clary x simon x jace

but what if the roles were reversed and Simon was turned first
  • <p> <b>Raphael:</b> *digs his way out of his grave frantic and thirsty*<p/><b>Simon:</b> *wearing a "welcome to the darkside we have blood bags" tshirt and sunglasses at night, makes 47 vampire puns and tries to casually toss Raphael a bloodbag but misses by a mile and hits a random headstone*<p/><b>Raphael:</b> *reverse digs himself back into his grave*<p/></p>
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  • It all started after Jace told Clary that they weren’t actually related.
  • Clary got mad, because he should have told her earlier.
  • But was also confused. Because she loved, Simon, she did. It had taken years for her to realize it and even when she started to date him, Clary didn’t actually expect it to last, didn’t expect their friendship to turn into that.
  • But it had lasted, and she was happy with Simon and Simon was happy with her. The problem was that, Raziel help her, she still wanted Jace.
  • Suddenly things were fucked up again. Clary didn’t know what to do, Jace moped around and Simon just wanted everybody to be fucking happy for once was it too much to ask for?
  • Clary went to talk to Magnus, because “Hey, you live for relationship drama, don’t try to fool me.”
  • “I really don’t see the problem, Biscuit, as long as those two are confused the same way you are. Have you talked to them? Last time I checked, Simon was quite bad at hiding his crush on Blondie. And I’m pretty sure that Jace sabotaged Simon’s date with Maia on purpose.”
  • And Clary was just?? Even more confused?? Because, omg is that a possibility??
  • She talked firstly to Simon, and if the way a fang poked out and he managed to blush even as a vampire meant anything, then, no, he wasn’t over that not so smol crush on Jace.
  • So they talk to Jace.
  • And it started with a “fuck it” because, hey, it wasn’t like things could get more difficult for them anyway and that way at least there was a chance.
  • The others didn’t notice it, at the beggining. They were already used to Clary in Simon’s hoodies, the vampire sneaking into her room at night, the both of them babbling about some mundane movie that nobody else had even heard about.
  • But then Izzy started to wonder, because why the hell was Jace wearing a hoodie of a red and white shield with a star? And were those Clary’s doodles on his arm?? But Izzy could swear that had seen Simon sneaking into Jace’s room???
  • It was Alec the one that discovered them. He thought that Jace and Clary were dating again and wanted to interrupt them just as Jace had interrupted him and Magnus.
  • He opened the door and was welcomed with a shriek and a scene that would have loved not to see. He wasn’t able to step back and close the door before Clary’s bra hit him on the face.
  • He was still blushing after a while when Clary looked for him to get it back.
  • “Did you have to throw your bra at me, Fray?”
  • “Hey, it wasn’t me, Simon panicked, okay?”
  • Although the three of them were slighly worried about the reactions, their friends didn’t give it a second thought.
  • Maia was just relieved that the drama was over, Magnus shipped them and Alec was happy for his parabro, even if his relationship meant that Fray and the vamp were going to be around even more often.
  • Max was excited. First a cool warlock, then a vampire that knew about comics and then Clary who was just the best at drawing?
  • Maryse didn’t like either the vampire or Valentine’s daughter. She just sighed and sent another bottle to Magnus.
  • “At least your brother is dating one person, Jace.”
  • “Those two better have Jace’s back”, she mumbled when she thinked nobody could hear her.
  • Simon and Jace seriously feared for their lifes when, after hugging Clary, Luke inhaled deeply and his eyes turned green for a second.
  • Tbh he’s such a dad he was just happy of having more people around for him to dad he just wanted to scare them a bit “Really, Clary, stop pouting I don’t have a problem with it.”
  • Many people at the Institute, however, didn’t understand it.
  • “But, are you dating Simon, or Jace? “Yes.”
  • Magnus had to make their beds bigger because the three of them used to collapse wherever they were and “Honestly, Clary, you can sleep on top of us but eventually we are going to kick you out of the bed.”
  • Whenever Jace showed off trained, he had two permanent and quite excited cheerleaders. Raziel help the poor fool that tried to make him responsible of Valentine’s actions.
  • “But, why do you say that you are dating Clary and Jace? He’s straight. But… Why… Hey, stop laughing, it’s not…”
  • Simon and Jace have woken up so many times with Clary on top of them painting their backs that they don’t even move anymore.
  • If one of them is on a couch the other two will be there and cuddling in five minutes top. Alec timed it only to tease Jace. Buried under Clary and Simon, Jace reminded him of that hangover that Alec spent hid in Magnus’ lap.
  • Nobody really dared to ask Jace about it when he was wearing his boyfriend’s Captain America hoodie and had his girlfriend’s silly doodles on his arm.
  • They tried to be together as often as possible. That resulted in two very cute sleep deprived shadowhunters cuddling next to Simon.
  • They went once to Pandemonium and made half of the people there suffer a sexuality crisis.
  • When some racist asshole tried to mess with Simon, Jace and Clary were there ready to fuck that little shit up. Alec used to join them and the three of them together got into loud arguments with shadowhunters that tried to discriminate Simon or Magnus.
  • When shadowhunters and downworlders tried to blame Jace for… Everything, really, Clary was there scolding any shadowhunter that even opened their mouth and Simon managed to calm down the vampires (and a pretty large part of the downworld with them).
  • When Jonathan appeared ready to fuck things up again, ready to hurt Clary, he never saw it coming when a bloodthirsty sunlighter and the best shadowhunter of his generation came after him.

