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“nephilim blood bread true, she was a shadowhunter. angel blood: it made her what she was, gifted her with the power of the runes.”

Shadowhunters Aesthetic: Clary Fray

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Character Talk . . .

Clary and Jonathan Morgenstern

Since the Morgenstern siblings are my favourite characters of The Mortal Instruments series I want to discuss their heritage, their relationship, things people often miss and dismiss and the Morgenstern side of Clary

  1. Jonathan/Sebastian was actively abused and feared by his father Valentine 
    While Jace was genuinely loved and cared for by Valentine and seen and treated as his son, this never was the case with Jonathan. The moment Valentine realised his mistake with the demon blood, which turned his son so wicked and immoral he believed that the only way to have him under his control was by abusing him. [For reference you can reread City of Lost Souls where Sebastian took his shirt off,so that Clary could put a rune on him and she saw his scarred back. He told her it was Valentine’s doing, his whipping that was supposed to teach him to never forget and that it always hurt.] Not to mention Jonathan knew of Jace’s exsitence and he was well aware of the fact that he was better taken care of than he was and that Valentine loved the boy.

  2. He was robbed of the chance to create a healthy relationship with anyone.
    He was mistreated and feared by his father and fed lies about his mother. He was thought how to kill and hate and never ever got the chance to experience warmth, love and compassion. Those things were way too mundane and unknown to him. He was thought to think of them as pointles and weakness.

  3. The only hope he had was his sister
    With the news about him having a sister we definitely see a different and interesting side of him. Especially in that one chapter that didn’t make in City of Glass, where he took the allias Sebastian Verlac. You can see him burning with anticipation to meet her because he strongly believed that Clary was just like him. He was more than sure that he and Clary shared this need and thirst for destruction running through their veins and what made it even better, she shared his blood. She was the only relative that was also mistreated by their parents, the only relative that NEVER hurt him like his parents had. She was his only hope. He strongly believed that they were alike and that she hated the world with the same strong passion he did. But it all turned wrong, when he met her and got see the side of her Valentine never saw in her. Her storng passion was for protecting the people she loved and cared about and her will to fight was driven by the strong need to protect the world she believed in and the world Valentine wanted to destroy.
  4. Until the very end, Jonathan wanted his sister by his side no matter what. She was his greatest weakness.
    Even though he wanted her in all the wrong ways possible, he did his very best to keep her alive and that is huge for someone, who only knew how to kill, destroy and ruin.
    He never got the concept of a brother-sister-relationship right, because he never grew up with one, he never even bothered to learn how to treat her like his sister, because he was sure his ways were the right ones and that Clary, just by being his sister, was destined to be by his side and belonged to him. This is the very reason why he kept her safe, because he was sure she was the missing peace to his lost personality and also because he saw the darker side in her, the Morgenstern side of her, the one he was sure exsited in her, the side he wanted to see in her. Also because he misinterpreted a lot of things she did (like being in possesion of the Mrgenstern ring and the other half of the sword he had), which led him strongly to believe that his sister was like him and she was simply surrounding herself with the wrong people and surpressing her true nature.

  5. The Morgenstern side of Clary.
    It’s been less than a half a year since Clary has been introduced to her real heritage and this world and she has already aided the Angel into killing her father. We are talking about someone who actually grew up in a ‘’normal’’, ‘’safer’’ and less violent world than the Shadowhunter one. But the moment she got exposed to this magic and those creatures Clary has surprisingly demonstrated an astonishingly brave and powerful side of hers. Not to mention the ‘’high’’ she experienced when she fought in that shop in Prague in City of Lost Souls along her brother and Jace and how good she felt about it. This is a side of her that didn’t stay unnoticed to Jonathan.
    The moment where she was a REAL Morgenstern to me was definitely the scene in City of Heavenly Fire where she killed her borther in cold blood without the slightes hesitation. 
    Forgot about the scene? Let’s take a trip to memory lane:
    1.) She came up with the plan, Jace only had to agree with her because this was their only chance at winning.
    2.) She wanted her borther dead more than anyone else in the group wanted it and she was the most passionate one about doing the deed herself.
    3.) She used a typical manipulation tactic, just like her father and brother always had: leading a person to believe that your intentions were for the best and that you were on their side.
    4.) She knew Jonathan would never kill her and that he wanted her by his side and she used his weakness on him, by convincing him that she has given up and that she will be his Queen and rule hell with him, going as FAR AS PRETENDING TO KISS HIM. Something she was never okay with, because her brother already tried to force himself on her. SHE WAS COMPLETELTY CALM WHILE DOING ALL THIS AND THIS IS THE SCARY THING ABOUT MORGENSTERNS.
    5.) She stabbed her brother straight in the chest and the only worry she had was, not the fact that he may actually try to kill her now for what she did, BUT THE FACT THAT SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS WRONG AND THAT HER PLAN HAD FAILED.
    6.) She never shed a tear about Sebastian, but about the brother SHE NEVER EVER GET TO HAVE.
    7.) She hated with the same passion her father and brother did.

  6. I do believe there is a darker side inside of Clary and that with the Clave’s push and unfair treatment of downworlders we will witness another strong Morgenstern going rogue, but not to kill downworlders and destroy the world, but protect it from the Shadowhunters and their laws.
  • Clary, struggling to reach something on a high shelf: Ah! Alec! Can you give me some help here?
  • Alec: ok*grabs item, puts it on a higher shelf, and then walks away laughing*
  • Clary: I’m going to kill all of them. Every mountain will crumble.
  • Clary: I love all my friends!
  • Alec: Even Simon?
  • Clary: Of course.
  • Alec&Jace: Wow.
  • Simon: Hey!
Okay but what the fuck

Uhhhhh. I haven’t seen anything at all about it so I’ll just say it: Why isn’t anyone going to talk about Clary Fairchild’s prophetic dream? Of her deATH?! NO ONE? AT ALL? WE JUST GONNA IGNORE CLARY GETTING MENTALLY PREPARED TO DIE?

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