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  • Izzy: You had a crush on me? That's embarrassing.
  • Simon: We're married.
  • Izzy: Still.
Sapheal #4
  • Clary: Hey Simon who got you that shirt?
  • Simon: Raphael.
  • Clary: And the jacket?
  • Simon: Raphel
  • Clary: The sho-
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: The g-
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: T-..
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: You didn't even let me-
  • Simon: All Raphael
  • Clary: So he doesn't hate you anymore?
  • Simon: What?! No, I'm still pretty sure he hates me.
  • Clary: *Looks at the camera, like she's in the office*

 “Come on, guys! Clary, Simon and I played the game a couple of times already. It will be fun, I promise!”
It was a slow evening in the Institute, the whole gang simply hanging around without doing anything.
To say you were bored out of your mind would have been an understatement and so you had come up with a great idea to turn the evening around in your favour: get the whole group into playing a game of Cards Against Humanity with you.
“Well, I have to agree with (y/n). It can be quiet despicable but it’s maybe just the right think for a slow day like this.”
While it didn’t surprise you that, out of the whole group, Magnus had been the one to know the game, you couldn’t help but raise your eyebrows at the Warlock in front of you.
“So, you basically want to play a game were the person that answers the questions with the most awkward or horrible answer wins?“
Looking over to Izzy, you simply answered her question with a short nod.
“Ok, I’m in.”
“Hey, you don’t want to play without me, do you?”
Jace, finally returning from his training, placed his hands on your shoulders and smiled down at you.
Now everybody was looking at Alec, the only person who hadn’t said anything yet.
“Come on, Alexander. Loosen up a little.”
That earned Magnus a huge sigh and an eye-roll from the Shadowhunter but it also seemed to do the trick.
“Fine, one round.”

Thanks to @sam-winchester-imagines for writing this as I never played the game!

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I tweeted this question to Ruelle like a week ago and the music supervisor for Shadowhunters just answered me. OMG.

A thing that I am certain occurred
  • Luke: Jocelyn. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.
  • Jocelyn:

What in the Worlds - Simon Imagine

Imagine your a mundane and you get pulled into the Shadow World like Simon but don’t get changed into anything. The emotional toll was great and you have a breakdown.
~Y/N’s POV~

I was laying in my bed thinking about the events of the past week or so. 


 I was walking with Clary and Simon and some other guy who’s name I didn’t know, up stairs to what looked like an abandoned church. 

“Why are we going in here?” I asked out loud. 

“It’s a safe place.” Whats his name said. He looked at me, Clary, and Simon as he opened the door. I was watching my step as I walked inside because of debris. Once I looked up I saw a glimmer ripple over the walls. 

“What the…” I whispered confused. 

“What?” Simon asked me. I jumped and looked at him. 

“Nothing.” He looked liked he was going to say something else but the blonde guy stepped, more like pushed, between us and grabbed mine and Simon’s hands. Simon flipped but I was mesmerized by the same ripple coming back and the wall and debris disappeared and turned into a beautiful hallway. Blondie moved away from us and back over to Clary. 

“What the…” Simon said this time while looking at me. Clary and blondie walked down the hall and we followed. 

~End Flashback~ 

 I sat up in my bed and hugged my knees. I also kept thinking about when I found out Simon had been turned into a vampire. 


I was sitting on the steps of the Institute getting some fresh air when Clary and Jace (I finally learned his name) walked up. 

“Y/N? What are you doing here? I thought you went home.” She asked confused.

“I did but I was starting to get really worried about Simon. He won’t answer his phone. Do you know whats up with him?” Clary and Jace exchanged a look. 


 “Simon..uh…Simon’s.” Jace cut Clary off. 

“Simon has been turned into a vampire.” 

“Jace!” Clary yelled at him. “Way to be nice about it.” I was speechless. How could that happen? I mean, I know he was kidnapped by the Vampires but he said nothing happened. Clary turned toward me and gave me a look of sadness. “I’m sorry Y/N.” I just walked away. 

~End Flashback~ 

 By now I could feel tears coming. One slipped down my cheek when a knock came to the door. 

