clash of the tartans

Jacobite highlanders of the ‘45; likely a laird and one of his retainers. Many highlanders were not so richly attired nor fortunate enough to carry a firearm. Other realities clash with the modern romantic image - tartan, though regional, was decorative, and had no clan affiliation. Kilts were not universal. Trews were seen just as frequently, and when the kilt was worn it was typically a belted plaid. The filebeg or ‘small kilt’ worn today was just beginning its existence. The Highland Scots were rough hewn, poor, proud, often violent. Not your typical romance novel hero, that’s for sure. 

i missed you for 29 years (chapter 4)


Word Count: 3375

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

Pairing: Kawoshin

Notes: Kaworu has to find his way to whatever is going on in the manga ending eventually, right? He’s probably awfully tired though. Title from ‘Slow Show’ by The National

“He’s seen Shinji when he’s ‘not good’, and though he’s wanted so badly to smooth away Shinji’s pain, not once has he fallen in love because of it. 'I want him to be happy.’ The resolve in his voice is oddly comforting.”

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