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Clash of the Gods: Zeus

So, I started watching Clash of the Gods because Sky1 stopped showing Star Trek Enterprise. And now I'm seriously addicted.

It looks at myths, talks about them a bit and compares them with events and findings in history etc. to try and explain how the myths were created… Could they be true and what not.

It’s pretty damn amazing.

What I do not like, however, is when it uses the Bible as evidence… As if the Bible is more true than the myth.

Do you ever just catch yourself being nerdy?

I’m watching the History Channel series, Clash of the Gods. Its like I’m back in school learning. So far I’ve relearned about the Theseus and the Minotaur, granted they didn’t tell the story of Ariadne correctly. 

Also got another lesson on Medusa and Perseus. This one was pretty accurate but it was still a little off. They made Medusa look like an old hag, and that just bothered me. I don’t believe after her transformation that she really aged.

So, History Channel get your information together so that I can enjoy my mythology with some accuracy.