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Molly Roberts
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The Wheel of the Year

Wheel of the Year
Wheel of the Year: Wiccan & Pagan - Sabbats Explained (Videos)
Introduction: What is the Wheel of the Year? (Video)

Samhain: A History (Video)
The Magick of Samhain & Halloween (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Samhain (Video)

Yule Magick & Winter Solstice Celebrations (Video)
Lunar Wisdom: Yule/Winter Solstice (Video)
Yule: Wicca for Beginners (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Yule (Video)

Lunar Wisdom: Imbolc (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Imbolc (Video)

Lunar Wisdom: Ostara (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Ostara (Video)

Lunar Wisdom: Beltane/May Day (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Beltane (Video)

Litha: Wicca for Beginners (Video)
Lunar Wisdom: Litha (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Litha (Video)

Lunar Wisdom: Lammas (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Lughnasadh (Video) 

Mabon Magick & The Autumn Equinox (Video)
Witchcraft Diaries: Mabon (Video)

Magickal Skills/Objects

Learn Astrology (Playlist)
Astrology Series (Playlist)
Astrology 101 (Video)
Introduction to Astrology (Video)
Introduction to Astrological Interpretation (Video)
How to Read Your Birth Chart (Video)
Houses in Astrology (Video)
Mastering the Basic Language of Astrology (Video)

Benefits of Crystal Magick: For Beginners (Video)
Crystals & Stones Part 2: Magickal Properties (Video)
How to Cleanse, Charge & Consecrate Your Crystals (Video)

Gardening Basics (Playlist)
Witchy Gardening (Playlist)
Garden Planning for Beginners (Video)
5 Golden Rules of Garden Planning (Video)
Planning a Cottage Garden (Video)
Understanding Soil Types & Texture (Video)
Improving Soil Types with Amendments (Video)
Basic Gardening Tips: Common Mistakes When Gardening (Video)
Weeding, Deadheading & Staking (Video)

Herbalism (Playlist)
Witchy Herbs (Playlist)
Introduction to Herbalism: The Foundation of Understanding Plants (Video)
How to Become an Herbalist (Video)
Herbalism 101: Why You Should Use Herbs Daily (Video)
The Power of Herbs (Video)
Understanding Herbal Formulas (Video)
Basic Herbal Energetics: 12 Categories of Herbs (Video)
History of Herbs (Video)
Planting an Herb Garden for Beginners (Video)
Herb Harvesting Basics (Video)
How to Dry Herbs: Harvesting, Drying & Storing Herbs (Video)

Intro to Scrying: What is Scrying? (Video)
A Short Course in Scrying (Video)
Magickal Techniques: The Art of Scrying (Video)
How to Scry (Video)

Tarot 101: Understanding the Major Arcana (Video)
How to Read Tarot Cards: Connecting with the Cards (Video)
Tarot Cards: How to Read Tarot Cards (Video)
Tarot Cards: Understanding Reversals (Video)

Other Schools of Thought

The Fundamentals of Ancient Alchemy & Hermeticism (Video)

Astrotheology & The Origins of Symbolism (Video)
What is Astrotheology? (Video)

Sacred Geometry 
The Sacred Geometry Behind It All (Video)
Ancient Knowledge Pt. 1: Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, & Illusion of Reality (Video)
Ancient Knowledge Pt. 2: Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, & Fingerprint of God (Video)
Sacred Geometry Explained (Video)
The Sacred Geometry Movie (Video)
Sacred Geometry: The Language of the Universe (Video)

Vibrational Frequency
The Secrets of Frequency & Vibration (Video)
The Secrets of Vibration: Hidden Truths of Sound (Video)
How to Raise Your Frequency & Increase Your Vibration (Video)
Low Vibration Energy vs. High Vibration Energy (Video)
Raising Your Energy Technique (Video)
10 Signs of a Vibrational Shift (Video)

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General Mythology
Mythology (Channel)
History Channel: Clash of the Gods (Playlist)

Norse Mythology
Norse Mythology (Playlist)
Tales from Norse Legends (Video)
Children of Odin (Video)
BBC’s The Viking Sagas (Video)

Celtic/Scottish Mythology
Celts, Celtic Mythology, and Druids (Playlist)
The Celts: In the Beginning (Video)
Scottish Myth & Legends (Video)
Celtic Mythology (Playlist) (This seems to include Scottish mythology as well and does not differentiate)

Greek/Roman Mythology
Greek Gods, Goddesses & Creatures (Video)
Quest for the Gods (Video)

Egyptian Mythology
The Religion of Ancient Egypt (Video)
Egyptian Tales from the Papyri (Video)
Mystery Teachings of Ancient Egypt Parts One & Two (Series)


Witchy Music
Ultimate Witch Songs (Playlist)

Pagan Music
Yule (Pagan) Songs (Playlist)

Healing Frequencies (I chose one playlist that holds multiple videos with multiple frequencies to choose from)
All Sofeggio Healing Frequency Compositions (Playlist)

Friends With Benefits


so I got like 40 likes on the post suggesting I may do a Bucky Barnes friends with benefits type thing and so here is part one

My chapters are usually very long cos I love to talk and the same applies to my writing (my mouth gets a better work out than any other part of my body

Here is chapter one: Alcohol makes you new friends….sort of

Hope you all enjoy it ☺️

It was girls night in the tower which meant wine and gossip.

You loved girls night.

It meant moscato. You loved moscato.

Well, you just loved alcohol in general.

Tonight was Pepper, Natasha, Hope, Sharon, Darcy, Laura, Wanda and Maria.

This meant a good mix.

“Okay, but seriously, you can’t tell me you don’t just wanna take charge and tell him to hell with his stupid gentlemen-ly crap” Darcy said to Sharon.

“Believe me I do, but it’s nice y'know, the guy is patient, which is needed given how demanding my job can be” Sharon spilled, stunningly sober compared to the rest of them, but then again o was Natasha.

“I don’t understand how you can all be around superheroes all the time and not screw them all” you said incredibly tipsy and mouth now that the 3 bottles of wine had hit you.

“Because some of them are just stupid” Pepper said with a slight hiccough.

“Okay, besides Tony” you said.

“Aww, does Y/N have a crush on an Avenger?” Laura cooed slightly buzzed, but still in her motherly form.

“Um, yes. On like all of them” you admitted.

“Ooo who’s number one on the list?” Wanda asked.

You just looked at Sharon.

“Sorry” was all you said while everyone giggled.

“I totally get it, Cap looks good for his age” Darcy said bumping her hip with yours.

“Next?” Natasha smirked.

“T'Challa” you groaned. “He’s beautiful” you admitted.

“I need this list in order” Pepper said laughing.

“Cap, T'Challa, Thor, Bucky, Fandral seems charming as hell so him, Peter seems like you could laugh with him so he’s next, so yeah, Starlord after Fandral. Then Strange? He’s not too old. I cannot include the Kid, Tony or Rhodey cos age differences. And Vision is like a brother to me along with Sam, so yeah” you explained sipping more wine.

“Okay so the real question is, which one would you sleep with” Hope said pointing a finger at you. “Cap isn’t an option, Thor has Valkyrie, Peter’s got Gamora, Strange has a girl too, soooo, T'Challa, Bucky or Fandral?” Hope asked.

