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Last night I felt the need for some exfoliation, so I decided to try the Clary vanilla honey scrub. This stuff smelled so good I wanted to eat it! The exfoliating agent in this scrub is exfo-amber. This is a natural ingredient that exfoliates the face and improves cell oxygenation. Use with caution, this is some powerful stuff. Just a small amount of pressure is sure to do the trick

Why We Do What We Do!

The other day I had a client come in for a color, so I set up and go out to get her I called her name and no one came. I noticed a lady standing in the corner of the lobby with a hat on and a magazine covering her face. I walked over to her and said her name. She looked over the magazine and said “yes that’s me” I said hi I am going to be doing your color service today she nodded and followed me to my chair. Before we even got to my chair she was in tears. She began telling me how she hated her hair and how she has been wearing a hat for two weeks because her hair was so bad. We picked out a color and I talked her into getting a hair cut assuring her I will only take a little off at a time, she finally agreed. I finished her color and turned her around away from the mirror and proceeded with the hair cut. When I was finished I turned her around and she busted into tears again. My first thought was oh no I just made everything worse! I asked her what was wrong and she looked up at me and said “ this is why you do this isn’t it?” I said I am sorry what do you mean, the next words out of her mouth I will never forget “ you do hair so that people like me feel some much better and so beautiful when they leave” I was awstruck but I replied “yes that is exactly why I do what I do” when that woman left she was smilling and that old hat was stuffed in her purse. That day I really understood why I took a year to go to cosmetology school.  By: Desirae Rudolph, Clary Sage College Cosmetology Student

Time to tone! Using a toner as part of your skin care routine because it balances out the ph in your skin after cleansing. It also closes your pores back up after they are opened from cleansing. It makes cleaning your face really worth it, otherwise dirt and oil are going to make their way right back in! After I use the Clary toner my face feels fresh and ready to go. It has a pleasant smell and is very gentle. One of the main ingredients is witch hazel which serves as an antioxidant and astringent. I have always loved using products with witch hazel as a part of my skincare routine!