I could be dramatic and say Shadowhunters has saved my life, but then again that would most probably be a lie. The truth is, I have struggled with depression, self-hatred and other things best left unsaid, but I save myself by overcoming that again and again, each and every day. However, this show has been such an enormous part of that and it breaks my heart to see it come to this.

In Shadowhunters I find strength and hope. In some ways, I even find parts of myself I never knew existed. No other series has ever made as much an impact on me, and no other one has grown so much in my eyes

Shadowhunters has attracted an enormous, international and undoubtedly dedicated fandom of people who have given all of their hearts to it, because Shadowhunters is so much more than monsters or super-hunters, it is about people and the impact they have on each other. And this fandom has done and continues to do so much, because we are not willing to watch it die an early death!

I am a shadowhunter, and this will forever be marked on my skin.

Please, don’t lose hope, we have not lost until we stopped trying. Let’s save Shadowhunters!


parabatai past and presentwatercolor plants

Entreat me not to leave thee,
Or return from following after thee—
For whither thou goest, I will go,

And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried.
The Angel do so to me, and more also,
If aught but death part thee and me.

If Will ever met Alec

Magnus: Will Herondale, this is my boyfriend. Alexander Lightwood.

Will *looking at Alec*:

Alec *looking at Will*:

Will *looking at Alec*:

Alec: so its ni-

Will *shaking Alec’s hand vigorously*: Thank the angel!! I was afraid Cecily’s descendants would be damned to look like Gabriel until the end of generations!!

Also Will: Why are mine blonde, tho


ya lit ⇥ female characters

with hearts of of steel and fists made of iron


Who Run The World


Lilith is coming *dramatic music plays in the distance*

Found this a long time ago, I still love it though

Bookworm Problems #14

When you read a book for school… and it makes you question all the books you’ve ever loved with your pure hatred for reading in that moment.

Things Will would probably be pissed off about in modern times

- the lack of reading habits

- disrespect towards women

- donald trump

- harambe

- the fucking persistency of the herondale descendants on denying his bloody family name

- facebook