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Sapheal #4
  • Clary: Hey Simon who got you that shirt?
  • Simon: Raphael.
  • Clary: And the jacket?
  • Simon: Raphel
  • Clary: The sho-
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: The g-
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: T-..
  • Simon: Raphael
  • Clary: You didn't even let me-
  • Simon: All Raphael
  • Clary: So he doesn't hate you anymore?
  • Simon: What?! No, I'm still pretty sure he hates me.
  • Clary: *Looks at the camera, like she's in the office*

a fun little rant. hi, hello im a fan of shadowhunters and its beautiful show with beautiful representation. i love izzy lightwood she is a strong compassionate intelligent and powerful latina woman and at the moment has a storyline involving drug addiction. this does not make her a bad character. this does not make her bad representation. izzy’s story matters. i love luke garroway. he is a protective alpha werewolf daddy who has endured so much hardship and loss. he deserves more screen time. he is representation. luke’s story matters. i love simon lewis. he is just a baby vamp trying to learn to be accepted in a harsh anti-downworlder world. he is representation. simon’s story matters. i love jace wayland he is a fighter hes caring hes respectful and hes an abuse survivor. he is representation. jace’s story matters. i love alec lightwood hes just trying to live his life as a gay man while facing so much opposition in the shadowhunter society he grew up believing there was something wrong with him and self harms. he is representation. alec’s story matters. i love magnus bane he is beyond kind he helps everyone with no compensation when they are in need he is a strong centuries old bisexual warlock just trying to lead the downworld and protect his downworlder children. he is representation. magnus’ story matters. if you are displeased with the show here are three things you can do. remember all that we have. voice your opinions kindly. do not attack the showrunners, writers or actors. spread love not hate. feel free to call me out if you please. 

  • Izzy: You had a crush on me? That's embarrassing.
  • Simon: We're married.
  • Izzy: Still.

 “Come on, guys! Clary, Simon and I played the game a couple of times already. It will be fun, I promise!”
It was a slow evening in the Institute, the whole gang simply hanging around without doing anything.
To say you were bored out of your mind would have been an understatement and so you had come up with a great idea to turn the evening around in your favour: get the whole group into playing a game of Cards Against Humanity with you.
“Well, I have to agree with (y/n). It can be quiet despicable but it’s maybe just the right think for a slow day like this.”
While it didn’t surprise you that, out of the whole group, Magnus had been the one to know the game, you couldn’t help but raise your eyebrows at the Warlock in front of you.
“So, you basically want to play a game were the person that answers the questions with the most awkward or horrible answer wins?“
Looking over to Izzy, you simply answered her question with a short nod.
“Ok, I’m in.”
“Hey, you don’t want to play without me, do you?”
Jace, finally returning from his training, placed his hands on your shoulders and smiled down at you.
Now everybody was looking at Alec, the only person who hadn’t said anything yet.
“Come on, Alexander. Loosen up a little.”
That earned Magnus a huge sigh and an eye-roll from the Shadowhunter but it also seemed to do the trick.
“Fine, one round.”

Thanks to @sam-winchester-imagines for writing this as I never played the game!

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Here’s the deal, guys. After thinking it over, I’ve decided to upload the full episode as well as the clips. I’m going to do this for several reasons, for those who just want to watch the episode, for those who don’t want to wait for split clips, etc. 

In order to do this, I’ve opened a separate tumblr and added a password to it. Those who want to download the episode, clips, or screencaps will have to send me an ask off anon. and I will send you the password. You will only have to ask once for it. 

You can also give the password to friends only if they don’t have a tumblr as long as it’s private and not posted publicly. 

I’ll post updates on this blog of course so that you don’t need to refresh the page every 5 seconds (I’ve been there!) , and screencaps will still be available publicly. 

I’m doing this to reduce the chances of links being taken down and my main blog being removed. I hope you understand why I’m doing it this way! 

So bookmark the link:

Currently available:
Full episode links: 201, 202, 203
Split clips: 201 and 202

Screencaps are uploading and clips will be up later today! 


“hey, you must be Simon.” you grinned at the guy, “Clary asked me to help you out with the new vampire thing.”

he smiled a you, fangs showing, “oh sorry.” he said when he realized, covering his mouth and looking down.

“no problem. but you can’t be flashing your fangs every time you see a cute girl.” you laughed.

“then i guess you cant help.” he stated, “that sounded harsh. i mean that you’re really cute and… well… i mean- you’re cute and fangs and-” he face-palmed.


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You guys are telling me that THIS is the problem? That This scene was cut and replaced with the other one with no wine ? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ! Because of THIS you are saying we don’t get enough MALEC? WTF ?! Guys you should be thanking the writers instead of bashing on them , there were rarely a MALEC in the books and you’re angry at the show for “teasing malec , not enough malec !”

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A thing that I am certain occurred
  • Luke: Jocelyn. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.
  • Jocelyn: