacetea fluttershyfairy and anyone else who wants to do it!! x

The Sun Shines Hot and the Wind Blows Cold

Maybe it’s because I’m at the tail-end of the flu or maybe it’s because we’re still in the damp, grey crevice of winter (everything looks and feels like old laundry piled up before the washing machine, including myself) but I can’t stop thinking about summer!

It’s always preferable to think about summer from a distance instead of the actual bodily experience of summer which is sticky and gross. Your summer look is never as well ventilated as you think it will be. However, summer dreaming can get you through these cold rainy days and whatever cough-and-body-ache-combo you are currently rocking.

For my summer look I’m thinking of a nice Lauren Bacall-esque clean line separates kind of look as seen here: 

While I sit here wearing an old pair of pyjama bottoms and an old jumper my summer-self is wearing well-tailored shorts and blouses paired with a nice pair of espadrilles.

Summer isn’t summer without a bevy of dresses to wear. I can’t stop thinking about a white cotton sundress of two summers ago. It was unceremoniously ruined by a weird reaction between sunscreen and the bleach I used to try and remove some purple ice-pop stains. So instead of restoring it back to its crisp whiteness, it ended up covered in lurid pink streaks. It is my goal to try and find a suitable replacement. 

Last year I splurged (on a grey February day much like this) on a Peter Pilotto for Target playsuit which I can’t wait to wear sans the 200-denier tights and large cardigan it needs now. Plus I feel like I am rarely doing it justice without strong vitamin-D-giving rays and a large Girl Drink in hand.

In the mean time I have a fantastic pair of red palazzo pants which I think will look great with a soft pink blouse of some description. I’m trying to think of ways to wear red that are light and airy. I usually pair red with something equally strong such as navy or black but I don’t know, that’s looking kind of stale and corporate to me? I want a way to wear red that doesn’t diminish the oomph of a good tomato-y shade but at the same time doesn’t look like I’m about to start directing people towards their departure gate. I think nice soft pastels to clash with the red would be a good to let it speak for itself but not look too staid.

Speaking of red I scored a beautiful red Escada coat for €10 at the NCBI shop in Limerick last week. It was really well kept! The wool blend is still really soft and clean, save for one or two spots which aren’t very noticeable. Plus it’s got that boyish silhouette that’s been around for coats the last couple of seasons. It’s still a bit too light for February weather but I wore it out last week and it did the mood good to wear some bright colour even though I am now paying the price for not bundling up.