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People talking about boycotting 2x16, DON’T! The show could get cancelled. Then you won’t ever get what you wanted to from boycotting. It’s one episode. You’ll be fine. Also, the show isn’t just about Malec. Now, if you’ve taken a five second look at my blog you know that I’m the biggest Malec shipper EVER, but I know that the show also has a plot line and I’m not even talking about the books. Fuck the books, I’m talking about the show. It’s really stupid to watch it just for your ship and to threaten to stop watching is childish. You shouldn’t have started watching the show if all you wanted was Malec, it’s called Shadowhunters. Sometimes your favourite characters don’t get screen time but you have to remember, they are real people. They have lives and sometimes scheduling doesn’t work out. But it’s not like they’re never going to be in the show again. They are still characters, MAIN characters, might I add, and there is no reason to get upset that they won’t be in an episode.

Me, before fandoms: kinda sane, could focus on school sometimes
Me, now: can’t think about anything other than my fandoms

  • Izzy: You had a crush on me? That's embarrassing.
  • Simon: We're married.
  • Izzy: Still.
  • mundane simon: *plays with priceless antiques*
  • raphael: they're useless anyway, stolen goods. yea sure you can treat that one like a toy even tho it's older than magnus. blood on a centuries old dagger? lol but really you ruined my new jacket-
  • vamp simon: *gets treated to a bloody mary and free roam of the hotel*
  • clary: *enters hotel dumort and touches nothing*
  • raphael: LISTEN here You need to stop barging in
Sapheal #4
  • Clary: Hey Simon who got you that shirt?
  • Simon: Raphael.
  • Clary: And the jacket?
  • Simon: Raphel
  • Clary: The sho-
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: The g-
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: T-..
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: You didn't even let me-
  • Simon: All Raphael
  • Clary: So he doesn't hate you anymore?
  • Simon: What?! No, I'm still pretty sure he hates me.
  • Clary: *Looks at the camera, like she's in the office*
Shadowhunters vs TMI/TID/TDA

<because nothing is a s black and white as everyone seems to want to think>

- show!Clary doesn’t get jealous of Izzy for being hot
- Clary and Izzy being really good friends (and possible girlfriends *cough*)
- show!Simon doesn’t cheat
- show!Izzy is a genius scientist
- Since book!Izzy was like 15 when the books started, she seemed kind of oversexualized for a teenager
- lots of racial diversity
- show!Raphael being canonically ace is amazing
- “I don’t care how many people you’ve been with.” “I don’t care how many people you haven’t been with.”
- Alec interacting with Madzie is the cutest thing on the planet
- Lydia’s existence, what a blessing <3
- show!Magnus being a parental figure to both Raphael and Simon
- show!Magnus taking in Jace even though he didn’t have to
- Luke’s sapphic cop partner :)
- Elaine Lewis and her genuinely unconditional love for her son

- book!Alec’s biphobia at the beginning of his relationship with Magnus is the perfect example of how a character can have flaws and still be good, and how he grew to overcome that prejudice
- book!Clary being the one to fight for equality and cooperation between Shadowhunters and Downworlders
- Given that Jace was raised in a toxic environment with a man who literally murdered his pet, it’s understandable that he has some mental issues (CPTSD!!) resulting from that, including hiding his emotions and using sarcasm and harshness to push people away
- Watching Jace slowly recover from those mental issues and be more open and kind is such a blessing
- @ show: where is Church?
- “Shadowhunters: Looking better in black than the widows of our enemies since 1324”
- show!Sebastian is?? a burnt monster thing??
- Simon and Clary becoming parabatai <3
- canon autistic character (Ty)
- canon gays Ty and Kit
- all faeries are pan
- canon trans character (Diana)
- canon plus-sized Shadowhunter (Dru)
- show!Izzy’s yin fen addiction really ruined Jem’s whole plot line. It wasn’t meant to be just a drug or a choice; his life depended on taking the yin fen
- huge nerds Tessa and Will naming their daughter after their favorite book character???

In Summary: there are good and bad things in the books. There are good and bad things in the show. It’s all okay and we should all just chill. Let some of that hate go.

( @anightfan, you wanted to see the list when I finished so here you go)

Gay culture is anxiously waiting for the end of the day for a new shadowhunters epidode to only come to realizing that there’s no more until the next year

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals !

Here’s Sebastian ! My lil puppy that I now hate ahahahah I knew that he would disappoint me at some point.
Anyways ! Go look at @noemiette version !! She did an amazing fanart !

And you, do you have a character that disappointed you in a show ? :)

Have a nice day everyone !


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