I was in the dark. There was nothing there but shadows, and I was a shadow, and I knew that I was dead, and that it was over, all of it. And then I heard your voice. I heard you say my name, and it brought me back.”
“Not me. The Angel brought you back.”
“Because you asked him to. You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me.
—  City of Glass

Here’s a plot twist: if you’re actually believing the stupid ‘script’ rumours that stupid account are leaking, then you’re naive and stupid. Because, when CASSIE, the person who is the SOURCE material, knows barely anything about it why would done vaguely popular accounts have access to the scripts? And besides, half of the things they’re saying is happening, Cassie said a few weeks ago that they are A L L fake. She said all the rumours revolving around scripts are fake. The directors and writers of Shadowhunters wouldn’t just let some fan account read the script. The only thing any of us know is Dom is playing Jace. Just saying.

She saw Valentine sink to the ground and pull Jace onto his lap as if Jace were still very small and could be easily held. He drew him close and rocked him, and he lowered his face and pressed it against Jace’s shoulder, and Clary thought for a moment that he might even have been crying, but when he lifted his head, Valentine’s eyes were dry. “My son,” he whispered. “My boy.”
The terrible slowing of time stretched around Clary like a strangling rope, while Valentine held Jace and brushed his bloody hair back from his forehead. He held Jace while he died, and the light went out of his eyes.
—  City of Glass
Shadowhunter Zodiac Signs
  • Aries:Emma Carstairs
  • Libra:Magnus Bane
  • Taurus:Sebastian Morgenstern
  • Gemini:Tessa Gray
  • Cancer:Alec Lightwood
  • Leo:Julian Blackthorn
  • Virgo:Jem Carstairs
  • Scorpio:Will Herondale
  • Sagittarius:Jace Herondale
  • Capricorn:Simon Lewis
  • Aquarius:Isabelle Lightwood
  • Pisces:Clary Fray