Can we all just stop and appreciate the fact that we are about to get slammed with a whole new round of behind the scene shots of the Shadowhunters cast!!. My excitement for season 2 knows no bounds!! 


“You’ll never beat Alec if you keep leaving yourself open like that, Fray.” Y/N offered a hand to the fiery haired girl on the floor. Clary took it and was lifted up.
“I think you might actually be harder than him.”
Y/N shrugged. “Well, he hasn’t been able to beat me yet. I’ll teach you my secret on how to beat him, once you can knock me down. Let’s see if you got any better moves.”
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I think the reason people think that Kat is so fake is because she’s just so nice and pretty. But, I’m also like…you know she was bullied right? 

Q: How did you feel at the time you were bullied and what did you do to overcome that?

Kat: I’ve actually been bullied quite a bit in my life. I was always the different one for many reasons and sometimes other kids don’t understand that being different is okay. I even had my face smashed into a water fountain once because someone didn’t like me. When I was bullied, it felt horrible. I was so sad that someone felt the need to make me feel bad about myself.

 She knows what it feels like, and instead of being mean and rude to her fans, she is sweet and considerate. She even wrote a song about bullying for a movie about bullying. Just because our perception of celebrities are jaded now a days, doesn’t mean there aren’t genuinely nice celebrities out there.

honestly the idea of Jace and Clary being really boring and domestic is my favorite thing because they’re the two that are like two seconds away from starting a fight and in the books they’re the ones that get really professional post tmi so the idea of the two of them curled up on the couch together watching chopped or cutthroat kitchen and getting really mad at the contestants is great