“T'Challa isn’t exactly an option either, he’s got a kingdom to run” Maria pointed out.

“Yes, Thank you Maria” you said wincing as you had a glass of Pinot Griggio instead of the Moscato, the slight difference in flavours clashing.

“Who has more stamina, a god or a supersoldier?” you asked seriously.


Voices clashed together with different opinions.

“It has to be a god! I mean come on, they’re gods!” Pepper yelled.

“Cap’s a pretty decent match when he spars with Thor, and he’s way more built then Fandral” Natasha said.

“But Cap has the serum, I bet he can match a god any day” Hope said.

“But Bucky and Cap are slightly different super soldiers, so out of them, who’s better?” Darcy asked.

“They’re actually fairly similar” Sharon said in thought.

“Well I’d go with whoever’s got the best stamina, I need a few things before I’m satisfied” you said with a grimace.

“Woah, what does that mean?” Natasha said with a knowing glint.

“You know exactly what it means” you groaned. “When did guys become so bad at all things sex?” you asked no one in particular.

“When porn became reality for them” Darcy said.

“Idiots” you grumbled.

You all continued for a while not noticing that Bucky was in the room right next to the lounge, door closed, but super hearing working just fine.

Smiling and laughing quietly at the drunken antics going on next door until he heard what you had to say. Then he made his mind up about things.

“Ugh, 2am, I need to get home” Maria said. “Sharon, you can crash on my couch, I don’t wanna wake up in hangover mode alone” she mumbled.

One by one everyone left until it was you, Wanda and Natasha.

“I’m heading off to bed, last thing I need is Vis listing all the effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation tomorrow morning” she groaned before heading off to bed leaving just you and Natasha.

“I’m making you and Barnes happen” she smirked.

“You most certainly are not” you told her sternly.

“Oh I’ve already started” she said looking behind you at the tall figure which you didn’t notice being tipsy.

“You know it’ll happen” she called over her shoulder as she turned to head to her room.

“It will not happen” you said turning abruptly and smacking into something hard.

Groaning, you clutched your shoulder.

“Ugh, when was there a wall here?” you asked to yourself.

“There isn’t” a voice said.

Deep and Brooklyn.
Crap. Bucky.

“Right, hi Bucky, sorry for the walk in” you apologised.

“Not a problem” he said brushing it off. “What’s Romanoff so determined to not make happen exactly?” he asked feigning curiosity.

“Uh, something about me and fitness, not my forte” you stumbled over a useful excuse.

“I could help you out if you’d like?” he offered.

Well shit, you obviously didn’t think that one through. Course he’d offer to help.

“Oh, that’s okay, I’ll just stick to Yoga and Pilates” you laughed nervously.

“Yoga and Pilates huh? You must be pretty flexible, we could start out with something more suited to you, something that uses your flexibility, you’d probably be able to keep going for hours that way, we could really test out your limits that way” he said with some sort of undertone to his words that you were too drunk to place.

“Really, training with supersoldiers would not be a pretty sight” she said honestly.

“I’m sure we could find a work out that suits you” he said.

“I’m good, promise. I am gonna go to bed” you said quickly moving to get around him.

But you, with your marvelous fortune, decided to showcase just how truly drunk you were, in your heels of all things and would’ve unintentionally nearly dived into the floor if it weren’t for Bucky catching you.

“Woah, you’ve had a bit much to drink” he chuckled holding you up by your biceps.

“Apparently so” you said enthusiastically. “I’m gonna go to bed Bucky Barnes” you told him in a very matter-of-fact tone.

But before you could move he simply scooped you up in his arms.

“Hey! I can walk you know” you berated him.

“I know you can, I see you do it almost every day, you’re just not as proficient when you’re drunk” he teased.

“I can still walk just fine” you said stubbornly like his last sentence was all a lie.

“Y'know, Romanoff wouldn’t of had to set us up doll” he smirked as your mouth gaped like a fish.

“What?” you tried playing dumb.

“You know what I’m talking about” he smiled at your apparent shyness. “You could knock on my door rain, hail or shine and I’d open it for you” he said making your heart race.

Perfect. Just fucking perfect.

“That’s really not necessary Bucky” you smiled sheepishly.

“I know, I wouldn’t be doing it out of necessity” he murmured, his lips entirely too close to your ear making you tense slightly. Something he obviously noticed. “Am I making you nervous?” he asked innocently. “You seem kinda tense” he observed.

“No…” you said looking anywhere but him.

“I think that’s a lie sweetheart” he said in another teasing tone which would kill you.

“You think you know a lot don’t you?” you narrowed your eyes.

“I do” he smiled as he came to stop in front of your door.

Somehow managing to open it, he maneuvered into your room and put you down gently on your bed.

You moved to unclasp the necklace your high school best friend got you but once again, you were having no luck.

“Would you like some help?” Bucky asked, clearly amused.

“No” you grumbled attempting once more.

“Here” Bucky offered as you gave up.

Easily removing the necklace, he smiled.

“There.” he said. “It’s a pretty necklace” he said eyeing the pendant. A sapphire blue pendant that was wrapped in the silver of the necklace.

“Yeah, my friend got it for my 16th birthday” you said. “6 years later and I’m still wearing it, he got a matching ring” you said.

“Cute” he smiled.

“Thank you for helping me back to my room, I’m gonna go to sleep now” you said in an attempt to shoo him away from your socially awkward self.

“Can I steal another moment from you?” he asked.

“Why…?” you asked suspiciously.

“No particular reason” he hummed. “Except I think you should put a theory to test” he said.

“What theory?” you asked jumping slightly when he took your hand and starting rubbing circles into tops of your hand right hand.

“The theory that not all men are useless” Bucky said simply. “Some of us still know what to do and where to put things”

And here you are again. Gaping. Like a fish. Wonderful.

“Just think about it” he said getting up from your bed and heading to the door. “Goodnight Y/N” he smiled.

“Night” you said in a voice that magically came out higher in pitch than usual.

‘Screw you and your charm Barnes’ you though irritably.

“Oh and Y/N?” he said before shutting the door.

“Hmm?” you said looking up.

“I’m a super soldier, I’ve got pretty decent stamina” he smirked before making a quick exit.

“Oh Christ Almighty” you muttered before falling back into your bed.

Leaving a happy supersoldier walking away from your room whose supersoldier hearing picked up your groan of frustration.

Part 2: Spectacular 


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Rush || Peter Parker

there’s really no explanation for this. I just fell in love with the weeknd’s “i feel it coming” and wanted to write something for peter

don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!


{We don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me}.

The fact that you were dating your best friend was both an exciting and terrifying thought for you. Thanks to the urging from both your families and friends, Peter gathered the courage to ask you out and be his girlfriend.

And you accepted his confession with a huge smile on your face.

You loved Peter and have been in love for him for the past year, so him asking you out was truly a dream come true. There was just one problem…

You didn’t know how to be a good girlfriend. This fact alone made your head spin as several of your panicked thoughts began to cloud your mind on a near daily basis.

God, Peter is my first boyfriend and I’m still scared.

What if he kisses me and I end up biting down on his lip?

What if our teeth clashes together? God that would be horrifying!

Now that I’m his girlfriend, do I have an obligation to sleep with him?

Oh no! I’m definitely not ready for that!

