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Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent.

Like, minus the whole superman aspect.

because, like, okay I can buy that maybe he can disguise himself well enough to hide the fact that he’s superman, but i doubt any amount of slouching and glasses wearing can truly disguise that he’s a very tall EXTREMELY muscular man with a jawline that can cut glass.

So basically this newspaper office has this guy who looks like a weightlifter/supermodel just hanging around but he wears glasses and acts like a huge nerd and everyone just goes with it???

Like “Oh yeah, that’s Clark. No no he works here. Oh no don’t bother being intimidated by him, talk to him for five minutes and he’ll devolve into a lecture on proper tractor maintenance. We like Clark.”

 I wonder if the ladies in the office ever drag him with them to bars so they don’t have to worry about creeps trying to harass them like “back off creeps our friend here is 6′4″ and grew up chucking hay bales” 
And then it’s funny because (as far as they know) Clark is like, the meekest lil nerd around. (He don’t look it though!!!!)

It’s just incredible to me that Clark Kent can pull off being a quiet harmless dork while still looking like, well, superman. 


i. another life - ingrid michaelson // ii. heavy heart - gabrielle aplin // iii. wise enough - lamb // iv. armor - landon austin // v. far too young to die - panic! at the disco // vi. can’t pretend - tom odell // vii. save me from myself - head // viii/ knocking on heavens door - raign // ix. dark come soon - tegan and sara // x. by the throat - chvrches // xi. wild at heart - birds of tokyo // xii. scream - cub sport // xiii. talk me down - troye sivan // xiv. love is a battlefield - ngaiire // xv. heavenly creatures - wolf alice // xvi. salvation - gabrielle aplin // xvii. the lighthouse song - josh pyke // xviii. murder cries - snow ghosts // xix. saturn - sleeping at last

Superbat Fight Headcanon

Bruce and Clark had a huge argument one day, and stopped talking to each other. Bruce assigned Clark to the sports column for a month (because he’s petty like that AND the boss’ boss) 

and Clark actually really liked it and took the assignment SUPER seriously and wrote a ten-page expose on the Metropolis Little League’s underground money laundering scheme and won some kind of award and got it published in the NYT or something. 

and that’s why Bruce doesn’t try to out-petty Clark anymore. 

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Do you think you can do #12 with Pietro?

12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”- Pietro Maximoff

Once again you’d been dragged to one of Stark’s parties, something about showing a united front, and your protests had got you nowhere. So here you were, leant against the bar downing drink after drink, not that it could actually get you drunk anyway. You had advanced healing, meaning your metabolism just burnt straight through the alcohol, however it had its perks, such as allowing you to save the life of a certain Speedster. Since the battle against Ultron, and you saving Pietro’s life, the two of you had become incredibly close friends, even Wanda seemed to have opened up to you. However you being the idiot you were had begun falling for the Sokovian at an alarming rate, something that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the majority of the team, excluding the Speedster himself who seemed completely oblivious to how you felt. Finishing of your drink you scanned the room, looking for signs of either Maximoff twin, just someone to keep you company. “Hello Y/N.” Wanda’s accented voice rang out from beside you, snapping your gaze over to her. “Hey Wanda.” You smiled half-heartedly. “He will be here in a moment.” She smirked, causing you to blush and avert your gaze back to your hands that were wrapped around the empty glass. “Good evening ladies.” A deep voice purred from beside you, turning your head you were met with bright green eyes and a handsome face. Smiling slightly you nodded your head in recognition. “Clark.” He smiled, holding a hand out for you. “Y/N.” You replied, “And this is my friend Wanda.” You murmured gesturing to the female Maximoff. “Well it’s lovely to meet the both of you, care to join me for a drink?” His smooth voice asked, signalling to the bartender. “I’ve just gotta go see Nat, but Y/N would love to.” Wanda smiled, sending a wink your way. “Just a F/D please.” You smiled. Maybe this would be your chance to get over your feelings for Pietro, you might as well try anyway. “So Y/N, boyfriend? Husband?” Clark asked, scrunching his nose up, making you giggle. “No, no boyfriend, and definitely no husband.” You chuckled, pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “Their loss.” He smirked, leaning in closer.

