clarke award

1.9k blog awards!

how it’ll work:

  • follow me and my sideblog
  • reblog this post! likes do not count as more than bookmarks
  • send me an ask nominating a blog for any of the categories below
  • nominate as many people as you’d are welcome to nominate yourself, can be on or off anon

if you do not want to see posts about this, blacklist “becca’s awards”


  • best dodie blog
  • best dan and phil blog
  • best music blog
  • best aesthetic blog
  • best mixed blog
  • best GIF maker
  • best edit maker (non-GIF)
  • best artist
  • nicest blogger
  • best overall

when it is done:

  • will be posted when i have 1.9k followers (i currently have just over 1.7k)
  • i will make a post with the winners
  • whoever is nominated the most for each individual category will be the winner
  • ties will be decided by my personal opinion, sorry!
  • friends do not have a greater chance of winning


  • mentioned in a post that my 1.9k followers will see
  • a follow from me
  • winners can request shoutouts and promos 3 times
  • if you want you can request moodboards, name aesthetics or anything similar
  • reblogs on selfies!

lowkey if this flops it didnt happeen