“Just a minute!” I called as I wiped my tears. I open my bedroom door to see Simon and Clary. “Hey guys! What’s up?” I asked in a fake cheery voice. 

“We were wondering if you wanted to come with us to Java Jones?” 

 “I don’t know…” I was scared to go out lately because of the ‘Shadow World’ becoming present. 

“It will be a normal night. Izzy and Alec won’t be there.” Simon gave me the puppy dog eyes when he said that. I gave in. 

“Fine, let me get changed.” 

“Okay. We’ll be downstairs.” Clary said and turned to go downstairs. Simon stayed and was looking at me intently. 

“Are you okay?” He asked. I started to worry. 

“Yeah, why?” His hand came up and he ran his thumb under my eye. 

“Your eyes are a little red.” 

“Oh! I was washing my face earlier and got soap in my eyes. No big deal!” I backed up a little bit while lying. 

“Alright.” He paused with a skeptical look. 

“I’ll see you downstairs.” He turned and I closed the door quickly. I laid my head against the door. 

 3rd Persons POV 

While Y/N was laying her head against the door, Simon had turned back around to her door. He laid his hand on the door. He could tell Y/N was lying because her heart sped up. 

 “Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” He whispered. “I would do anything to make you happy.” He turned with his hand still on the door. Then went downstairs. 

~Time Skip-Y/N’s POV~ 

We were sitting at our normal table just having a normal night. Clary and Simon were talking about the graphic design characters while I was enjoying the peace. Someone caught my eye in the back of the restaurant. It was a guy in all black. There’s nothing wrong with that but the look in his eyes made my skin crawl. 

“Guy’s?” I tried to get their attention. “Guy’s…Guy’s?!” They looked at me confused. “Look.” I motioned toward the guy. They looked and stiffened. Clary started to move her hand toward her boot when the guy started to head this way. 

“Clary do you…” Simon trailed off. 

“Yeah.” She answered. 

“What?” He got up and got in front of me. 

“Come on.” Simon grabbed my hand and pulled me off the chair toward the doors.

 He stopped short. “Crap.” I looked over his shoulder to see a guy that looked similar to the other. He turned us around and walked us toward the bathroom area. 

“What’s going on?” I asked. 

“Demons.” Clary said behind me. I started to panic. The demon in the back had moved and met up with the other. We took a sharp turn to the back.

“No, no, no…”  I repeated quietly. Once we got into the back room, I was getting more scared by the second. I grabbed a hold of Simon’s arm.

“Y/N?” Simon said worried. I pressed my head against his arm. “Y/N? Is something wrong?”

“Y/N just calm down hun.” I heard Clary say.

“The demons have left.” I backed away from Simon to see them both looking at me. I turned away and let out a sob. I dropped to my knees and cried.

“I can’t take this anymore! I’m not apart of this Shadow World!” I cried out. “I shouldn’t have to go this!” I was sobbing on the floor, letting it all out.

“Y/N…” I heard Simon whisper. I felt him kneel down behind me and place a hand on my back. Another sob choked out. “Y/N. I’m sorry. I thought something was wrong but wasn’t sure.” He sat down next to me.”I should have noticed this.”

“It’s not your fault.” I tried to get out.

“Yeah it is. I’m the one who made you come out and look for Clary that night. If I let you stay home you wouldn’t be in this situation. I’m sorry.” I looked at him and saw his sorrowful expression. I had to look away and saw Clary was no longer in the room. I looked back at him. He opened his arms and I fell into them. 

The tears from earlier and now came all at once.

“I’m sorry.” I cried.

“No. Shhh. There’s no reason for you to apologize. I’m not going to say that everythings going to be okay.” He paused. “But I’m going to be there every step of the way.” I had calmed down a little bit.

“Why? Youdon’t have to do that.” 

“yes I do.” While running his hand through my hair. “Because I love you.” I was shocked but I didn’t freak out. I sat up a bit. I looked at him and smiled through the tears, and wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tight. His arms hugged my waist tight.

“I may not love you like you love me…” I paused to take a breath. “But I may be falling.” I felt his head nuzzle against my head. 

“And I’ll be there to catch you.”


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Magnus Bane, ladies and gentlemen.