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  • Magnus: My wife (alec) always accuses me of having a favourite child. It's not true, I love Raphael and Not-Raphael equally.
  • Simon: really?

Jace: I can save Simon.

Clary: It doesn’t work like that. He’s my boyfriend.

Jace: Our boyfriend

Clary: What?

Jace: What?


Jace: *whispers* my boyfriend

Broken Promises (Alec x Reader)

“We promise Jace we wouldn’t do this” You said to Alec as he started to kiss down your neck.

“Promises are meant to be broken” Alec mumble against your skin, leaving you full of goosebumps.

“Look at you becoming a bad boy”

Alec stopped kissing you and look at you in the eyes and said

“Are you going to keep talking or are we going to hav-” but before he had a chance to finish a knock cut him off at the door.

“Y/N are you in there?” You heard your brother Jace say.

“Shit” You both cursed at the same time, quickly putting on yours guys clothes

“Give me a minute, I’m getting changed” You yelled.

“Alec hide” you whisper to him while you finished putting on your shirt.

“Where?” He half shouted, crossing his arms. “Where can I possibly go?” You looked around the room when your eyes landed on your wardrobe.

“In there” you told Alec as you pointed to it.

“Really Y/N” He said while rolling his eyes.

“Yes now, go before Jace breaks down my door and sees you” You stated as you started to walk towards the door. Just as you reached the door you could hear Alec shutting the wardrobe doors behind him.

“Yes brother” You spoke as you opened the door revealing a pissed off looking Jace.

“We need to talk about Alec” He said as he pushed his way in your room.

“What about Alec?” You asked, hoping that he didn’t find out of the truth.

“It’s about his attitude when it’s comes to Clary” Jace huffed “Your his best friend and a girl so do you have any idea why he’s so rude to her and not you?”

You could practically see Alec rolling his eyes to the wardrobe doors.

“Jace, Alec is rude and close off to basically everyone. You should know that by now. I’m different and you know that, I’m your sister if he didn’t like me he would have a problem with you and Isabelle” You said. Jace just stare at you then you both heard a little creek. Shit, you thought he could find Alex

“What’s that?” Jace asked as he looked around your room looking for the spot where the noise came from.

“Probably just my wardrobe doors” Jace raised his eyebrows at you questioning. “I made have went on another shopping spree with Izzy” You said as try to pull the guilty look.

“You two and clothes” Jace said he rolled his eyes fully believing your lie. He started to make his way out but before he left he turned to you and said “Could you talk to Alec about Clary please? I mean you are his best friend”

“Your his parabatai” You said crossing your arms. Jace went to say something back but you stop him “I’ll do it but only for you”

“Thank you sis” Jace said before shutting the door leaving.

“I’m never getting in there again” Alex told you as he got out of your wardrobe.

“Aww is the shadowhunter to tall too fit?” You teased him as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Alec leaned down and buried his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stop” he mumble all you could was laugh, it was funny seeing serious Alec go into this shy boy. You gasp as you felt Alec starting to suck on your neck.

“Alec” You whisper, he looked up at you and smirk.

“Where were we?” Alec as he pulled you both towards the bed.

Male characters in Shadowhunters who are attracted to women, or do not have a confirmed sexuality:

- Simon Lewis
- Jace Wayland
- Magnus Bane
- Luke Garroway
- Raphael Santiago
- A whole load of others

Male characters in Shadowhunters who are confirmed to be gay:

-Alec Lightwood

So for the love of god quit shipping Alec with Clary and quit writing imagines where he’s in a relationship with a female reader

My only problem with the Herondale’s is their lack of imagination. Jace’s full name is Jonathan Christopher Herondale and Kit’s is Christopher Jonathan Herondale. Like bro, there’s more than two names

  • Simon: Ok fine so how are us guys supposed to treat girls?
  • Jace: Be suave, distant, mysterious, and play hard to get. Never make yourself vulnerable. Never rush to her side when she needs something. Let someone else help her.
  • Luke: Yo Jace you gotta help
  • Jace: I don't care about shadowhunter shit. Can't you see I'm busy. *continues flirting*
  • Luke: Cla–
  • Jace: *sprints out the door*

Social Media AU - Shadowhunters

where clary, jace, alec, izzy, and simon are all apart of a famous band called the hunted (ft. luke & magnus).

Does She Have To Stay?

Summary: Could you do a one shot where the reader is Jace’s younger sister and she is like super flirty and outgoing, but when they all meet Clary she doesn’t like her at all?

Characters: Reader, Jace Wayland, Lightwood Duo, Clary Fairchild, Simon Lewis, Raphael and the Vamp Squad

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 1004

Request: Anon

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Alec: I told you! I said no house parties! 

Magnus: But it wasn’t a house party! It was only a few of us hanging out.


Magnus: By a few, I mean 5 people…


Magnus: Okay, it was 10 really quiet people. Everything was left clean, honest! 


Magnus: One of them may had thrown up in the closet but I cleaned that right up. It was only 25 friends hanging out. 


Magnus: Fine I invited the whole of Brooklyn.