3rd Person POV

As soon as Pietro had entered the room in which Stark’s party was being held, his eyes scanned the room for any sign of you. Noticing you sat at the bar he went to run over to you when he saw a dark haired man leaning in close. His stomach twisted painfully and a small growl came from his throat. “Everything okay brother?” Wanda’s voice rang from his side. “Who is that with Y/N?” He asked, trying to keep his tone calm and failing. “His name is Clark and he’s a delight.” Wanda smiled, knowing how much this would annoy her brother. “Hmmph.” Pietro huffed, crossing his arms tightly across his chest. “I don’t like him, he’s not good enough for her.” Pietro growled, furrowing his brow. “Then who is brother.” Wanda murmured before walking away, hopefully this would give him the push he needed to tell her how he felt, thought Wanda.


Clark was great, but he was no Pietro. That was all you could think as the good looking man in front of you continued spouting off about one story or another. Speak of the devil, Pietro’s telltale trail zoomed past, a gust of wind following him. “So Y/N, my place is only one block away, care to join me?” Clark purred. “Um…” You murmured, but before you could even give an answer, Clark was gone, only a blue trail left behind. Looking to where the trail lead you followed it around a corner and to an empty corridor, where Pietro was holding Clark up by his lapels, dangerously close to his face. “Piet?” You murmured, walking closer to the pair. At the sign of your voice Pietro dropped Clark to the ground and span round to look at you, the anger dispersing from his eyes. Looking over the two men you could see Clark was sporting a black eye, and Pietro’s knuckles were slightly bloody. “Come on.” You murmured, grabbing Pietro by the arm and dragging him to your room.

As you at the blonde Sokovian down on your bed you grabbed your first aid kit and began patching up his knuckles. “What on earth were you thinking?” You asked, wrapping a bandage around his hand. “You don’t deserve to be spoken to that way.” He mumbled, avoiding your eyes. “Wait a minute. Were you jealous?” You asked, standing back slightly. “Pffft, no.” He grumbled, looking at the ground. “You were weren’t you.” You grinned, stepping in between his legs and gently pushing his face up, so he was looking at you. “Okay maybe but…” He began babbling before you crashed your lips against his. “It’s only you Piet. It’s only ever been you.” You murmured against his lips as his arms wrapped around your waist. “I love you.” He sighed as your hands knotted in his hair. “I love you too, you gigantic idiot.” You giggled.

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Clexa taking Alex to her first pride as a proud and out bisexual and obviously they get signs that Clarke and Jake (maybe even Lexa and Alex) painted and they all have such a blast!! Lexa does her war paint in rainbow colours and Clarke and Alex are sporting bisexual flags and Jake is just happy to be there

This is so heartwarming

what is up my dudes
here i am, stopping by w/ an Actual Post to maybe dump an Idea for whoever finds this bc,,,,,, i do rlly like this idea im just not experienced enough w/ the characters to do much more than struggle putting words together in the general direction of friends

anyways. here’s an Idea for superbat, that may have already been done but uh. man i don’t want to dig. anyways. shout out to this post for giving me the idea, which is just. ok.

batfamily, but minus the Proper Crime Fighting, where bruce has 5 Adopted Children, ie dick, jason, tim, cassandra, and damian, and he needs a House Sitter bc maybe alfred is injured and can’t watch all of the kids or watch over the house. maybe he knows diana still, or some tie to the justice league but, y’know, Not the Justice League. someone points him towards clark, Country Bumpkin who’s not doing too great in the big city and needs some money on the side, and bruce reluctantly agrees to having bruce come in and at least meet the kids, see how they interact.

it probably ends up going okay? idk, i just want like. clark having to watch all these Broody Teens/Kids, still being a big puppy of a man who is powered, but doesn’t use his powers unless he’s hard pressed

idk what happens after that, i just have little crumbs. rip me,,,,,,,

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Any fics where Bellamys a jock?

