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Match Marker (Alec x Reader)

Request: Could you do a friend reader with Alec? maybe something Magnus

“Why do you look so nervous?” You asked as you walked by Alec side. His breathing was off and he was picking at his hands. A clear sign that he was anxious.

“I’m not” Alec said clearly trying to hide it. He walked a bit ahead of you not really wanting you to question this any further but it didn’t work. You matched his pace and let out

“You know you can’t lie to me right? I’ve been around for years Alec I know the signs. So tell me what’s up, I am your new best friend after all” Alec rolled his eyes at your comment wondering why at this moment did he decide to have a warlock as a best friend. Even if he didn’t tell the truth you would just put a spell on him which he knew. Reaching your temporary home, you guys made your way in. You still wouldn’t leave Alec alone and he hoped you would of dropped the subject by now.

“Come on Alec, what is it that got you so worked up?” You asked practically begging at this point for him to tell you. Alec let out a sigh not really knowing what to do but he knew he could trust with his life, so this should be a piece of cake.

“Will you hate me if I told you?” He asked as he started to pick at his fingers once again refusing to make eye contact with you.

“God no Alec, I could never” You reassure him as you took a place on the couch next to him. Letting your hand touch his in support of what he had to say you waited. You both were there in silence for a while. All Alec needed to know at this point was that your were going to be there for him no matter what. After what felt like forever Alec finally spoke

“I umm… I’m gay” Alec put his head down not wanting to see your face after the news. You smiled at your best friend, happy that he finally told you.

“I know” Alec head shot up from your answer


“Alec I’ve been around for hundreds of years, I usually can tell these things. I notice a while ago but I wasn’t going to say anything if you weren’t ready to tell me. It’s not my place too.”

Alec smiled at you with tears in his eyes. You accepted him, it was something that he truly wanted.

“Thank you” He mouthed as he leaned back into the couch, happy that a weight was lifted from his shoulders.

“So who’s the lucky guy” You said as you nudged him in the ribs. Alec let out a laugh before he mumbled

“No one”

“What did I say earlier about lying? I could put a spell on you right now” You teased, pressing in harder so he would give up.

“Fine, Fine” Alec said trying to catch his breath from you and all of the laughing he was doing.

“Well obviously it’s a guy” Alec started and all you did was rolled your eyes at Alec’s attempt to try to make you feel stupid. “He’s older then me but it doesn’t really matter I could still love him. He’s has the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen, it lights up the room every time. His eyes are one of my favourite things about him”  You gasped fully award of who Alec was talking about. Jumping up from your spot you started to do a happy dance.

“Oh my god, your hard core crushing on Magnus” Alec looked shocked that you knew from these little details who he was talking about.

“Yeah I guess I am” He said as he went to scratch his neck. Which you knew as another sign of being nervous.

“This is such good new. You have no idea how happy I am you like him.” You let out and continue dancing around the room but stopped as you heard the door knob turned. In made his way was Magnus, it was his house after all you were just staying here for the time being. Magnus stopped as he made it to the living room looking at you two.

“Did I interrupt something?” He asked

“No” You and Alec both shouted at the same time which caused you three to laugh.

“I was actually leaving. You know I have a party to get to” You let out as you look at the two. Alec knew what you were doing and sent a glare your way, making sure Magnus didn’t see. But unlike Alec you knew that Magnus liked him too so you not being here could send everything in action. Giving a kiss to Magnus cheek on the way out, you smirked knowing that your two favourite people could finally be happy.


Book Photo Challenge- March: Chapter Title

“Don’t touch any of my weapons without my permission.”
“Well, there goes my plan for selling them all on eBay,” Clary muttered.
“Selling them on what?”
Clary smiled blandly at him. “A mythical place of great magical power.”

I’m still going to call bullshit that Clary’s biggest fear is Simon cheating on her. Jace and Alec’s fears make sense but Clary and Simon were together for like 10 hours and she’s more afraid of him cheating than I dunno… Valentine trying to kill her friends? Everyone saying that she should die or something?? Like??? Girl, do you know what priorities are????
Shadowhunters crack (with lots of Malec)
Ok, so this is my first attempt of crack video EVER so be lenient :3 Update: over 2,5K views? OMG I'm so happy and overwhelmed by your kind comments. I wasn'...

A brilliant video!!! I especially love the Jace feels, the ending, and the references to Supernatural!!! Hats Off to Marion Elizabeth!!! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

  • Shadowhunters: *insult Raphael constantly*
  • Raphael: whatever
  • Shadowhunters: *continually undermine him as clan leader*
  • Raphael: It's fine
  • Shadowhunters: *literally torture him*
  • Raphael: I'll recover
  • Shadowhunters: *mention Simon's name*