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CONFIRMED: Just A Minute With David Tennant Airs On Monday 9th February 

The BBC have now confirmed that David Tennant’s first ever appearance on the radio panel show Just A Minute will air on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 9th February.

The long running classic game show returns for its 71st season in its 47th year with Nicholas Parsons at the helm. During the show contestants are challenged to speak on a given subject for a minute without hesitation, repetition or deviation.

Just A Minute
BBC Radio 4
Monday 9th February, 6.30pm GMT
Kicking off this first episode in the series are Julian Clary, Stephen Fry, Paul Merton and David Tennant who makes his first impressive appearance on the show. Subjects include Exit, Pursued by a Bear, which is Shakespeare’s most famous stage direction.
Listen in from anywhere in the world here

Clace making-out session interrupted by their child.

“Breakfast smells wonderful, my dear,” Jace said as he popped into the kitchen for the morning. Clary graced him with a bright smile over her shoulder before turning back to the eggs on the stove. Little Will liked them exactly over medium, and Clary still found it difficult to get right if she wasn’t giving it her full attention.

Jace slipped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder, looking at her work. “I have to get breakfast ready, Jace,” she huffed good-naturedly.

“Oh, ignore that for a bit,” he pleaded, turning her to face him. In a quick moment of recognition, Clary shoved the frying pan off the burner, before he wrapped his arms around his wife and hoisted her onto the kitchen island. She gave a small noise of indignation, and he smiled into her lips. “They were overcooked anyway.”

She gave a small smile. “Guess I’m not the greatest cook,” she admitted lightly.

“Well, you’re a great kisser, so I think I’ll keep you around.” With that, he bent in and kissed her deeply, keeping a hand at her waist to keep her pressed to him. She twisted her hand into his golden hair, trying to memorize its silkiness. She would never let him cut it, that was certain.

“Mom! Gross, cut that out!” An angel-faced little boy stood in the entryway, his hands clapped over his eyes. Will split his fingers to peek out from behind them, to see his parents spring apart and his mother hop off the countertop. 

“Sorry, sonny-boy, your eggs will be ready in just a sec,” Jace reassured his son with a tousle of his hair, guiding him back to the dining room table.

Clary sighed, raising her eyebrows at him. “Caught again, huh?" 

Jace stroked her cheek softly, promise twinkling in his mischievous eyes. "I’ll always be stealing kisses from you.”

Día 17 - Escena favorita de Jace y Clary

Bueno.. hay unas cuantas pero de verdad morí de risa con unas de las primeras, cuando Clary le pregunta a Jace que porque la había marcada con la runa y el le contesta porque estaba 90% seguro de que tenia sangre nefilim.

Lo genial de todo esto es que Clary le contestó con una bofetada por el otro 10%.. tan linda Clary 

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David Tennant On Just A Minute Update 

Further to our news yesterday that David Tennant would be appearing as a guest on BBC Radio 4’s show Just A Minute, we can confirm that David has recorded the show last night. 
His fellow guests were Julian Clary, Stephen Fry and Paul Merton.

The concept of the game is to talk on a given subject for one minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition.

David was nervous about appearing on the show, as it is his first appearance, but he managed to do extremely well as you will hear when it’s aired in the next few weeks. David was also cheered on by a special supporter in the audience.

We’ll let you know the air date for the show as soon as it is confirmed.