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My mother has caught on:
  • Me:*sees bookstore*
  • Me:*inhales deeply*
  • Mom:no
The Mess We’re In

Prompt by anon: can you write something about clary and alec at one of magnus’s parties please? like she helps him clean up after bc jace and magnus are drunk and sleep or something like that:))

I’m so sorry this is late <3

Magnus‘s parties would be the death of Alec. Magnus had thrown a party celebrating ‘no demonic forces tried to kill his Alexandar in the past fifteen days’ and it was a disaster as always. There were too many vampires and faeries in the loft and the floor was littered with glitter and some kind of a silver glittery liquid that looked like it belonged to the faeries. A fight had started between the vampires and things started to go downhill from there until a drunken Magnus had declared the party to be over. A lot of grumbling later, the people shuffled out of the loft without thanking Magnus but Magnus was too drunk to care, besides he was used to it.

Moments later Alec found Magnus sprawled on the bed in their master bedroom and Alec silently thanked the angel that he atleast made it to the bed. Alec shook his head and walked towards his boyfriend to cover him with a blanket to find, to his surprise, an equally drunk and passed out Jace on the floor next to the bed. Alec sighed and moved towards Jace, lifted him up and laid him on the bed. They could both freak out over why they were in the same bed in the morning.

They had invited everyone over, Izzy and Simon left halfway through a party when Simon saw a faerie with blue drinks and demanded to get out of there as fast as possible. Alec entered the living room and heaved a sigh. It was messy and Alec knew Magnus could magic the mess away but he bend down to pick up the broken shards of alcohol bottles anyway. He wasn’t tired and though Alec was not as neat as Jace, he didn’t like his home dirty. Alec shooed the Chairman away so the cat won’t hurt himself on the sharp edges of the glass.


Alec turned around to find Clary behind him. Her hair was twisted into a bun, making her features look softer, her green eyes bright. Alec smiled at the red-head and continued to pick up the trash and dumping it in the basket nearby.

‘Our boyfriends are hammered,’ he greeted her.

‘I saw them,’ Clary laughed. ‘Wait till they get hangovers.’

‘Serves them right for drinking so much,’ Alec smiled. Clary started helping Alec, picking up the discarded bottles. She went into the storeroom and brought a broom with her.

‘Jace?’ She asked Alec raising her eyebrows.

‘Jace,’ Alec confirmed. ‘Seriously, you should see when he comes over, the place is spotless. It pisses off Magnus so much.’

Clary started sweeping the confetti away. Alec liked moments like these with her. He knew they didn’t really get off to a very good start but he had accepted Clary a long time ago. He found her temper endearing now, not annoying and he always found himself comforting her whenever Jace did something stupid, which happened alot. He smiled to himself, thanking for this moment of peace that they had, wishing they would get more days like these. If Alec wasn’t born to kill, he would probably live the moments he was wishing.

Clary put the broom down on the floor and walked towards Alec wrapping her arms around his torso. Alec startled asked, ‘What’s this for?’ But he hugged her back.

‘Nothing,’ Clary said. ‘Just glad we’re all still together, you know, in one piece.’

Alec smiled. Sometimes when Clary read him like this he understood why she was an artist. She could see right through people just by how they looked at things. She could feel them and understand them by how they stood, how they looked, what they looked at, and it made Alec appreciate her more and more.

‘Me too,’ Alec told her.

(Magnus and Jace yell at the top of their lungs when they wake up the next day which ofcourse makes their hangover worse. Alec and Clary can’t stop laughing.)

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray. Different version than the one I posted on my personal Instagram, which she’d liked along with the WIP one.

Gotta admit I seldom post my own stuff on Tumblr nowadays coz of Instagram, though I have to say sometimes I really hate Instagram. If not for the Shadowhunters cast I won’t even bother to make an IG fan account.

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