But what if Peter IS ready for that and he ends up breaking up with me because I won’t put out??

Your anxious thoughts was what made you (unintentionally) become distant with Peter, which in turn made the young man very upset.

When you two remained friends, you would always be affectionate with him. From sharing cuddles beneath his blanket while watching Star Wars to holding hands while walking to school, you and Peter were practically inseparable.

But now…now you couldn’t even look him in the eye.

Peter knew you like he knew the back of his own hand, so seeing how uncomfortable you suddenly were around him was honestly breaking his heart.

Trying to ignore his own troubled thoughts, Peter looks over at you, seeing you doing your homework at his desk. Usually, when you had homework, you never hesitated to get on the bed with him and work on your respective assignments side by side. At first, he ignored the change and tried his best to not bring it up (for fear of you leaving him). But he honestly couldn’t take it anymore.

He slams his physics textbook shut before calling out to you. “[Name].”

“Hm?” You answer back, clearly distracted with your homework. Biting the bottom of his lip, Peter gathers his courage and stands, stepping closer to you.

When you were close enough to touch, he kneels down and wraps his arms around your shoulders, giving you a tight hug. The way you stiffen makes him wince, but he wasn’t going to back down now, “Why don’t we hug and kiss? That was part of the perk of me being your –boyfriend–, I could kiss you whenever I wanted to because I love you so much.”

He lets out a weak chuckle, attempting to lighten the sudden tension in the air.

You couldn’t answer him, feeling your anxiety pile up as it began to build, causing your throat to suddenly tighten in response.

“[Name], talk to me. Tell me what’s bothering you, please. I can’t stand this, you not looking at me, not touching me- It honestly hurts.” You felt the hot tears appear against your eyes when he pressed his lips against the back of your neck.

You open your mouth, ready to tell him everything, yet no sound came out. All you could manage was a nervous whimper, which further broke Peter’s heart.

“Shit, I should have known. I was the only one in love here. You only accepted my feelings out of pity.” Suddenly, he pulls away from you, as if touching you burned him.

You turn around and face him, feeling horrible for hurting him. There was pain evident in his brown eyes as he ran his hands through his hair, “I should have followed my instinct and not ask you out. I had a feeling that I would be rejected, and honestly I would have preferred i-it of you said no from the beginning. What I’m feeling now is worser than rejection, I-”

Unable to take his pain, you stand and grab a hold of his sweater, pulling him toward you as you kissed him. Your kiss successfully silences his self deprecating rant, and when you finally pull away, you gave him an apologetic expression.

“Peter, oh no, Peter you’ve got it all wrong. I love you. I love you so so so fucking much that I don’t know what to do with myself.

It’s just… I’ve never been in a relationship before, and because of my inexperience, I began to think and panic.

I thought about how to kiss you and whether I would need to sleep with you in order to keep you, and-”

Peter stops your rant with another quick kiss, and feeling his lips slanting against yours made a bit of your anxiety melt away.

He continues kissing you, pecking your lips here and there to help with calming you. When he was sure that you were okay, Peter begins kissing your features all while playfully scolding you.

“You’re so stupid, you know that?” (Followed by a kiss on your nose.)

“I know.”

“I’m pretty new to this relationship, too. Babe, you’re my first girlfriend, and you’re so precious to me. I would do anything to keep you.” (Now he was kissing your jaw.)

“I feel even stupider for avoiding you.”

“You should feel stupid. And you know that I love you so much, too. I would never, never pressure you into doing anything you weren’t ready to do. All you need to do is just be yourself for me to keep you.” (He takes his time kissing your closed eyelids.)

“Peter Parker, I love you, thank you.” Your arms wrap around his back, and he gently squeezes your form against him before reassuring you,

“I love you, too. We don’t have to rush when you’re together with me.”


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Fucking Stoned// Stoner Stiles AU Smut

AN; Hi! I’m back from a very long hiatus that i apologize for. Im sorry. Anyways, this is my first Stiles Stilinksi/ Teen Wolf imagine let alone smut. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 1,859

Warnings: Smut; smoking weed, dirty talk, oral (girl receiving), teasing, fingering, dry humping, I don’t know??

Note: I call this an AU because in this Stiles is a stoner and there are no supernatural things so yeah

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

  You sensed Stiles watching you with rapt attention as the smoke swirled around your tongue and you inhaled, trying to hold it in as long as you could before blowing it out. You turned to face him, a grin on your face. Over the past year since you and Sties started getting high together you’d often noticed him gazing at you, sometimes with his bottom lip between his teeth. 

  He stared into your eyes, making sure not to break the eye contact as he took the joint from your hand. Now it was your turn to stare. Never had you been so turned on by watching how his perfect plump lips wrapped around the tip of the blunt as he breathe din the smoke and blew out. You shuddered, pressing your thighs together for some friction when you felt his cold hand rest on your thigh, his thumb rubbing small circles. You looked over at him, his eyes glazed over as he watched the baseball game on the T.V. He was unfazed by his action, he was fucking high as a kite by now.

  You took this moment to look at him. A layer of scruff from not shaving had formed along his chin and jaw. Fuck. His hair was peeking out on all sides, but still managed to make him look sexy as hell. You took the blunt from his mouth to your own hoping to gain some confidence from your high.

  You breathed in the smoke, capturing it in your mouth as you got up, Stiles’ eyebrows furrowing in confusion as you slowly sat on his lap. He stayed silent as your  hands  reached up to open his mouth and you leaned in just barely leaving enough space between both of your lips. You opened your mouth, the smoke blowing into his as he gladly sucked it in, a sly smirk on your lips.

  “I'ma get some juice. Want some?” You spoke nonchalantly as you got up. He nodded no and as you left you barely heard the whispered ‘fuck’ that left his mouth. 

  I stumbled my way up the stairs, fuck i was buzzed. As i looked for some orange juice in the fridge i thought about what had just happened. Did he get the message or was he too fucking high? I filled a glass with juice and took a sip when i heard Stiles’ footsteps behind me.

  “I thought you didn’t want any juice?: My voice was muffled as i took another sip and his footsteps sounded nearer. I nearly jumped when i felt his hands grab my waist.

  "That’s because i don’t want any juice.” His voice was deep and low, it was enough to make the hairs at the back of my neck stand up.

  “What i want is to bury my cock deep inside that tight little pussy of yours. I want to hear you screaming my name, begging me to fuck you harder until you come.” His hands tugged me back against him as he took the glass from me and placed it on the counter. I stood silent, knowing if i opened my mouth the only thing that would come out is a whimper begging him to fuck me.

  “I wanna bury my face and taste you. I wanna fuck you so hard you wot even be able to walk three steps.” He began placing wet hot kisses along my neck and i couldn’t help but let out a small moan at his dirty words. Goddamn.

  “You like me talking dirty to you Princess?” He chuckled as his hands slid down my waist to my thighs. He ran his fingers along my panties.

  “Oh i think you do. You’re so fucking wet. And all this just from me talking to you? Imagine how wet you’re gonna be when i bury my cock deep inside you.” God, i could feel the smirk on his face as he sucked on my right collarbone, my back against his chest. The pulsing between my thighs was nearly unbearable. I need him to fuck me so badly. 

  My hand automatically went down to my panties, I was  so turned on i couldn’t help but touch myself right there in front of Stiles.

