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Could you write Abby's reaction to the Clexa pregnancy

“Hey,” Abby smiled widely as soon as she saw her daughter and daughter-in-law. “I’m glad you could come.”

“Thanks for inviting us,” Lexa spoke up for Clarke who was putting the cake away in the refrigerator. 

“Do you want me to set the table?” Clarke asked. 

Raven moved swiftly to the cabinet that contained the plates, “I got it.”

“I’ll open the wine, then,” Abby picked up the bottle that Raven had vacated on the counter. She grabbed the wine key out of a drawer and then opened the wine, looking at Clarke, “Do you want one?”

“No thanks,” Clarke leaned on the counter, studying her mother. 

“Lexa?” Abby asked. 

Lexa seemed to consult Clarke before declining politely. 

“Raven?” a sly smile crawled onto Abby’s face. 

Raven returned to the kitchen and stole a kiss on her way to the flatware drawer, “Please.”

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