3x01 On Infernal Ground

Warning: This review conatins spoilers

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Congrats on finally becoming a real Shadowhunter (and looking pretty at the same time, such a nice hairdo!). Also THE WAND CHOOSES THE WIZARD,CLARY. I mean HOW CONVINIENT you have chosen your parents’ blades out of the whole bumch of other weapons. Next time she’ll go to a park and find out that the bench she sat on has been made by her father. -.- But I liked seeing her trying to be responsible and being honest with others. Also it was really mature of her to take a fight with a demon on her own while being smart with the fighting (diffrent techniques etc.).

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Protip: don’t try to flirt with The Mother of Demons while at work because you may end up killing your wife and having a werid flying thingie in your belly. Just saying. But seriously, Lilith is at least trying to be a good mother to Sebastian. Also, she felt her pigeon-like child hurting because of Clary’s sunshine. Best mother EVER. And just look at her: SHE HELLA PRETTY.

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3. Luke

Points for trying to keep Ollie safe from the truth but, you have to admit, hiding from her isn’t the best solution. Also, he is so good at his job - not everybody would notice “the black capillaries around the wound” - you are a great investigator. And a great partner too - that fight attempt in defence of Ollie was nice! It’s a pity though that you fucked up your whole “trying to keep a secret” intrigue because of that… XD

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4. Ollie

First of all, great backstory! I mean, it’s good that she actually has a reason to be suspicious of Luke. But be more subtle about it because if PLL thought me anything it’s that nosey bitches die… But, overall, you’re a great cop, devoting yourself to your job, And I love her snarky comments torwards Luke XD

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5. Magnus

I feel so sorry that he lost his title! I mean, he was literally between the devil and the deep blue sea. He just chose the leser evil and now he’s forced to pay the price. BUT at the same time don’t try to hide your bad feelings from your lover or try to cover them with drinking alcohol! Also, what the heck were you doing with your hands in front of Raphael?! (which was a cute moment by the way, you’re a good family, you two).

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First of all, what the hell were you doing while in Magnus’ office? DON’T SMELL OR TOUCH WERID THINGS WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE! I mean one day Magnus will go inside his office just to find you unconscious on the floor with some werid substance in your hand and just facepalm. “It’s the third time this week, Alexander…”. It’s good to see him get the recognition he deserves but I would be weary about it, I don’t trust the Clave nor their sudden change of hearts… Just to finish: salty Alec is salty and I love it!

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You got problems? Your boyfriend lost his beloved job? TAKE HIM TO BILLARD, 10/10, would reccomend. No but in all seoriousnes it was a nice callback to their first date *w* I’m really happy because after what they went through in season 2 it’s so good to see them working on proper communication and addressing their problems. Also, THAT SOFT KISS and Magnus’ pouty face! So adorable!

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8. Jace

Don’t you just hate it when you’re just about to make out with your girlfriend but suddenly your dead brother (whom you killed yourself) appears and tries to convinve you into killing her xd. Those werid visions are werid, dude! And start listening to Clary, man! (I can’t believe that I just wrote this omg send help).

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9. Clace

When you’ve just came back fro the dead and the first date with your girlfriend is at the cemenery, great job Jace. Not creepy at all. But all in all, that was a really touching scene. And that sparing scene was REALLY hot. :P

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WTF did you do to Simon?! Leave my precious baby (and his precious forehead) alone! Also, Meliorn, you dick… But Seelie Queen was suprinsigly nice though, I would be scared…

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LOVED the new song! It was so nice and cute and so Simon-ish!! But I’m really worried about him. I mean this whole marking scene looked pretty… Pretty bad. 

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12. Maia

I’m pretty sad that we saw so little of her in tonight episode but on the other hand there wasn’t pretty much room left for her. I liked her comments about Luke hiding though XD

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13. Saia

That cute Saia moment in Jade Wolf was so *.* I mean Simon is geniualy caring about Maia and she cares about him too! But Maia, babe, kill him next time when he’ll lie to you :P <3

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14. Izzy

SO RELATABLE WITH THAT AUTOMAT XD Like girl, me too XD I liked that her dealing with her drug addiction looks reallistic and that she changed the drug to something better. Also congrats on becoming the weapon master!! I mean that Clizzy moment? So cute!! And her jacket is goals, okay?

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15. Raphael

I hate being right sometimes. I knew that the only way that Raphael would feel down would be if something happened to Rosa or Magnus and I WAS FREAKING RIGHT asdfghjkl… But please stop lying to Magnus and tell him what kind of experiments are you doing in your basement (?) with this poor girl, damnit!

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16. Catarina

Hi Cat!! Loved to see you again! And I’m so happy she is worried about Magnus and that she informed Alec about his true feelings about him loosing the title… She’s a great friend (though I would like to see how her first meeting with Alec went…)

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17. Charlie

HE CUTE! He wasted his money on a girl who won’t even tell him her name XD Buuut I ship it, lmao XD


This episode was all about exposition, exposition and exposition… But it’s a first episode and as such it did a great job! It settled few arcs and made me hungry for more ^^ Sepcial effects are amazing. The dream was horryfying and personally I had to close my eyes in a few scenes, but I hope I will get used to it. Also a side note: if I will hear the “all the legend are true” line once again I will jump out of my window… Overall I’ll give it 3.75/6 (like you can count it as sort of a B- in a school system XD)


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Shadowhunters 3x01 with no D*m (J*ce)