  “Tut,tut,tut, you don’t get to do that. You only get to scream my name and beg me to fuck you.” He laughed against my cheek, using his knee to spread open my legs for him. A mewl escaped my lips at the feeling of his thumb pressing down on my clit and the calloused pads of his fingers dipping into my soaking folds.

  “S-Stiles.” I managed to mumble before his thumb started rubbing my clit at a steady pace and i let out another moan, bucking my hips up in response. H e hummed in appreciation, rubbing faster and faster to hear more of my dirty moans. I yelped when he pushed a finger in me, letting myself hold onto him, my nails digging into his arm for support.

  “Did you think you could just pull that little stunt in the basement and i wouldn’t be horny as hell? Hmm?” He pushed a second finger in as he waited for my response, my knuckles turning white as i gripped his arm for support. My legs were trembling as i climbed higher and higher to my release.

  “I’m sorry.” I breathed out as the dirtiest sound followed after.

  “Oh you will be when i’m done with you.” A low chuckle left his lips as his fee hand turned my chin to him. This new side of him making me more wet by the minute.

  I looked into his eyes as he fingered my pussy, the intense eye contact making the coil in my stomach tighter and tighter.

  His fingers were moving at full speed, my legs trembling and barely being able to hold me. He licked his lips before crashing them down on mine. It was harsh and dirty but fucking hell i loved it and he did too as i heard a low groan from him. He was so turned on by my writhing mess, his erection digging into my lower back. He pushed a third finger in, stretching me, and i screamed his name as my thighs clamped shut and my head rolled back as i saw white. My body shook as his  fingers  continued pumping in and out of me slowly to carry out my orgasm, his lips meeting mine to swallow my moans.

  He pulled away and steadied me on my feet. I watched him with heavy lidded eyes as he sucked on his fingers and then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

  I stood there as he walked out of the kitchen and down towards the basement. What the fuck? I fixed myself before gong back down.

  He was sitting on the couch, the joint hanging lazily in his mouth as he watched the rest of the game. He didn’t even flinch when i sat down next to him. His hand went up to remove the blunt from his mouth and he slowly turned to me.

  I steadily got up, took the blunt from his mouth to mine, and sat on his lap again. His erection deliciously hitting up against my pussy and i couldn’t help but grind my hips into his, a satisfied sigh leaving his lips. Now it was my turn.
Again i moved my hips up and down, both of us letting out small moans.

  “What do you think you’re doing princess?” His long-fingered hands gripped my waist to stop me from moving again.

  I smirked as i put the blunt out on the ashtray behind me before turning back to him. “Shh, relax baby.” My words were mumbles as i sucked red marks on his neck, my fingernails raking along his chest The way i had him moaning beneath me made the throbbing in between my thighs worse. I was pretty sure there was a wet spot on his sweatpants from me and the precum that had formed on his tip.

  He chuckled as his hands stopped me once again. “As much as i want your pretty lips around my dick, I would much rather fuck you into oblivion.”

  “Mm, then why don’t you?” I looked at him through my eyelashes, making my voice as innocent as possible. Before i knew it he had me flipped over on the couch with him on top of me. I couldn’t get a word out as he began attacking my body with wet hot kisses.

  “These are no longer needed.” He mumbled against my stomach as he grabbed my panties and completely ripped them apart. He lifted the t-shirt i was wearing over my head before proceeding to get rid of his clothes. A small gasp left my mouth at the sight of him and i licked my lips in hunger. He smirked when he saw my reaction. Cocky little shit.

  His lips found mine in a harsh kiss, tongues and teeth clashed as he dominated me. “God you’re so fucking beautiful, and you’re all mine.” He mumbled, pumping himself a few times before sliding along my dripping folds.

  “Don’t tease me.” I could barely speak. He groaned and a mewl left me as he slammed himself into me giving me no time to adjust before doing it again.

  “Fuck Stiles!” I screamed as his hand found my clit and began rubbing it at a furious pace.  The coil in my abdomen tightened as he thrusted, his fingers now gripping my waist tightly, bruising my flesh.

  “So fucking tight.” He panted, his hips snapping up to mine. I shuddered, the flames licking higher as i climbed closer to my second orgasm and he groaned loudly as his lips traveled to my collarbone.

  He lifted your leg over his shoulder, the slight change of movement allowing him to hit a new angle. His hand let go of your waist and snaked its way back up, reaching for your nipple.You let out a sharp breath as he pinched it between his fingers.

  “You like that?” He chuckled, another groan following after as your walls clenched around him.

  “Oh god yes. Fuck, I’m gonna come!” You moaned loudly as he rolled the other nipple between his fingers.

  “Come on baby, come for me. Come all over my dick like a good little girl.” His words sent you over the edge. Your legs shook as you let go, your body spasming with the force of your release. A loud growl ripped from his chest as his cock twitched inside you, both of your fluids filling you.

  The both of you were a pile of heaving panting messes as he collapsed on top of you. Placing a soft tender kiss on your lips.

  “Shit Stilinski.” You laughed as he got up and put his shorts back on, handing you his t-shirt to cover yourself.

 "You, Princess, are fucking amazing.“ He breathed out, a smiled planted on his face as he laid down beside you. He wrapped his arms around your torso, his face nuzzled in your neck.

Cosmic Child [pt 2] (? X Reader)

A/N: I’m glad that the first instalment had such a great response! Hopefully I’ll think about which batbro this story will revolve around, in the meantime, you guys can give me suggestions on who you want it to be! I’m mostly considering Dick or Jason :)

Gotham bustled with gossip after it was revealed that Bruce Wayne had adopted another child. Journalists went wild with their ridiculous headlines, lies that ruined your reputation in the human world instantly. However, you couldn’t be bothered, partially because you still couldn’t understand the rational behind humanity’s social norms.

You also didn’t know how news could spread so quickly. One moment you were sitting by the window, the men of the house discussing plans for you and the next moment, everyone knew your name. Well, it wasn’t your name but the name that Bruce Wayne had given you; (Y/N).

Sitting on your bed in the room that had been given to you, you tried to recall what life was like before you’d ended up on Earth. You couldn’t remember much, just bits of whatever sort of “life” you’d lived. Eventually, you’d managed to piece together quite a lot.

You remember being in the sky after a great conflict. You were once part of a great goddess, a woman so vain that she was casted into the sky for everyone to see. You were part of her, and thus became part of the constellation she had been transformed into. You were the largest star in the constellation of Cassiopeia; you had been for a long time. You watched as the galaxy evolved, planets changed and stars lived and died.

You were particularly interest in the planet of Earth. In such a short amount of time, so much had happened to the tiny planet. You witnessed great wars which left many dead in their wake, watched as people came together every once in a while to celebrate a happy occasion.

You led a peaceful existence until the fateful clash between Zeus and Asteria. The God and Titaness fought over something trivial, their fight caused hundreds of planets in other solar systems to tear apart. While they never managed to damage anything too near to Earth, the raw power that was expelled from their clashes tore you away from your place in the universe.

You could recall nothing between seeing a bright flash of light, the energy that pulled you out of the solar system, and landing on Earth. It was as if the tragedy had occured in a split second. Looking around the large, beautiful room the Wayne’s had given you, perhaps “tragedy” wasn’t the right word to describe what’d happened.

