It’s a quiet, tender moment between the two, in which the love Clark has for his Earthling girlfriend is laid quite simply bare.

And there are, of course, lots of little extra flourishes around the exchange of dialogue. Clark brings home flowers and intends to cook dinner for the two of them, adding a much-needed bit of normalcy to the otherwise conflicted superpowered character. He wades directly into the bath tub, clothes and all, to add a little comfort to Lois – and bring a little sensuality to the screen. And, finally, in the scene’s closing shot, we see Clark’s glasses be put on the wet tiled floor, followed a moment later by an extra splash of water as the two embrace.

It’s one of the simplest, but nicest, touches in the entire film.”


Lois Lane + every episode
∟4x14 - Krypto

Lois: “We’re not gonna call him Skippy”
Clark: “Okay, Lois, what would you like to call him?”
Lois: “Let’s see. He’s annoying, and I can’t seem to get within ten feet of him without getting sick… I think we should call him Clarkie”