High School/College AU

General Athlete!Bellamy

Damien was the first one to properly meet Clark out of the Batkids. The others were constantly in and out of the house to meet with friends so the first few times he came over Damien was the only other one in the house with Bruce beside Alfred.

To say Damien was skeptical of him was an understatement. He would watch Clark and Bruce from the doorway, and refused to enter the room when Clark was over. It took a while before he adjusted to his temporary presence. Unlike Bruce’s other suitors, this one didn’t try to impose themselves on him in an attempt to bond, nor did he ignore him.

If he brought food over he would ask Damien directly if he wanted some. He made sure to say hi and bye when he came and went. But he was more vigilant than Damien thought. Clark was the one who pointed out that Damien had very few toys for an eight-year-old, to which Damien replied that he had no use for such thing.

Despite that statement, Clark brought over a stuffed bear the next time he came over. He presented it to Damien, who took it not to be rude and kept it by his pillow for show, and not because he liked snuggling it at night.

Bruce later surprised him with a trip to the toy store. Clark was with them. He helped him pick out a toy box and gave him the challenge to fill it with toys that he wanted. Damien, at first, was reluctant to participate in something like this and only put a few things in so he wouldn’t be difficult.

The adults were the ones who were having fun with it. Clark and Bruce were having a light saber fight in the middle of the isle. It was stupid, but Damien found himself laughing at their antics. It wasn’t until Clark started to get the upper hand that Damien stepped in with a lightsaber of his own. Clark was a good sport about it and went down easy, he even played dead. 

Then they passed the stuffed animals and Damien found a stuffed cow that he had to have, a cat that was too soft to leave behind, a set of chicks that had to be kept as a set, a turtle that was the side of his head, and a bunny that wanted to come home with him. 

They didn’t get bags to put them in on the way out of the store because they needed to breathe. He knows it’s childish, but for some reason pretending that they were living creatures made him feel less lonely.

After that, Clark started to bring more stuffed animals around. It wasn’t until the bear ripped and Cark borrowed Alfred’s sewing kit to fix it, that Damien realized that the ones Clark brought him might be home made. 

It would be a few years later before Damien was mature enough to thank Clark.

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Will there be more of Lexa teaching Clarke how to play football or any other sport? And Clarke teaching Lexa how to paint? Or them playing piano or cooking together. I like them doing things together that the other loves so much. It's so sweet.

Yup 👌👌👌😍😍😍


This is the actual poster for a high school girls’ basketball team in Iowa.

You have to wonder who signed off on this. The incredibly offensive poster from Clarke High School’s woman’s basketball team is currently going viral. It includes a litany of offensive Native American cliches, enough that it’s hard to decide on which is the most foolish. None of the woman involved are reportedly Native American. 

Steve Seid, the school district’s superintendent, apparently doesn’t have a problem with it. But the photographer behind the poster, Ben Shirk of Shirk Photography in Wilton, IA, wins for most ignorant comment.

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elite, pt. 6 | ao3

or the one where clarke is a former elite gymnast, bellamy is the star quarterback of her new high school, and octavia somehow convinces clarke to become a cheerleader.

As it turned out, Walden High took Spirit Week very seriously. 

The Friday before the big week Octavia invited everyone over to her house for spaghetti dinner and planning. Clarke was overwhelmed when Octavia began talking at a million miles an hour. 

“Monday is tie-dye, easing our way into the week. Tuesday is Superhero themed. Wednesday is Wacky day and Thursday is Pajama day. And, of course, Friday is School Spirit Day!”

Clarke took a deep breath, she could do this. 

Her phone beeped and she glanced at it.

has my sister driven u crazy yet ;)

Clarke smiled, zoning out from the squad planning, only vaguely hearing Octavia say she was going to be dressing up as Wonder Woman. 

nah she’s great, a little intense about spirit week. but it’s fun.

are you sleeping over?

….. bellamy

what?! it’s a sacred high school ritual…

Clarke shook her head as she read the texts.

“Clarke, are you paying attention?”

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