Though skeptical and wary at first, you could tell the boys were starting to warm up to your presence; the first to do so being the oldest. His name was Richard Grayson, or Dick, as he asked you to call him.

Out of all of the Wayne boys, he was the kindest. The first night you’d arrived, after their family meeting was over, he walked up to you and took the hot mug out of your hands.

“It’ll hurt if you keep holding it like that,” he said kindly, placing down elsewhere. “Do you have a name?”

You shook your head; were you supposed to have a name?

“How about… (Y/N)?” Dick suggested, anticipating your response.

“That sounds… nice,” you smiled widely at him. The name didn’t sound like anything special to you in particular but since it had been bestowed upon you, you would treasure it forever.

Although Dick Grayson seemed the happiest most of the time, you could tell his past held dark secrets. You never pried but still hoped that perhaps he would trust you enough to share his stories with you.

You soon established Dick Grayson as the lovely one.

The next brother who warmed up to you rather quickly was Timothy Drake, or rather Tim Drake.

You could tell from the way he spoke that he was one who valued intellect quite a lot. He also often smelled like coffee, a beverage you heard was very popular on Earth.

He was the one who introduced you to this planet’s technology. Within one day, he’d patiently educated you on most of the things you should’ve known to survive on this modernised planet.

He also gave you a phone, and very willingly spent a whole evening teaching you how to use it efficiently. When it came to setting your wallpaper, you asked to take a photo with him and used that. His face was flushed but happy in the picture, you loved it very much.

Tim Drake was eventually established in your heart as the sweet one.

The third brother who’d warmed up to you was Jason Todd. While he was unruly towards you during the first few days, he eventually became very kind and concerning.

He was the one who taught you about weapons. Something that Bruce Wayne wasn’t totally supportive of, you discovered. Jason Todd didn’t teach you how to use them but gave you simple instructions on what to do when you saw any one of them. You could remember him looking at you intensely in the eye and saying, “whatever you do, do not fight and protect yourself no matter what, got it?”

He was also the one who was the most interested in your knowledge of the universe. One night he had trouble sleeping and spotted you star watching, you were surprised when he decided to join you. That night, for the whole night, you told him stories of the Gods and the history behind some of the biggest constellations in the sky. You could tell, during that personal time spent with him, that he, too, had secrets deep in his heart. Secrets you knew he’d rather forget. But he was acting so strong and brave, you hoped to know more about him.

You found Jason Todd to be the brave one.

The last brother hadn’t accepted you just yet, even after one week of staying in their home. His name was Damian Wayne, the blood son of your new adoptive father.

For such a young child, you never expected him to act so adult-like. He was mature in many aspects but not all. He tried to avoid you as much as he could so you never had any chance to talk to him. You felt sad but decided that he would approach you when he was ready.

You simply saw him as the youngest one, the one you hoped would open up to you just a little, like the others had.

As you sat on your bed, in your night clothes, or rather, pyjamas, you reminisced about the one week you’d spent with this family. Every moment you were around them, you found yourself loving them more and more.

general rule of Tumblr famous though seems to be

Top tier: anyone over 20k

-shitposting. biggest blogs. most likely to end up on buzzfeed. or an official news outlet as evidence of moral and grammatical decline in millenials. good luck winning an argument with these guys. they’ll make you a meme. forget an actual point. you’re a meme now. your post will circulate decades after your deletion/death. if they post about personal things, expect thousands of notes for how their hands smelt a little funny at 4:20pm.

-aesthetic. nature blog. DOGS. Kittens. some kind of grunge blog. some kind of “soft rose petals and cute white couples kissing each other on the stomach” blog. some kind of scary horror/sci if/urban legend sixpenceee type blog, you feel? aesthetic. it’s pleasing but doesn’t get into arguments. they might as well not be run by people, that’s how little you know about their personal lives.

-mega fandom blog. either posts gif or art or bullshit meta-I mean meta. not anime, usually, but it’ll happen sometimes. tends to be a mixture of the above two, though. add a mixture of humor and shitposting. makes personal post about what their proctologist told them this morning, can stir up a couple hundred notes.

Addendum: aesthetic fandom blogs exist. aesthetic shitposting exists. shitposting fandom blogs exist. there are combos. but general rule. the mega tier tends to stick to one or the other.

Mixing is for…

Mid tier: anyone from 20k-10k

-they’re lesser versions of the above blogs. shitposting but not so good at it that they get thousands of notes on a post about how their buttcrack smells this morning.

-aesthetic, they’re good. people reblog from them a lot. but they’re not so large that the larger blogs follow them. they have a smaller network and maybe have personal banter or “omg I’m in love with rosepetalheart” but it’s mostly ignored by their followers. shitposters have similar cliques but they’re more vital because they riff off of each other and thus need more chemistry.

-popular fandom blog but not mega popular. can post about their dog and make a hundred notes on a good day, but when their fandom is down, so are notes. tend to be tag alongs on bigger posts just because of sheer concentrated nerdery. you know. nerds tend to be concentrated higher than regular Tumblr goers. they react faster because they’re on Tumblr most consistently and they update their own blogs rapidly.

This tier isn’t so powerful that it’s immune to controversy. Treat with caution. This tier is human. The god tier will not be defeated by anyone, not unless they clash with another god. But this king tier, this human royalty, can be brought down by one misunderstanding.

Tread carefully. This is where drama comes. The realm of man.

Minus tier: 10k to 1k

This is where it gets weird. Elected state official tier.

-shitposting. it can be about anything. edits of anime, of tv shows, crack videos, crack fanfics, headcanons. it’s whacky and bombastic and loud but it’s fun. people like it. a certain type of people, anyway. it has its resentful more serious blogger enemies.

-small aesthetic blogs mixed with personal shit that usually involves cries for help that go ignored. they are prone to fandoms. and also being extremely clingy with other bloggers they may or may not know and take it personally if they don’t immediately respond to a message or reblog a post. caution. small aesthetic bloggers for bands or bath bombs tend to be unpredictable.

-fandom blog that’s made like five super popular posts and about ten decently popular posts. ok fanart. ok fanfiction. headcanons. gifs sometimes reblogged from others. quippy comments from now and then. occasionally hits a 5k noter but rarely gets over 10k because of the specificity of the fandom. not a mega blog not because of lack of ability but because it’s a jack of all fandoms blog without the clout of the mega fandom blog OR because it’s just for one fandom which is inactive for three years.

This tier is most prone to arguments.

Other tiers tend to stay out of it because they’re afraid to lose followers or reveal themselves to their adoring crowds. The more Tumblr knows about you.

The less intrigue. You get too close to people and suddenly you’re not famous anymore. Celebrities work the same way online as they do offline.


Mini tier: 1k and below

Personal blogs.

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 2

Translation of the audio commentary of the BD/DVD vol.2! By Mitsurou Kubo and Kouki Uchiyama, voice actor of Yuri Plisetsky. Unlike the commentary of vol.1, that contained lots of things already appeared in countless interviews, this one has some VERY interesting information that I’m sure everyone wants to know. For example, we finally get to know more about Yurio’s family… There really is a lot of stuff regarding Yurio!

The commentary is only for episode 3. Episode 4 has no commentary. In a way it’s still not a full translation because I didn’t really translate every single line, but I think I translated/summarized basically everything they talked about. Therefore, it’s also really long… As in vol.1, since the format is different from normal interview translations, you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

Since it’s long you can find it under the cut. Enjoy!

