clash of prints

Jazzelle Zanaughtti by Nick Knight - Comme Des Garçons Fall 2016

idk i feel like phil would be the type of school teacher to wear lots of clashing prints and trousers too small for his legs that showed his funky socks while he arrived ten minutes late with a coffee stain on his dress shirt while spontaneously thinking up a lesson that is equally happy and exciting as it is lighthearted and funny to keep the kids concentrated and happy at his witty nature and upbeat tone while dan would be the type to be up 2 hours earlier than he needed to be to look as pristine and professional as possible with a neat setup of the classroom and a lesson planned out for every day with a backup lesson just in case like he would be prepared for anything and everything while still being relatable and understanding of the kids and constantly reminding them he believes in him and giving some speech with meaning at the end of every class to keep them going idk that’s just me 

You know what I’d like to see some day?

A video game with character designs by Yoshitaka Amano where the in-game models actually look like Amano’s design sketches.

All those scarves and feathers and tassels and clashing prints wholly intact.

Sure, the game engine would probably grind to a halt from sheer poly count if two main characters ever appeared on-screen at the same time, but I just wanna see it attempted.

guys real talk I love shaving my head so much, because after that it’s like. I can do whatever tf I want. I can wing my eyeliner out to my damn ears. I can wear two clashing floral prints. I’m already aggressively violating conventional Feminine Beauty Standards, I might as well go big. I feel so hecking free.

Yui, 22

“I’m wearing my fuzzy grey alpaca crop jumper with a hand dyed orange top and my special yellow plaid pants. I look to textiles and decades for inspiration. I like to wear “hand-made” one of a kind pieces (things  made with love) and clashing prints.”

Jan 24, 2015 ∙ The Mission


Fall is definitely our favourite season. It is time for jumpers and boots, but not quite cold enough for heavy duty, outfit swamping, coats.  Culottes have made a massive comeback in the last couple of seasons, and this pair by this seasons must have brand, Self Portrait, are perfect for this time of year.This ribbed top is great as can be worn underneath all sorts of things.  Mens street style has been hugely influenced by the 90’s recently (think windbreakers, snapbacks and clashing prints) and  high waisted jeans have become very popular again. However, make sure you check the label, because it wont look right if you just pull a normal pair of jeans up, it is a specific cut.