To the person who sent me a submission about Clark

Idk how to respond to a submission from my phone, so I guess this’ll just have to suffice. I absolutely love Clark. The other students are all passionate about something unique, the professors are top notch, the campus is a very tight knit community (at first that turned me off, but now I love it). Everyone is very serious about academics and the classes/ majors at Clark are not found anywhere at other universities. I took a class my freshman year titled Queer Horror, it was an English class, and I absolutely loved it. I learn something new everyday at Clark just by being in the environment. Worcester is also a really cool city and we’re only about 40 mins West of Boston. There’s nowhere I’d rather go to school, I’m from GA and the only complaints I have about Clark is the New England weather. I’ve met some of the best, most compassionate, inspiring, smart people at Clark. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Melindasqiaolian’s I’ll Follow you to the Grave.

Okay despite the fact I can be at times absolute trash I managed to get 1k awesome followers. In honor of this momentous event I decided to honor the ladies and gents who make me smile and enjoy talking to even if I am a pain in the ass sometimes. I love each and every one of you! Bold for people I talk to all the time cause they rock and are absolute koala tea


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You are all awesome people! And if I forgot any of you forgive me! Message me and Ill add you to the list. Love you all!!

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