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live-and-breathe-fantasy  asked:

Do you have any tips on creating a new world with new races and cultures?

Here is a post I made about world building and here are 30 World Building Questions. Moving from there, it’s always a good idea to take a look first at the real world and then decide what sort of world you want. Will it be a utopia or will there be racial tensions? If there are, why? What does this stem from? In our own world, we can see that racial and cultural tensions stem from a history of slavery in some places, of economic resource distribution in others, from physical characteristics and an idea of genetic superiority, or from a clash of gods and religious practices, etc. Any of these true real-world dilemmas can play into your fictional world, but whether or not they cause tension, it will still be necessary for you to understand each. For example, you should know:

  • What is the most common physical look of the race or culture? Does this differ often? How does their physicality affect their place in the world?
  • What religious customs does this culture have? Do they have holidays associated with this religion? Do they pray? Does a higher being dictate their actions? 
  • Are any foods important to this culture? Are recipes passed down? Are any religious?
  • How does gender affect this culture? What about sexuality? Age?
  • Do they historically come from a certain climate or natural location that would affect how they interact with the world or other people? (For example, a beach-side culture might have more water gods or fish-based foods, etc.)

Take a look at the 30 questions above, and make sure you can understand as many as possible. As soon as you fully and completely understand each cultural individually, you can then begin to play with how they interact with one another: whose beliefs could cause them to clash? Who would get along best? Is there a history between them: wars, religious persecution, etc.? 

Here are some other resources I hope will help:



◾ You three being so close, in which no one would even dare to split this tight-knit trio up, as all would clearly know that if they did, there would be a vile fight that would break loose.

◾ Rollo favoring you to Ragnar because he not only feels very close to you, but he knows that you would not shimmy him into the background no matter if you accomplish great things or not.

◾ The three of you supporting one another tirelessly.

◾ Being the glue that keeps these two brothers together.

◾ It would be a regular occurrence of having to put up with Ragnar and Rollo fighting and bickering with one another; and having to always shut them up when things get out of hand.

◾ Your brothers often babying you, whether you are older or younger than them. They’d feel the sudden need to always protect you and make sure you’re taken care of.

◾ Being impeccably protective of both of them, - even if they have done wrong -.

◾ You also having to bear with your brothers ceaselessly fighting - whether verbally or physically -. However, once things get clearly out of hand, you would be furious, breaking them up and telling them off in a way that astonishes them (even after all of this time).

◾ “You both are acting as those you are still children!” You roared, ill-temper coursing through your very veins whilst you shoveled between them. The glare you sent their way almost stunned them. It felt as though this was the millionth time that this had happened this week.

◾ Ragnar and Rollo being extremely protective over you when on raids or in day-to-day life. 

◾ Ragnar and Rollo having the belief and opinion that no one is good enough for you. So when a man or woman does flirt with you, they are immediately by your side, - much faster than one of the immense clashes of the God of Thunder, Thors’ hammer -, shutting them down so quickly.

◾ Your brothers teasing you if you were to have a crush on someone, but they would also tease to you for no reason whatsoever. 

◾ “Oh look who showed up to the feast my dear sister.” Rollo would boom loudly as for everyone to hear. “Are you just here to rejoice our victory or to see a certain someone?” He would lean in closer to you and wink at you, turning your cheeks a vicious red.

◾ Loving Lagertha to death and feeling saddened at your brother Ragnars’ mistake of cheating on her.

◾ Not liking Aslaug all too much at first, but growing fond of her as time flies by.

◾ Being so very close to Floki and Helga.

◾ Learning to love Siggy and forgive her for all the wrong her husband had done to your family and yourself for so long, and realizing that deep down, Siggy was just what Rollo needed, but he could not see it.

◾ Supporting Ragnar when he wanted to go West while every citizen in Kattegat wanted to go East: And thus supporting him with further decisions and on raids in the future.

◾ If you were to go on raids with your brothers just know that they would protect you like their lives depended upon it and vise versa. Even if it resulted in death.

◾ At times when it is needed, you would give advice to your brothers if it were important or just if you wanted to offer help.

◾ Rollo would often not be so receptive of your advice, telling you more regularly to ‘stuff it’. But later on he would realize that what you said was true, and often that would be when things were too late. However, much of the time he would not admit this, feeling that his pride was more important.

◾ Ragnar would listen to what you had to say, even if he cut you off or would state he was dismissing it. Your words would always play in the back of his head and he may even admit it to his already fool-proof plans. However, Ragnar is usually one step ahead, but sometimes he wishes that he would have listened to your wise words, for a woman’s intuition is usually right.

◾ When Rollo ends up betraying Ragnar you feel anger towards what your brother has done and what path he has chosen. Yet you also feel very torn between both of them since you love both of your brothers with all of your heart, and equally at that (even if they bicker and argue about who you care for more).

◾ If Floki even dared to say something bad about Rollo you would stick up for him, never backing down, even if you knew your heart that what Rollo did was wrong (the same goes for Ragnar).

◾ When you spend time with one another, or all together, these moments would truly be cherished by not only yourself but also your brothers - even if they never do admit it -.

◾ Your brothers would keep a close eye on you and would make sure that no harm comes your way on the battle field or whatever it may be. 

◾ “My dear brothers, how many times do I have to repeat myself? I can look after myself. I am no longer a child anymore!” You stated with annoyances abundantly enriched within your tone whilst your orbs rolled before stalking away angrily.

◾ Your brothers sometimes liking to annoy you for the fun of seeing you lose your cool and to see you freak out like a mad woman towards them. 

◾ You would be close to Floki, Helga, Siggy and Lagertha.

◾ You would be very close to Bjorn, Gyda and all of your nephews, having no favorites at all, but loving them all, which would really help them as they grew up because they’d know you wouldn’t neglect any of them.

◾ Mourning your niece Gyda.

◾ Crushing Bjorn when he returns to fight with Ragnar and then stay.

◾ Floki would take up the role of being your other brother even though you both aren’t biologically related. 

◾ “Would you three stop following me!” You would shout behind you without even looking their way, which would only make them all tense up.

◾ Being taught how to be an amazing shield maiden as Lagertha had taught you, but also sparring with your brothers, nephews and Floki had made you so much better.

◾ If you were to suffer from horrible nightmares, just know that your brothers would try to comfort you in the best way that they possibly could and would be concerned over you if you were growing ill from your lack of sleep. If need be, they would take care of you, watching over you as you sleep so to be there to comfort you if they were capable of it. They would also tell you old tales like they used to when you were children to distract your mind if you did not wish to speak over what haunted you, thus lulling you back into slumber. 

◾ “Everything is alright and well. Nothing can touch you.” Rollo hushed out in a soothing tone as he slowly made his way over to your shaking form. “We are here to keep you safe, dear sister. For no harm will come to you while we keep watch over you.” Ragnar soothed, running a hand though your damp messy hair while they both looked at you with concern on their faces.

◾ The three of you always sticking together no matter what the Gods have in store of you in your futures.

◾ They’d go to the Seer a lot to see what the Gods had in store for you, hoping that all good would come your way, for that is all that you ever do deserve, and vice versa.

