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I’m No Angel.

Request: [anonymous] Hi! I noticed you write for Shadowhunters but you don’t have anything in your masterlist so I was hoping you’d write a Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern imagine where he falls for the reader while spying in the institute?

Note: this was rushed and I do apologize. This has been in my drafts for way too long and I don’t wanna keep the requester waiting a decade for this to be posted.

Isabelle showed Max around the Institute, but he just couldn’t stop staring at the blonde skinny Shadowhunter in the middle of the room, scanning the map. 

Y/N comes up to the siblings. “He is cute, isn’t he?” Y/N asks Max, nudging his shoulder.

He gags. “He could be by babysitter. Why? Do you liiiiike him?” Max teases. Isabelle laughs.

“He has a likeable face,” she says.

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I think my favorite thing about Alec being the Head of the Institute is that now thousands of closeted LGBT+ shadowhunters will hear about how a gay man who is dating a warlock is the head of the New York institute. Just by being himself and doing his job Alec is such and inspiration.