◾ You three standing up for one another no matter what. 

◾ Being there for one another through all your own up’s and down’s. 

◾ No one daring to mess with you all as individuals, a pair or as a trio. 

◾ Having tales and songs written and sang about you three. 

◾ Having a strong bond between each other that’s unbreakable

◾ Overall, you three would be totally bad ass!

ragnar & rollo gif : source - 🏹

hope you enjoyed! please follow for more, lovelies.

Agender Cas (and their SO Dean) headcanons
  • they’ve been going to the same school since Kindergarten but were never really that close. Sure they’ve been to each other’s birthday parties but they weren’t best friends material. Then in the 7th grade Cas comes to school in a skirt and well that’s the biggest event that happens all year. They try to tell people that they’re agender and they’re not a boy or a girl but well 12 year old can be assholes. Dean doesn’t like how the kids are treating Cas though. By the time he gets home he’s pretty upset about the whole thing and after a long talk with his mom they make a trip to Target and Dean’s got a game plan and some new clothes. The next day at school Cas is looking miserable and is back to wearing “boy” clothes but Dean… Dean has a sparkly pink and grey flannel on over his Hello Kitty shirt. People try to give him shit but they’re not going to start anything since Dean is one of the biggest kids in the class and he punched out Alistair in the 4th grade because he was picking on Jo. Dean tells the other kids that “clothes are just clothes. Nobody should tease Cas for what they want to wear it is their choice and they look really cute in that skirt!”
  • in college Dean makes an ignorant comment about pink being a girly colour and this does not go over well with Cas (Yes Dean realises he was being a dick and apologises profusely but Cas is still ticked because Dean definitely knew better). So when Dean asks them to pick him up a new toothbrush the following day Cas buys Dean a pink one. And Cas continues to buy Dean nothing but pink toothbrushes (and razors) out of spite for the next 3 years. They eventually feel Dean has learned his lesson and buy Dean a really nice green one. The next morning Dean wakes them up because he can’t find a pink toothbrush and he is late for work and he just can’t go to work without brushing his teeth! When Cas tells him that he has a green toothbrush this time he looks so crestfallen that Cas has to go out and buy him a new pink one later in the day.
  • Their most serious fight is Dean’s fault. They’re out drinking and Dean blurts out that he thinks Cas’ outfits are terrible. He tries to take ti back immediately but the damage is done; Cas is upset and Dean winds up sleeping on Benny’s couch since he’s too ashamed to go home. When he does come home the two of them sit down and Dean explains that he loves Cas’ clothes and their eclectic tastes and how they will wear anything (though he really hates that fuzzy yellow cat sweater but they’ll talk about that later). And what he meant was that Cas can’t match for shit. The colours clash and oh my god they can’t mix patterns like that. With a sigh Cas admits that they are a little overwhelmed by trying to match so they just kind of wear the first two things they grab more often than not. So they compromise. Cas will pick out a skirt or top they want to wear and Dean will help them build an outfit around it. Dean won’t ever admit it aloud but he almost has more fun dressing Cas up than he does undressing them.
  • For their trip to Hawaii Cas wants to bring a bikini. There are an endless number of cute tops and Dean has to limit Cas to like 3 (”jeeze we’re only going to be there like a week, how many swimsuits do you need? Aren’t you bringing like 3 pairs of trunks too?”). But the bottoms pose a problem. A lot of the fun ones pose a problem for tucking and its really bumming Cas out. They really wanted the cute blue ones with the pink flowers. But it seems they’re doomed to choose between black, black, black, navy blue, black, or (surprise) black. Dean of course spends a lot of late nights trying to find a solution and he does in the form of a sarong. The one that dean surprises Cas with is a royal blue with yellow/gold dragons on it and Cas is THRILLED. And since Dean is such a big sap he totally lets Cas buy like 6 more of the damn things because the way their face lights up just makes Dean’s heart melt.
  • When Dean and Cas go to see their first metal show it’s in an intense heat wave. There’s no way it should be this hot in May but it is. And being in the crowded venue with 100s of other metalheads moshing out to Amon Amarth is going to be hell. So Cas decides they’re going to wear their cute skull skirt. Dean’s honestly kind of jealous because the thought of wearing jeans is already making him want to die. They get a few odd looks when they are standing outside the venue waiting to get in (to be fair most people in line are getting weird looks from passers by) but thank god nobody decides to be a dick. That is until they’re standing in line to get water after the opener has finished playing. Some huge burly guy (like seriously he might be taller than Sam even) with a huge beard and sleeves on both arms comes up and says “Uhh hey, I don’t mean for this to come out rude or anything but…. wheredidyougethatskirtitisreallycute…” It takes them a moment to process what the guy said but then Cas smiles and explains how their sister in law is a seamstress and gives the guy her card. He thanks Cas profusely and disappears into the crowd. They think that’s the last of mystery guy but two weeks later Sam phones to say that some huge hairy dude came in to his wife’s shop and special ordered a dress for himself and left a silver pendant of Mjolnir for Cas.

(feel free to add your own cute agender!Cas/Dean headcanons!)

Consider this: Morrigan and Merrill coming across one another in their respective research into Eluvians and Dalish history. It ends up not being the most productive of meetings at first (Merrill’s babble and cheerfulness initially grating on Morrigan), but Morrigan sticks it out for one simple reason: She is nice to Kieran, and he like her.

And then Merrill’s babble gets Morrigan’s attention and she recognizes that Merrill is on to something and recommends a partnership. Merrill goes with her to Orlais, posing as her servant/Kieran’s caregiver (since Morrigan is already running a risk being so open as an apostate taking on the role of Arcane Adviser, Celene recommends the deception, and Morrigan goes along with it for Merrill’s protection). Both join the Inquisition.

Varric’s of course excited to see Merrill, though he’s concerned about the company that Merrill’s keeping, but Merrill is so enthusiastic about the things that she’s learning with Morrigan, he just reminds her to watch her back, and warns the Inquisitor not to let anything happen to her.

Morrigan and Merrill both join the Inquisitor into the investigation into the Temple of Mythal, where Merrill takes the lead in explaining things. Morrigan is dismissive of the elven gods, and there’s obvious tension - this is clearly something they’ve butted heads over before, Morrigan’s atheism clashing with Merrill’s beliefs in the gods.

Go through the rituals, meet Abelas, and when he leaves, Morrigan gives chase, while Merrill struggles to wrap her head around what she’s learned - so much of the Dalish beliefs are in question now, what does that mean for her people, for what they’ve come to believe?

And then at the Well of Sorrows, Morrigan attempts to convince the Inquisitor to let her drink - she’s the most qualified, she says, because she views the Dalish gods as mere people, not deities in the slightest. And Merrill refuses that idea - this is Dalish history, Dalish truth. If anyone is to drink from it, learn all of that, become the repository of all that the Dalish have lost, it MUST be one of the People

(If the Inquisitor is Dalish, they can drink from the Well themselves, otherwise they must choose between the two.)

Afterwards, Merrill is considering all that she learned - her people have lost that history, changed it over time. Is it still work recovering, if all they’ll find is contradictory? Or perhaps is the contradiction worth more, because it matters more what her people BELIEVE, whether or not it’s true.


Drunk In Love

A/N: This was highly requested and so I thought okay, I’ll take my original idea and add something  you all wanted on to it…you’ll see….breaking dan’s bed (also award for lamest, most cliché title ever goes to me.) 

Title: Drunk In Love

Genre: Fluff/Smut/Humour/Getting together

Warnings: TW: Alcohol. Swearing.

Description: Dan drinks a little too much wine when filming his Internet Support Group video and one thing leads to another… Smut, fluff and drunk, needy Dan Howell ensue.

Word Count: 2900


In hindsight, maybe a third glass of wine had been a bad idea.

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i also really like the meme that’s been going around that the guy who punched dick spencer was Comrade Jeb!, it has a very nice optics to it, since dick spencer was explaining pepe at the exact moment he got punched.

if you think of Comrade Jeb! as a mythic figure in his own right, it has a kind of Clash Of The Gods feel to it, like Comrade Jeb! punched Kek right in the face

The Garden and the God - Part 1

It was dark night. A dark, noisy night like so many he had seen on that dumb planet, in that realm of chaos and oddities. It was inhabited by people who were easy to manipulate, weak minds like children’s, and who for some time had given him the illusion of getting something full of greatness, something glorious. And wrong.

He closed his eyes for a moment, breathing deeply,  and turned his back at the enormous stained-glass window that was directly on the frenzy of the night streets. He coughed with a shiver. Every time he forgot the dry air he breathed in that huge building where he had been leaded after the end of those tragic events, and where he lived for a year now. 

The Stark Tower. A gigantic finger made of steel and glass, pointing straight to the sky, full of lights, laboratories, corridors and rooms. And people. Many of whom did not love him, distrusted him, and even feared to speak to him. In the Stark Tower everything was automated and technologically advanced: the doors opened with mysterious hidden buttons, the lights had strange reflections and even the comfortable common rooms, tastefully furnished, hiding ultra-modern gadgets that he hated and found them completely useless.

He had spent several months to get used to that setting that made him uncomfortable and so far from his reality, but for how much effort he did, he would never have been able to understand the contraption that filtered all the air, and returned it dry, clean and with a vague smell of disinfectant he badly tolerated, and forced him to cough. He let a thoughtful look run over his large desk that was soon filled with books, papers and pens; he had everything he wanted in that fistful of nice and comfortable rooms where he lived, so a careless look would never have known that that was his golden cage.

He could go out, attend the vast library, get new experiences in the common lounges, but he was not allowed to leave the building and every time he moved from one area to another, he had to do some sort of report to a metal voice in a microphone, an invisible figure called Jarvis, so Stark and his friends always knew where he was. He looked back out of the window, but instead of seeing sparkling lights, skyscrapers, and tiny cars in a row fifty-eight floors down below, his reflection in the glass attracted his attention. He hated what had become his life, he hated the fact that he could only blame himself, and he hated to admit it, in silence, with himself. He stared into the clear glass, his face with an almost somber expression. The black long hair just past her shoulders, high forehead, the sculpted cheekbones. And then those eyes. Even the deep black of the night sky was unable to suffocate the intense green of his gaze. An unnamed green, deep, vibrant, of an almost painful beauty.

Still he recognized the man of that reflection?

Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief and Liars, Prince of Asgard and son …

He hit a fist on the glass to stop his thoughts and walked away from the window with a grimace of anger, as if the window itself was guilty for this feeling of being void and prisoner. He lay down on the bed stretching his long legs: the comfortable black trousers accompanied that movement with a delicate silky swish. He crossed his hands behind his neck and stared at the ceiling. It was better if he tried to sleep, he had to stop with his stupid fixation of late reading and grinding sad thoughts. But there was that dream …

That dream that persecuted him for weeks, if not months, and the last thing he wanted was to get back to it, to live it …

Loki P.O.V 

The light. It always started with the blinding, beautiful light that I knew well. It was the light that was driving me. It was so wonderful to be there, surrounded by that warm golden light. I also knew the scent of those delicate plants, wet ferns and blooming flowers that accompanied my every step.

I knew immediately where I was and my last remnant of conscience had twisted to wake up. “No!!”

The golden light sprang like a hug and warmed my heart like never before. Somewhere, among the hedges, the sound of running water seemed to me the laugh of  a little girl. I decided to move forward, while a strange sweet sadness grabbed my heart…

“Loki, have you done? Hurry up, Tony asked to talk to you and you’re doing everything to be late! ”

Loki glanced cold at the stinging voice that had spoken to him, then returned to sipping his glass of orange juice.

“Tell the Tin Man that I’m not the dog that runs under his command …” he growled, abruptly move away the beefy blond man who had appeared to him “…nor you are my watchman!”.

The other snorted: he was clearly unhappy with the delay Loki deliberately accumulated.

“Do not always be so dramatic, little brother. I do not know what he have in mind, but … by the wind!!… he just asked to talk to you!”

Something in those words was clashing into the ears of the God of Mischief, which jumped like under the whip. Thor did not call him “little brother” since he had twelve winters and was trying to emulate his prodigious strength as he laughed at his childish attempts. A wave of painful memories began to roar in his mind, but he was a God, in the name of the Hells!…and he would turn those demons back to where they had crawled. He shrugged his jaw and poured his anger into a tight muscle. He stiffened and decided to act as if nothing happened: never and ever would let Thor notice his old wounds. He raised an eyebrow and passed it over with his panther walk.

“Oh, let’s go then!” he said with a grin amused “Let’s hear what gave birth the keen mind of the Tin Man!”

Thor stood for a moment to look his brother walks away, and suddenly he began to worry because he knew how little they loved each other, and that morning Loki seemed less accommodative than usual. Tony Stark also discovered it, later, when he saw him, in his studio, that immensely green look planted on him,…tall, slender but strong, dressed in black leather, and a simple dark green shirt. The only detail he had kept of his old garments was the thick leather-made arm guards, adorned with golden metal plates.

“How did you get in?”                                                                                                            

Loki chuckled.

“Not many can boast of have caught me by surprise, Stark …” he said “And you do not make the exception.”

He stepped back a few steps and crossed his arms over his chest.

“What do you want?”

Stark stood up, walked around his desk and stopped to pour half a glass from a bottle of orange liquid. “I suppose you do not want anything to drink, as usual.”

He noticed the disgusted expression of the young God as he looked at his light drink: to see him always so reserved, so damn rational, and reluctant to loosen his iron self-control, increased his frustration.

Loki had the ability to make him feel like one of those bullies that hid his own fragilities behind a glass,… which even himself had thought, several time, and which had almost a fistfight with Rogers, who accused him  of the same thing.

That glimmer of truth burned like an open wound…

“It’s been a year since you’re here, boy, I hope it’s been enough time to think about your deeds.”

Loki was silent, motionless, his jaw clenched and a fierce anger in his cold green stare.

He watched the man, who was walking up and down the room: he noticed that he never looked directly at him and actually, it seemed that he did not want to get too much close.

‘You are a coward, Stark, a big, arrogant coward!’ he thought.

“I have plans for you, Loki.” he announced with a smile, “I thought and evaluated this thing very calmly, … the last thing I want to do is the big bullshit to put a murderess in my house, but I’ve been thinking a lot and I made a decision. ”

He took a sip and looked at last the God of Mischief straight in the eyes.

“I want to give you the chance to join our team and work with us.”

Part 2